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Blind Items Revealed #2

July 12, 2022

There are a lot of fake movie and television producers in Hollywood. Yes, I know, a real shocker. When you Google the subject of the blind, it says movie producer. The difference between him and the other fake producers is that most of the fake producers don't have a billionaire father. That billionaire father makes a lot of things possible. It also makes possible an offspring who is one of the more vile human beings in Hollywood right now. 

The only "friends" he has are people he employs. The people he employs are a bodyguard, two assistants, who are turned over on an almost weekly basis, and a guy who records the life of the "producer" with a camera 24/7. 

A month or so ago, this producer, who is about double the size of the last time he was in TMZ or his Google photos, decided he could make a better version of Below Deck. Dad has a yacht and the son could use it. So, why not bring his "friends" and hire a crew and sail a little bit while recording it all. The plan was to sell the show or just throw it up on YouTube and spend a bunch of dad's money on ads, so the whole world can watch it. 

Much like the assistants he runs through because of his horrible child like temper and narcissism, he has done the same thing to every boat crew he has hired. Our horrible offspring decided he would first take out his anger on the chef hired for the boat. The chef lasted 24 hours before quitting. Apparently the offspring's shtick is to berate the chef's food. This is before actually trying it. He also is a big fan of making his "friends" sit and look at food that is served but not eat because their boss is taking his time coming to dinner or sleeping until noon and not allowing his employees to be fed until he wakes up. 

So, after the first chef quit, another was brought on board. She lasted 12 hours before she quit. She was subjected to nonstop harassment at the hands of the offspring who recorded it all. Shortly thereafter, he fired an assistant who was then stuck hundreds of miles from home. The chief steward quit after a tirade that was recorded. A new chef brought on lasted a few hours. Finally, the captain of the boat was yelled at, and he drove the boat back to the home dock and walked off. 

Evan Metropoulos

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