Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Hospitalized

This actress will never eclipse the fame of her more famous sibling. It just will never happen. Now, with that being said, our actress is a solid B lister and has been working for over three decades. She actually is a series regular on a network show. So, definitely a good career. When she was younger and everyone was comparing her to her sibling, our actress had an eating disorder. She was bulimic. She knew she had to eat, but she would look in the mirror and compare herself to her sibling or someone would make a comment about her sibling, so the purging continued. Then, one day on set, she did what she always did after lunch and went to purge. She was so sick at that point that her body was shutting down. Her gag reflex was destroyed and wouldn't stop. Our actress was writhing in pain on the floor of her trailer, unable to stop gagging. Finally, when she failed to show up on set, someone was sent to investigate and they found her and an ambulance was called. 

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