Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 5, 2022

Back in the day, this woman believed that with her sister marrying a billionaire, she really didn't need to work any longer and would be taken care of financially. It didn't work that way, and if you think about it, the billionaire and his wife and even his celebrity kid who all of you know, don't seem like the sharing type. Anyway, the sibling was on her own to make money and found a female elderly billionaire to target for a scam. Our con artist joined a cult the billionaire belonged to and ingratiated herself with the billionaire. The billionaire was so enamored of our con artist that she adopted the woman and gave her millions of dollars. The con artist was in line for well over $500M when the billionaire died, but was outplayed by the butler of the billionaire who convinced the billionaire to cut everyone from her will except for the butler who ended up with the billion. Our con artist had to go to court and ended up with nearly $100M in cash and property.

Chandi Heffner/Claudia/Nelson Peltz/Doris Duke/Bernard Lafferty

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