Thursday, July 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - One Night

There are many different nights in the history of this venue that I have written about in this space before. They are generally the same. Famous person gets wasted on drugs and then famous person has sex upstairs in the cheap seats all while looking fabulous. 

This is different though. Oh sure, there is still sex and there are way more drugs used than anyone thought possible. It has a twist though. First, it involves someone who has never been a blind before (#1). Alliterate. Offspring of a permanent A+ lister in their corner of the world (#2). It all started because of a fight this A+ list celebrity (#3) got into with this A list author (#4). Even though they hung out together frequently, they also hated each other a lot of the time. Drugs compounded that. One night, things came to a head and #3 decided he wanted to teach #4 a lesson. Call in #1. Torturing people was kind of #1's thing. You wouldn't know it from looking at her now or what she does for a living, but back then, if you wanted a rough night of pain combined with your sex and drugs, she was the one you hooked up with. Plus, she was in demand whether someone was straight or gay. #1 forced #4 to consume a huge amount of drugs mixed with booze and then would hit him and slap him and force him to do things to people that he didn't want to do. This went on for hours until #3 realized that #4 might actually end up dead from all of it and asked #1 to stop. #4 ended up in the hospital for nearly a month, but rarely fought with #3 again.

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