Friday, June 08, 2007

Music News And Photos

Jackson Browne - Marriott Marquis - New York
Fall Out Boy - MTV - New York
Buckcherry- Donington Park - Leicestershire, UK
+44 - MTV - New York
Rihanna - BET - New York

Megadeath - Donington Park - Leicestershire, UK
LeAnn Rimes - Musician's Hall of Fame - Nashville
John Legend - Marriott Marquis - New York

Andre 3000 is set to play Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming film about Sammy's relationship with white actress Kim Novak.

Foreigner is coming out with a new album which will have both old and new songs. They should just call it a greatest hits CD and throw in one or two songs never heard before and get it out now. This is also the 30th anniversary of their debut album which featured Cold As Ice and Feel's Like The First Time. You feel old now?

Well I'm glad to see that British judges are consistent in not making anyone serve time for drug use. Well consistent to the point that gay/bi-sexual singers seem to get off rather easily.

No Doubt is headed to the studio. Only problem is that Gwen isn't going to be there.

8 comments: said...

Fall Out Boy should be called "Pete Wentz and Three Other Guys"

Anonymous said...

when i was 20 i dated a guy who was really into foreigner and journey (and now i am, too) i remember hearing a foreigner song and saying 'i love this new band, who are they?' and the way he looked at me... beyond horrified. i should probably mention that this was 03'

Anonymous said...

Megadeth's lineup changes often but the spelling still does not include a second 'a'. Also, the Foreigner album does not have Lou Gramm so they are updating with a new vocalist. That's why they are ignoring the anniversary and not just doing a 'best of'.

Anonymous said...

Point of info Mr ENT - george Micheal says he was just tired and using prescription drugs when he was drving his 2 and a half ton vehicle all over the road in the middle of the night. This time at least - last time it was cannabis and he was asleep at some traffic lights. Someone needs to tell the guy when it's time to go beddy-bies.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, ur right! LOL! Isn't he the bassist? I thought it was the lead singer that got all the cred in rock bands? In fact I prefer the lead singer to Wentz ANY day, the only man i need in my life wearing eyeliner is Johnny Deep, I mean Depp.

Ent, you scared me with the No Doubt tease. I'm really excited that they're ready to get back in the studio.


Anonymous said...

Jackson Browne is still doing concerts??!! Jesus.

adore said...

Don't the guys from Tool do the same thing? They do the tracks and then Maynard does the singing.

Anonymous said...

I loved No Doubt, but I DESPISE Gwens muzak. It sucks like nothing has ever sucked, but the plebian masses eat that crap up.

I bet No Doubt gets better without her.


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