Saturday, July 03, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Reader Blind

February 21, 2021

It all started decades ago when an A+ singer in an A+ band grew burnt out and tired of his life. He was doing drugs and drinking heavily and not healthy. He knew he needed a change but a very radical one. At the time, he was in a  foreign country so he bribed a few people and his death was announced but this was fake.

The singer in a phony identity adopted a gypsy lifestyle traveling around the USA. Not long after he befriended a well to do family in a midwestern state. This family had a problem. Despite the prominence and success of many members, one of the current generation was a n'er do well and one day under the pressure of succeeding he committed suicide.

The patriarch of the family made a deal with the former singer. Having a loser son who committed suicide was not in the cards so even though the singer was a little older and a couple inches shorter, the patriarch asked him to assume the role of the son which he did. He and the son did have very similar facial features, slightly different accents but similar tones to their voices as well.

After this, the singer in the role of the son got interested in a career the son was pursuing in. For a number of years he slogged in partial anonymity until he achieved A+ level success under his new identity.  This was not a serious expression of who he was but an identity that hordes of people could relate to.

His recent death may expose all of this. Look at the singer's face and who he became and listen to their voices - Granted it has deepened over age,

Jim Morrison-The Doors/Rush Limbaugh

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