Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Lindsay’s Life in Rehab
Shocking and shivering, pasty faced and dull-eyed, Lindsay Lohan checked in to one of Promise Residential Treatment Centers on May 28 after an infamous party weekend that involved crashing her car and getting busted on suspicion of DUI.

The young actress was in such a dire state that staff at the rehab facility prepared for the worst.
“She looked dead,” says a source, who adds that the troubled actress appeared to be scary skinny, pale as a ghost and very quite. “She looked like a stray dog the pound had just taken in.”
Insiders reveal to Star that party girl Lindsay spent her first 4 days detoxing, from alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drugs like Percocet and Vicodin.

“She said she felt bad – really bad,” says the source. But she’s gone through rehab before and she said she’d be OK if she were left alone to lie down in a dark room. She apparently was a veteran who knew the drill and was “used to doing it her own way.”

She got the “sweats” during the detox process, but seemed really tough about it. She refused meals, says the source, but wanted water and crackers. This is Lindsay’s second stint in rehab this year, first in January at the Wonderland Center in L.A.

At $48,000 for a 30-day stay, Lindsay gets a room with an ocean view in the 16-person facility. No cell phones or BlackBerrys are allowed, but somehow, say insiders she managed to get her BlackBerry in - and shockingly she’s been asking friends to smuggle sleeping pills in as well!
“She’s in rehab because of her addiction to drugs – everything from cocaine to OxyContin and Ambien – but she’s complaining she can’t sleep,” says a close friend. “She’s been texting friends 24/7, begging them for pills!” Insiders also reveal that she’s more concerned about her upcoming 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas on July 2.

Lindsay has given up on meals, but has been loading up on coffee sweetened with about 25 packages of Splenda. A source reveals to Star, “It’s typical for someone coming off cocaine, even alcohol, to load up on sweets. I’ve heard this can happen with almost any patient. Sugar gives you a high.”

Lindsay also hired a sobriety coach at $2000 a day to be with her around the clock, and is occasionally allowed off the Promises premises to attend addiction group meetings. She won’t allow her parents, Dina and Michael, to visit her.

In addition, shocking photos have surfaced that show her at a wild NYC party about a year ago. She’s pictured with Vanessa Minnillo, and they’re holding large kitchen knives to each others’ throats! Behind them there are liquor bottles and cans of beer!

Insiders wonder if Lindsay has irreparably damaged her career – and whether she’ll be out in time to start work on her next film, Poor Things, or go to the premiere of her thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, which opens on July 27.

Stars’ Cellulite Secrets

The Micro mini was all the rage at the June 3 MTV Movie Awards. Jessica Biel, Fergie, and Victoria Beckham were just a few of Tinseltown’s beauties sporting dresses hiked high enough to reveal any cellulite dimples that might have formed over the cold winter. Credit the Hollywood sunshine since there was not a flaw to be found! How do celebs get their butts and thighs in perfect shape? “Genetics, water intake, diet, and exercise all play roles,” Beverly Hills cellulite-reduction expert Lynn Banfi tells Star.

Celebrities use creams, massagers and various procedures – both surgical and non-surgical – to get their rear in gear. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Pamela Anderson have all figured out how to transform from cellu-loosers to cellu-winners! Andre Berger, M.D., of the Beverly Hills Rejuvalife Institute emphasizes that getting rid of cellulite is not about excess fat. Rather, it’s about finding what works and sticking to it. So grab an apple and take a look at what works for these stars. Go ahead, steal their secrets!

Britney Spears

Britney has been dancing her tail off as she works on her career comeback – but Dr. Berger thinks her trips to a Las Vegas LipoDissolve has more to do with her dimples tush. A source tells star that Brit had treatments on her but and planned 12 treatments on her behind and other body parts over a 24-week period – at $1,500 a pop!

Jessica Simpson

Just days after she and Nick Lachey divorced, Jess had transformed herself from a whiney homebody to a wicked hot body! “She looks like she had several Dermasonic sessions,” says expert Lynn Banfi. These days Jess is back to her Nick physique. Paging Dermasonic!

