Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 3, 2022

I thought I knew every story about this former A- list actress. Between my personal experiences with her and talking to her all the time and her closest friends, I thought I knew them all. I was wrong. While she was filming a movie about drug abuse, she decided she wanted to experiment with harder drugs during the filming, just to give her an idea of what her character would feel. Our actress was by no means method but she wanted to know what it was like. I actually heard that before. What I hadn't heard before was told to me by an actress who has been a friend of the site for over a decade and who was a co-star. I thought I picked her brain before, but this one is new. Whatever drugs the A- list actress ended up taking caused her for a week to think she had bugs all over her body and she scratched and clawed at her skin and face for that week, leaving holes and scabs all over her body. She was also freaking out and terrified and out of control. The director of the movie loved it and thought the makeup department had created all the sores and lesions. It took method to a whole new level. They tried to capture as much of what she was really going through, actually on film.

Brittany Murphy/Spun/Mena Suvari/Jonas Åkerlund

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