Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #29

August 18, 2022

When this author suffered that recent attack, it got me to thinking about whether he is the reason an iconic actress is dead. There are certainly enough suspicions to make him one of the more likely suspects. Our icon is an actress everyone knows. Her parents were equally as high on the list and she has an offspring who is making a name for herself now too.

Every friend and family member will tell you the actress had sworn off drugs and alcohol after the death of a very close friend. It had been well over a decade of sobriety and there had been no slips and no relapses. People don't know that though. People just remember all the stories of her going to rehab and the years of drugs and booze. So, when someone tells you she died from a heart attack and there were a handful of different drugs found in her system and those precipitated the heart attack and how she ended up dead. 

Supposedly the drugs were ingested nearly three days before the heart attack. That is a ling time between taking them and the deadly result. Maybe she was supposed to die sooner. Maybe she needed a little push in that direction. The night prior to her death, she had dinner and then a late night with the abovementioned author. He was supposed to spend the night, but left early. Did he have the opportunity to slip the actress something to finish off the job? Yes. Perhaps it wasn't even to finish off the job, but to give her something else she wanted. Again though, she had been sober for a very long time. Was she under the control of someone the final two-three days of her life. Other than airport employees, the only person she saw was the author. Because of her past history, everyone chose to believe the old demons got her and didn't look at the person everyone would have if she had been sober her entire life.

Salman Rushdie/Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds & Eddie Fisher/Billie Lourd

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