Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton On Suicide Watch?

Although I love the rumors about the herpes blisters, Paris is not the only person in jail with such a condition and that alone is not going to get her released. (Hez started the rumor and is getting the credit she deserves all over the internet.) Psychiatrists don't visit jails to dispense Valtrex. From the statements I've read and what Greta van Susteren has reported, (scroll down for video) it's obvious that Paris is on the verge of a mental breakdown. When an inmate is placed on suicide watch they are under intense scrutiny, but sometimes the inmate still succeeds. If you were an elected official would you want Paris Hilton committing suicide or suffering a complete mental breakdown on your watch? Every article and television show would be talking about what you should have done and how you as sheriff messed it up. Not a good way to get re-elected. It is a risk you have to take for an inmate who has a long jail term or is in the state prison system. It is not a risk you want to take when the subject inmate is in the county jail for a traffic offense.

In regards to the campaign contribution in a quid pro quo for release, you have got to be kidding. You really think $1000 is going to get Paris out of jail? Do you know how much the sheriff makes? How much he will make when he retires and starts consulting? How much he stands to lose for $1000? You don't think he knows that contributions are made public? Don't you think that if someone could pay $1000 and get their kid out of jail that everyone would do it? You think Paris' grandfather knew in advance last year she would be arrested and put in jail with an unfair sentence and so gave Baca $1000 to cover that eventuality? Come on.

I also stand by my turf war comments from yesterday. Yes, a judge can order someone back to jail, BUT, this is a very RARE case of that. Judges do not typically get involved in the calculation of good behavior and jail overcrowding unless someone is suing because the jails are too overcrowded. The county generally is the judge of who stays and who goes depending on the demand for space. If Paris were not Paris, she would not still be in jail. The "ridiculous" I referred to yesterday was the media coverage and not the sentence which I have already commented on before. The coverage is ridiculous. Insanely so.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you the coverage is ridiculous but so has been Paris's reaction for something that will be over with in 2-3 weeks, probably less. It's not like she was being tortured or abused. For God's sake just do the time and get it over with. The only thing that begins to make sense is that I heard on the news that a friend of her's said she is an extreme sufferer of claustrophobia. That is the only explanation I have heard that begins to shed some light on her behavior....or it could be that she was throwing a big temper tantrum.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you the coverage is ridiculous but so has been Paris's reaction for something that will be over with in 2-3 weeks, probably less. It's not like she was being tortured or abused. For God's sake just do the time and get it over with. The only thing that begins to make sense is that I heard on the news that a friend of her's said she is an extreme sufferer of claustrophobia. That is the only explanation I have heard that begins to shed some light on her behavior....or it could be that she was throwing a big temper tantrum.

Anonymous said...

"If Paris were not Paris, she would not still be in jail."

Gotta say I agree. I'm not a Paris fan and I think she deserved to be punished but I think they've gone a little far. I don't know all the precedent cases, but I know I few people who've done almost the same thing and they've received a LOT less punishment.

Having said that, the girl needs to get some help because her behavior in the past has been horrible.

Hez said...

If the only thing in this life I am remembered for is being the blogger who told the world about Paris' ass herpes, it will have all been worth it.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. But seriously, this shit rules with brass knobs on.

And I am proud to say the tip came to me from a reader of THIS blog, so credit where credit is due (although she's happy to watch from the sidelines).

Team Blistered Anal Lesion!

Anonymous said...

I'm so over this bitch,

True she is being made an example of, but its about time the rich bitches who seem to think that rules are for people other than them will get a fucking clue that your shit stinks just like the rest of us.

Suck it up bitch.. the regular people are always getting screwed by the man and now you know what the rest of us deal with every day.

Rose said...

Are we supposed to care if she's being made an example? She's a spoiled brat and I don't see most celebrities caring when it works the other way, in their favor.

