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Blind Items Revealed #4 - Old Hollywood

December 30, 2014

Johnny Grant knew everyone in Hollywood and he told me a lot of stories over the years. Some I promised never to tell and some he told me I could write about immediately. This one he wanted to wait until all the participants were dead, but since there is kind of an Old Hollywood theme today, I thought I might as well share it. It is not technically Old Hollywood since some of the participants are still alive but it shows you that debauchery and rude behavior were as common four decades ago as they are today. There was a bet between several producers back in the day involving this actress who almost still enjoys A+ list name recognition despite a career that has been sporadic to say the least. At one point in time the entire world knew her name. Her career started with a bet. Several producers had meetings with the actress who still looks amazing despite her age. She has been on and off with a current B- list mostly movie actor who has two great television roles, one of which also was in the movies. The producers all wanted to work with the actress and all claimed to have the perfect script for her. One night at a poker party, the group attempted to hash out who would get her first for a movie. They all agreed that whoever could sleep with her first would win the bet but they wanted proof. This was back in the day before camcorders but the group decided that photos just wouldn't do. It had to be sex and it had to be on film. The actress is probably still living off the gifts and cash that were offered by the producers. There was a point where some of the producers would end up losing money because they spent so much on her. The producer/director that won though did end up having a blockbuster with her and actually won the bet in about a month. The screening of the film of her having sex was the hottest invitation in town and multiple A+ list actors were on hand to not only see the actress in the movie but also hoping they too would land a role opposite her in her acting debut. As it turns out it went to an actor who was not even there but who was in an Academy Award winning film and had a run of about a decade as an A list mostly movie actor.

Bo Derek/John Corbett/Blake Edwards/10/Dudley Moore

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