Friday, July 24, 2020

Four For Friday - Traditional

#1 - After his remarks several months ago, this former A+ list politician was forced to sign multiple documents telling him to keep his mouth quiet. He didn't, so yesterday's visit from the government was not as pleasant, and no one is paying attention to the correction anyway.

#2 - From a reader:

I'm friends with a publicist who has dealt with a wide variety of celebrities throughout her career. A few years ago, she and other veteran publicists were sharing their war stories on a closed Facebook group to which I was invited. There was one publicist, in particular, who told a story that was especially memorable. When this publicist was a young woman in the 1970s, she landed a job with a movie studio. For one of her first assignments, she was sent to New York City to help out with the campaign of a major motion picture starring a permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Part of her job was to accompany him on the media tour, which would begin in New York City. On the first day of the press tour, she was to fetch him from his hotel room and then accompany him to various outlets where he would plug this movie. As the publicist recounted, she knocked on his door, expecting that he would be ready. Mind you, he KNEW she was coming at that time because he had to be ready, according to the schedule. So what happens? He opens the door with a big smile and he's stark naked. Yep. Not a stitch of clothing. The publicist might have been a young woman back then but she was no pushover. She yelled at him to put on his goddamned clothes while she waited outside. He did. He never did that to her again.

#3 - By her actions in a recent life event, this foreign born A++ lister showed which of her offspring is her favorite, despite what he may have done to underage girls.

#4 - The co-founder of this long running cable network still has her hands and is knee deep in the mess that is this branding cult. Apparently the network of daycare centers operated south of the border has been devastated by COVID and a lack of new children being brought to the centers.

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