Beyonce Knowles

Banfi notes that while Beyonce was just 21, “she was going through the early stages of cellulite. You’ll see it sitting cross-legged.” It sounds like the workout she gets while performing saved her! I start thinking about doing a video” Beyonce says. And I think Ok, I have to get tight! It gives me the drive.”

Uma Thurman

How did this 37-year-old amazon, mother of two change her cheeks in such a short time? “I think she may have been treated with Smart Lipo” says Dr. Berger. “There’s no downtime with the procedure.” Important, with two kids underfoot and two films – In Bloom and The Accidental Husband - in the works!

Nicky Hilton

“She may have benefited from carboxytherapy, which works best on cellulite with a rippled appearance,” notes Dr. Berger. “Carbon dioxide gas is infiltrated directly into the fat tissue. The gas improves microcirculation, which promotes smoothing of the skin.” This is what we call going green!

Paris Hilton

“Life is too short to be worrying about diets,” says the incarcerated reality star. “Eat carbs at night if you want.” Yet the 26-year-old toned thighs tell a different story. She could have used a Wellbox,” says Dr. Berger. A wellbox is a personal massage gadget that smooths the skin by rolling and lifting. Are you permitted to take those into jail??

Tara Reid

“I’ll never be perfect again,” the party girl extraordinaire has said of her well-publicized run-ins with plastic surgery. Luckily she is winning the war with cellulite! “Looks like she might use Mesotherapy to me,” says Dr. Berger. Well done Tara !

Mariah Carey

Much like Britney Spears, the 37-year old singer has a become a member of the LipoDissolve squad says a source; who adds that “Mariah insisted on entering through back doors and wearing big sunglasses.”

Pam Anderson

“Pam looks incredible!” says expert Lynn Banfi. “Especially since she’s a mother, because cellulite is typically most noticeable during or after times of hormonal change.”

Sharon Stone
At 49 years old, the Basic Instinct actress has kept her body in top shape, but her bumpy booty could use a little work! “I pretty much eat what I want,” she says. “But I want to look good in a bikini.”

Star Jones
The TV talker has probably had one of the most radical body transformations of the past few years. But while her weight loss has been nothing short of astonishing, after dropping about 150 pounds, its not surprising the 45-year-old has a bit of firming up to do down south! On May 10 the star hit the beach in the Bahamas showing a bit too much back!

The sexy Latin songstress was doing everything she could to hide her thighs on Aug. 31, 2006, but the 37-year-old’s telltale dimples were still there. Lynn Banfi’s tip? “One hundred ounces of water a day- and don’t starve yourself. It won’t help!”

Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart, 27, gave everyone a little too much ripply skin to look at as she excited Hyde night club on May 27. When her dad, Rod Stewart wrote the ‘70s hit “Hot Legs,” he probably wasn’t thinking about gams like these!

Mischa Barton
“I don’t ever deprive myself of anything,” the lanky 21-year-old says. “And I eat desserts.” Someone should tell Mischa the old saying, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Or in the case of this April 20 photo, her upper thighs!

Is Taylor Hicks a Love Cheat?
Silver haired crooner Taylor Hicks stole the hearts of millions on his way to becoming American Idol’s Season 5. But he has now apparently stolen a beautiful blonde away from her longtime beau!

Taylor has been making beautiful music with Caroline Lyders, the morning anchor for Milwaukee ’s WISN-TV. On May 24, the pair was photographed romping in the surf and smooching passionately on a beach in Maui, with Caroline sporting a teeny black string bikini – much to grinning Taylor ’s obvious delight! Raised in Iowa and a graduate of Columbia University School of Journalism, Caroline shares a musical link to Hicks; she’s an award-winning pianist! Things reportedly began to heat up between the duo after she interviewed him in March 2007, but they kept the affair under wraps until their Maui vacation. Lyders recently admitted, “Taylor and I are friends. Beyond that, I’d rather not comment on my personal life.”
But the new romance is hitting a sour note with someone else – namely, her longtime boyfriend, insurance businessman, Aaron Ruffcorn. In fact after the photos of Taylor and Caroline’s beach romp surfaced, Star contacted Aaron’s Iowa-based dad, Mitchell Ruffcorn, who insisted, “My son is dating her” – note the present tense!

