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Blind Items Revealed #37

November 16, 2022

I have written in this space before, about how some friends and I discovered a place when we were way underage, where touring bands would hang out for an hour or two after a show before they went out with their night time of debauchery. We stumbled on it by accident, because we were trying to find our ride after a show. No one was ever in there. It was surreal. There would be the band and their entourage and no one else. Sure, a few customers, but it was not the kind of place they would even know who the band was. After all these years, I have never figured out why so many bands went there after a show. Not all bands did, but more often than not. 

One thing we noticed very early on is that bands tended to talk more and be more open if we had brought along some of our female friends. It sounds easy, but in reality, we only had one car that we really liked using and there were only so many seats and also so many tickets we could afford to buy.

On this particular night, there were four of us, with only one female present. Even though we were in the same grade, I'm pretty sure she was a year older than me, so was probably 16, maybe 17 at the time this happened. We will call her C. This band was a little past their prime, but not by that many years. They still sold out an arena that night filled with young people, despite them being older than most bands at the time who played that kind of music. They are a foreign band and they had several massive hits. This band sold well into nine figures worth of albums and here they were just sitting quietly having a drink. The singer was sipping hot tea. 

All four of us had met lots of bands by this time, so no one was intimidated and we just liked them telling stories about life on the road and opening acts they hated. I guess, gossip would be the right word. The guitarist, who at that point in time could have definitely been the age of C's father, and if we are talking a Teen Mom situation, could have been a grandfather, was really showing some attention to her that didn't quite seem right. We were going to leave, and the guitarist, who is one of the all time best guitarists of all time didn't want C to leave and said he would love to show her his hotel room and blah blah blah. She wasn't having it.  he really wanted her. Looking back, it is super creepy. At the time, it just felt desperate. I don't remember how it happened, but somehow he agreed to give up the guitar he had been playing if she would show him her breasts. As she lifted the band's t-shirt, she said something to the affect of take a really good look at these 16 year old t**s and dream about them tonight. She then put down the shirt, picked up the guitar and we walked out.


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