Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Creep - Old Hollywood

I thought I told this story many years ago, but apparently I never did. It was one told to me by that long time unofficial mayor of Hollywood. It wasn't a very long story, but I always thought it interesting because of how the two people are inexorably tied, and how one probably wouldn't have had as much success without the other. 

One was this alliterate permanent A list actress everyone in the world knows. She was always very close to my old Mayor friend and was often her plus one when she needed a night just with a friend and not someone who wanted to sleep with her. There were many times in her career when she felt obligated to sleep with someone, whether it was because she owed them or it would make her career better or sometimes just because she was scared. She often said she had far more sex she didn't want, than sex she did want. One of those unwanted times was with another alliterate A lister. Someone who owed more to our actress than she to him. He couldn't really help her. She knew that. His friends were not her friends. They of course knew the same people, but they just didn't run in the same crowd.

For the longest time, he had been pursuing her. He wanted to sleep with her, just to say he did. He was obsessed with her. She always turned him down and would generally ignore him whenever she saw him. He finally made a deal with this permanent A+ list singer to book him at triple his rate for some shows, if the singer would get the actress to agree to sex. So, the actress met with the guy who had been pursuing her and he treated her like crap and made her feel every ounce of his rage that she had decided to turn him down. In her life she had been raped multiple times, but said this was even worse than those.

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