Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Debt

This actress was once A list and had multiple hit television shows. She actually even once starred in a long running movie franchise. At one point she was doing everything right career wise and couldn't have anything shake that. Her drug use and sex parties were out of control and it was only through the help of an organization that nothing leaked to the press, because it would have crashed her career at its peak. The organization wanted a favor in return. They wanted a bigger lock on a former A+ list actor. They wanted him fully committed to the cause. While both were out of the country, the actress arranged for cameras and police to be present when the actor solicited another man for sex. Our actor was arrested, although the police had no ideas about the cameras present. The police were willing to hush the whole thing up because it wasn't that big of a deal crime wise. From that point forward, with all of the evidence the organization showed the actor, including photos, he never strayed. 

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