Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Department Store

In the past I have written about this recently defunct department store. It was a glorious celebrity spotting site, a place where you could see them being themselves, and by that, I mean being snobbish and rude to people scurrying to help them. You could watch them eat and see who they were eating with. One of my favorite things to do though was watch who was buying gifts for someone and whether this was a new relationship, old relationship, or something that shouldn't ever be discovered. I have told you about the special dressing room that was used as a "thank you" spot for an expensive gift. It had a chaise lounge in it and was probably not something you would want any bit of your naked body to touch.

The list of young actresses who became A list or D list who have been on that lounge is too numerous to count. With the store closed though, where would the new spot be. Where is the new spot. Two department stores were fighting for the honor. Oh, they wouldn't say that out loud, but they were. Each day that lounge probably saw at least $100K in thank yous. That is $36M a year which wouldn't go to the other store. I'm not sure why they each couldn't have one. Anyway, the store that won might not be around forever, and they know that. They actually have mini bottles of champagne they offer for the thank you area and have tried to make it look more classy than what everyone was used to in the old place.

What I find remarkable is this old former A list mostly movie actor moved seamlessly from one store to the other bringing with him his string of "granddaughters." The B+ list actress who only works a movie franchise also made her way quickly to the new store. She has been known to get a little rough with girlfriends if they don't thank her correctly. One actress who is well beyond that in life, but does have a history with the other one, was trying on dresses. Suddenly the A+/A list actress sees a curtain being pulled open while the actress is looking in a mirror at the opposite end of the area. A couple staggers out and the actress sees a chaise lounge and said, "Awww, f**k no," and removed what she was wearing and walked out.

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