Friday, July 02, 2021

Four For Friday - Creepy Rockstar Behavior

 #1 - This now dead A+ lister would pay his guys a bonus for the youngest girl they could find to have sex with the singer. Apparently he got tired of having sex with the 12-14 crowd and wanted even younger.

#2 - This one named A+/A list musician in a group used to rip clothes off women backstage and then decide based on their body and reaction if he wanted to sleep with them.

#3 - This former A+ list singer was married, but preferred to find young men on tour and would rape them. He knew they would never tell anyone because it was a time when they would have been disowned by their family.

#4 - This foreign born A+ list singer in a group used to tie up women in his torture room and then go do some drugs. Often, he would forget they were in the room. More than once, his house cleaners would have to release the usually very young teen from her restraints the next day.

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