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Blind Items Revealed #12

August 2, 2022

We already know this magazine doesn't really care about facts. They like a good headline. They like clicks. I think we have all come to expect they really don't know what they are talking about when it comes to estimating the wealth of celebrities. So, when they want those headlines to make the celebrities happy, we understand why they do it. It doesn't make it right, but we get it.

When they actually out on their journalist hats though, things are supposed to be different. Such is the case when barely a month ago, the founder of a management group who handles recording artists discussed how his company was different. They care about the artists. It isn't just about money, it is about family. He even discussed all the mental health programs and access the artists had to those programs. He said everything was great. Now, you would think the reporter conducting the interview would talk to a couple off the artists, just to see how they were doing and if it really is a special management company. That wasn't done though. You know how we know it wasn't done? 

Because if you look closely on the roster of stars, even a month after the interview, an artist is on there who is dead. Did the head of the company mention it to the reporter? No. Did the head of the company post any condolences on the social media of the dead artist? Nope. Any condolences to family members? Nope. The company is in charge of the estate though which they plan to exploit.

The dead artist died of a drug overdose which his family said was caused by depression. Oh, that doesn't fit in with the storyline the company was going for and should definitely not be mentioned to the reporter. The dead artist shares a stage name of a dead royal.

Forbes/Jay Rogovin/Kompass Music Group/Charlesthefirst

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