Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CFDA Fashion Awards

"Why on earth are those people taking our photo Harry, and why must you always dawdle?"

So do you think the woman behind Ashley lifted the dress any higher?Anna Wintour hates blogs and bloggers. Guess why I put here here.

Bernadette Peters is like 100 and looks the same as she did 30 years ago.

Calvin Klein looks like he dropped 50 pounds. It just makes him look old.
I know everyone who reads the blog loves Chloe. BUT, is it fashionable to wear a dress that makes you look like you have a huge beer belly or are 8 months pregnant?
"Christ love. I think I've messed myself."
Michael Kors just looks like the biggest suckup imaginable.
"Help. I'm stuck."
I heard Elisha Cuthbert is pregnant. Can't really tell in this photo.
Someone send me a bad photo of Heidi Klum. Please.
Pssst. Kate. Some of the hotel room drapes are sticking out the bottom of your dress.
Plastic surgery or rehab?
That Louboutin guy is always hanging around Mary-Kate.
Oprah does everything else. Now she shows the world how she will be able to achieve flight.
A really bad episode of Project Runway.
Aubrey O' Day learns to count to five. This photo might come in handy later. Just sayin.
There are better ways to hide your corset Tommy.


Anonymous said...

Seriously LOL w/the comments - especially Ellen Barkin - that was PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Enty.

Aubrey and Diddy are soooo doing it!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Aubrey will be the answer to today's blind item?

Anonymous said...

Ellen Barkin should be cast as the mother of Cameron Diaz in a movie some day.

Hez said...

What is that massive dent on the bridge of Ellen Barkin's nose, and couldn't she afford to have it spackled and sanded down when she did the rest of her hideous enhancements?

Tommy Hilfiger is the least fashionable fashion person, and utterly hideous looking. Gold-embroidered formal slippers and shiny black pants that look like a blood pressure cuff? UGH. The broad's silver shoes are hot tho.

I recognize Alicia Keys, but who's Harry?

And I'm sure Nemcovadge was just telling her friend to tuck the dress into her undies like she did the last time. 14:59 and counting. She better pray for another natural disaster (and I don't mean getting knocked up by James Blunt).

Not everyone who reads the blog loves Chloe. I think she's phenomenally overrated as a "fashionista" and quite a hound, actually.

On the other hand, Ashley Olsen's hair and makeup are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Enty, methinks you're funny.

bmini said...

Hez, I think "Harry" is he guy in the background trailing behind his wife. (in the pic with Alicia)

Hez said...

OIC, bmini. Now I get it. Doye.


Anonymous said...

Anna Wintour has perma bad Who farted face.

She also looks like Ellen Pompeio.


LE said...

Voila! Heidi Klum sans make-up. Ehh, she still looks pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Anna Wintour=young version of Christine Baranski, IMO

WOW-all I can say is that I want whatever is on the Bernadette Peters diet...In my opinion, she is one of the most beautiful, funny, smart and talented women on the planet...and she sure comes across as nice to....LOVE HER!!! Thanks for the pic Ent!

Anonymous said...

Chloe S. is a cow. An overrated fugly, full of herself bitch. So in another words, not every reader loves her. Now as for Bernadette Peters - did she sell her soul to the devil or somethng?! She looks fab!

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned if that pic of Diddy isn't a thinly veiled reference to the rumor that Aubrey (a member of his girl group) is preggers with his child...hmmmm? I take it said rumor is true?

Anonymous said...

Add me to the (apparently growing) list of "Doesn't love Chloe/think she's attractive/think she has any style." I think on her planet there are no mirrors.

Heidi without makeup looks pretty damn scary to me.

No idea what Bernadette Peters looks like up close these days, but from a distance she looks about 35 - and really good.

Anonymous said...

Jax, too fucking funny! Can't even improve on your comment on Anne. Too true!

The best thing out of all of these pics though is how healthy Bosworth looks. Seriously I thought she was trying to look like a skeleton just to make Orlando horny. I'm glad she's eating a doughnut or two.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea who the first person was until I read the comments. Alicia looks great in that pic!

I'll also have to say that I am not a big Chloe fan - I've never really understood why everyone likes her.

Anonymous said...

*Hops onboard the "I don't like Chloe and don't understand for one moment why anyone would ever think she was a fashion icon" pleasure cruise*

Anonymous said...

This is how Chloe dresses herself -she looks for the fugliest outfit she can find and wears it. How this twit became a fashion icon is beyond me. Really beyond me. Like, waaaay over there.


Anonymous said...

Bernadette!!! I bet Ellen Barkin wishes she looked that good.

Anonymous said...

Glad Kate gained a few. Looks like MK lost again. God she looks frail.

About Chloe - that was a joke, right? I just think Kids when I see her and that blows any thought of normalcy.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Chloe either.
Is that Tinsley Mortimer sitting next to Aubrey? God- the roots! The rumours about Aubrey being preggers with Diddy have been circulating for so long now that she should be showing by now. I believe he made her have an abortion.


Anonymous said...

Someone send me a bad photo of Heidi Klum. Please

Sorry, such a photo does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Surely you have better taste than that Chloe person, right?

No love here for her or her questionable talent.

Now Bernadette Peters, that woman is a wonder, beautiful, talented and charming!

schneefloeckli said...

So Marc Jacobs is the answer to the NY Post BI about the designer who said he went to rehab but was actually recovering from plastic surgery?

Anna Wintour hates blogs and bloggers.
Bloggers hate Anna Wintour too - but I guess everyone hates her, so...

Anonymous said...

does anyone think that the hotel curtains reference to Kate's dress has anything to do with the A actor in the hotel room?



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