Anonymous said...

hez you are a goddess
and i agree with you guys rose and geekgoddess
i wanted her to be humbled somewhat by this,
but i dont want her to have a nervous breakdown...
this is a gift to her from the gods...
she wont be the word's most hated
she has an opportunity to change her image
she wont be driving drunk again
best of all all the little girls and teens and tweens will see that there are consequences to your actions...
best lesson ever

Anonymous said...

i hope hez gets herpes in her mouth and on her ass. anybody that delights in someone else's pain is retarded.even paris hilton has feelings and is a human being. i can't believe all these "perfect" people who have never done anythng wrong.

Anonymous said...






G.O.O.D. said...

Paris, for god's sake child, get some books from the cart, or request a pen and some paper and do some writing or drawing. Catch up on some TV watching. CHILL. said...

its not that I'm not feeling bad for her....I am. Its just that I would have thought she would have been made of a bit more determined stuffing than this.

Hez said...

"I hope hez gets herpes in her mouth and on her ass..."

Wouldn't that qualify as "delighting in someone else's pain"? Isn't that just more pre-emptive Schadenfreude on your part? Hypocrisy's almost as much of a bitch as karma.

xo Herp-free Hez (and soo proud of it!)

Anonymous said...

You're joking, right EL? You honestly think an email from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of someone whose brother purports to work in the LA County Sheriff's office holds any water?

You should have taken the day off. This sounds like nothing but rubbish.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

After reading about Kathy Hilton's ranting in the courtroom, I can see where Paris gets her attitude towards authority. Neither of them have any respect for it.

I don't feel sorry for Paris. She screwed up, thumbed her nose at the system several times and now has to pay up. I don't care if 'others' (as in other spoiled rich people) got to have house arrest and their sentences shortened. What about the poor, innocent schmoes who have to sit in jail for years for something they didn't do? Where's the outcry regarding them?

As the first poster said, she needs to suck it up and take the punishment like an adult instead of screaming for her Mommie.

Hez said...

I received said email from someone on this site -- sure, it seemed suspicious, but it had one of the original email addresses on it, which I left on there in case anyone I sent it to wanted to verify it with the sender.

I never said I thought it was true, I just forwarded it to a few well-chosen people who happen to run the top gossip sites. Probably only sent about 5 emails... a friend posted it on ONTD and the interdork did the rest.

I have no problem repeating speculation of this sort -- it does seem that it's something we do here all the time, right?

We all know she's got the herp anyway -- stress exacerbates it, and if she's got crusty butt lesions (even just ONE), it may actually be the one disgusting thing Elliot Mintz can't wash away with one simple spin cycle. If the Blistered Anal Lesion theory (BAL) is what nails the coffin of her celebrity shut, I'll be happier than my wedding day with Clooney (sorry, Cyn).

Plus, for all those who think I ghostwrite this blog, Ent got the tip from me, too, but opted not to run it yesterday when everyone else did. No harm, no foul and certainly no offense taken.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha LOL

I am glad I am European.

Hez said...

Narc, if you'd like to see it, I still have the email from Lainey thanking me for the tip, (which I freely admit on my blog she says she also got from 3 other people at the same time - and I don't know if any of them are as keen to impress total strangers online, but I'm guessing no).

I definitely agree, I didn't start the fire, but I handed the burning embers to a bunch of internet gas stations.

We're on the same side anyway, aren't we? Team BAL!

Anonymous said...

You don't think it's true, yet you're spreading it around? That's pathetic and not at all what we do here.

Anonymous said...

come on guys
why do you think you tune in every day?
twisted darlin, with all due respect...
i doubt Hez or anyone here would forward that email with such glee if it werent Paris

i dont want to see anything really bad happen to her, but... sometimes a lamb (haha) has to sacrificed for the benefit of the culture...

the future paris hiltons of the world are glued to the tube on this one... and being that the tube is probably their only source of education on life skills, morality, respect, dignity, consequences...


This is the bitch that taunts trouble... she drives around with a joint hangin outta her mouth when she knows the paps are filming and


fukkin eh

Anonymous said...

and Hez please dont stop being Hez

"Wouldn't that qualify as "delighting in someone else's pain"? Isn't that just more pre-emptive Schadenfreude on your part? Hypocrisy's almost as much of a bitch as karma."