Aaron’s dad says the couple fell in love while in high school. Aaron wrote on an Internet portfolio, “My commitment to my girlfriend Caroline was both the catalyst and the anesthetic for the move (to Ohio , then to Milwaukee ).”

Aaron’s father tells Star, “The last time I saw her was at Christmas 2006. She was with our family for the holiday, and we all had a lot o fun. I know they have been talking about marriage for some time.”

So did something go wrong between Aaron and Caroline in the months since Christmas? Aaron tells Star, “There is nothing but love and respect between Caroline and myself. There is a lot of history between us; all decisions we make are together. Whether there’s a future for Caroline and Taylor, I don’t know. As to whether there’s still a future [for us] at this point, stranger things have happen.’

In other words his relationship with Caroline is over. In the meantime, if Lyders is expecting to someday walk down the aisle with Hicks – who is no doubt reappraising his career after the disappointing sales of his self –titled 2006 post-Idol CD, she may have a long wait.
Hick’s grandmother, Joni Hicks, tells Star, “Girlfriends require attention and time. That’s absolutely what Taylor does not have! He’s never been close to getting married, and he’s in no hurry.”


Anonymous said...

I love when tabloids credit a "source". I've always wondered who that source is. After much reflection, it can only be one entity - God. He/She's the only being that can be everywhere at once and knows everything.

I wonder how much they pay him.


Anonymous said...

Seriously ENT are you for real?!! I think i just lost brain cells reading this!
Call me naive, but I don't think everyone on this list has had work done

Anonymous said...

The wording of the celebs having work done sounds like someone just guessing that the work was done.

And am I the only one who thought/thinks Taylor Hicks is gay?

Anonymous said...

The cellulite obsession makes me throw up a little in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

And if Brittney got treatment on her cellulite then she needs to ask for a refund based on the Mexico pictures of the backs of her thighs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Twisted - I think it's one of those "I'm not Britney's doctor, but in my opinion she has fetal alcohol sydnrome."

And I loves me some Taylor, so given my past history, you could be right ;)

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic that Star thinks people care what people in their early-to-mid-20s are doing for cellulite.

Anonymous said...

Pinky, sounded to me like they were all based on opinion and not fact, but that's just me.

Oh no. You've been stricken with Grace Adler disease? Always attracted to gay men? You need to get your gaydar fixed, honey.

Anonymous said...

Sistah - agreed on the opinion front.

re: 'Grace Adler disease' LMAO - I'm actually afflicted with the "unavailable" disease which is a broader form of the Grace Adler disease.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Britney needs to demand her money back stat or she needs to go through another round or maybe cut down on those Taco Bell burritos! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Pinky. It's worse than I thought. There's no hope for those who are afflicted with Attraction to the Unavailable disease. No hope at all.

Still, I'll light a candle for ya....

Hez said...

TS, light one for me, Cyn and our boyfriend the Cloon while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

I went to Columbia j-school with Caroline. Nice girl. But Taylor Hicks, Caroline??? Come on!!!

Anonymous said...

Taylor has to be gay, "Soul Patrol," especially how he screams/moans/groans it, would not be uttered by any straight man. Okay maybe not strictly dickly he might like a poon some days.


Anonymous said...

kchal what pictures are you talking about in mexico?

Hez said...

Ent, how about the story (see link below) that has Samantha Ronson orchestrating the whole "LiLo passed out in the car" episode in exchange for a payout from the paps? Whattadouche.

Anonymous said...

Lipodissolve is very useful for cellulite
Dr. Barry Lycka
The Ethical Cosmetic Surgery Assocaition

Anonymous said...

i am aaron ruffcorns cousin and star never talked to anyone in my family, they are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Ent, why on Earth do you insist on running the crap from that Star rag?

It really ruins your blog when you do this crud. Please, spare us!

Anonymous said...

i disagree with the above anon. then again, i suffered from extreme us weekly withdrawl when i moved to france. thanks for the fix

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.02 - see ENTs Tuesday post under random photos and pic of the back of Brittney and her BFF... the thighs are scary - especially considering how young she is - believe me, I had 2 kids and am well aware the ravages it does on the body but how is it possible this girl had lipo and looks like that is beyond me. ;0


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