GGA, what is wrong with that?

You wanna read monotonous Lohan guesses all day????

You prefer white bread answers and contribution?
Who else offers what Hez offers?

She is sharing some pretty eclectic stuff...
who she is makes me want to educate myself more in the art of the written word and move back to Canada when i get outta school and be less a sheep and more an individual! Such spunk!

Bravo Hez
and back off haters

Anonymous said...

Hez, I think you are stunningly beautiful and I want to be your sex slave.

I love you. And unlike those punk rock guys, I put out.

John Throbs

Anonymous said...

Yesterday as she was wailing in the back of the police car, being driven to yet another jail (one with a built-in psycho ward) I remembered the photo of Paris that appeared in the LA Times the day after she was sentenced to 45 days in jail. In the shot she was smirking and wearing a t-shirt that read "I'm Paris Hilton and I can do whatever I want".

I imagine claustrophobia is pretty common in jail, especially in shared cell (Paris' was not only private, but had a panic button). The other claustrophobics just suck it up and get on with their sentences; why should Paris be treated any differently?

Anonymous said...

please , Paris Loves herself too much to ever commit sucide

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hez, why are so sooo concerned with your place on this blog. Don't you have a life?

your devoted fan

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Too much with the Hez. Take a break, please.

Team No Hez! said...

I just gotta know, did you send it to Perez? LOL...that's Perez's girl!

Anonymous said...

If your claustrophobic , it does not mean you don't go to clubs . I am claustrophobic , it's not the people , it is the actual size of the building or the room ...

If she panics it probably can cause her to get claustrophobic , but who cares .

Whats funny , is people really don't read , they are followers , rats to the pied media piper .

how could people care so much to wish death on another person they never met , or even know . seems like a awful lot of energy to lose.

I thought el's post was thoughtful , comparing paris to a murderer , is one thing . Getting made because she makes racial slurs or talks about poor people , why would you care? She is a silly kid , that the media makes money on and she was smart enought to pimp the media and make money back . Don't hate cause she's making money , by opening and closing her twat.... I mean it's not like she is george bush ?

This case makes me think about habeus corpus, and what it means to all of us in the future , many people get railroaded into jail just like paris , they get a misdemeanor offense , and can end up in jail for quite a bit , one bad situation turns into another , good behaviour flies out the window , and before you know it your doing a year. But those people never have camera's on them or al sharptons / fox news fighting for them , or publicizing thier cases , because they are nobodies. In the end it is all about the dollar ... Someone gave the authority to the judge to make paris go back to jail , someone higher up . the judge is a man who stayed in the same post for 20 years... So i guess the hiltons don't have much pull.

Anonymous said...

When the diamond heiress (can't remember her name) sued Paris for defamation of character and Paris was supposed to go to court and testify, her lawyer said she was "too emotionally distraught" over the case to appear in court. The judge moved the case back a few months so that poor Parasite could get over her fragility. Two days after she should have testified she was out whooping it up at some party. Who believes this girl anymore? I don't doubt that she's probably coming down from something druggy, but I also think she'd do anything imaginable to get out of jail. If she's strong enough to party every night of the week it is hard to believe that she's too delicate for a private cell in a "special needs" unit of a jail. Shepherd Smith on Fox News had it right about her illness: "Spoiled brat-itis".

Anonymous said...

and the Hez backlash
i guess you get the week off Brendalove.

Hez said...

ROFL @ JLM. (Begins?? Where have you been, sugar?)

What will you do with all your free time, Brendalove? (And no, I wouldn't waste a mouseclick on stinky Perez. Haven't visited his site since February, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Being claustrophobic I would think that being crammed into a club for hours like a sardine would make a person a bit edgy...ohhhh, that is why she is in the restroom so much! Clears it up.

Midwest Surfer

Unknown said...

Okay, to clarify again what someone said above - claustrophobia has little to do with how many people you are surrounded by. It has everything to do with the size of the room you're in, whether it has windows, easy access to a way out, things like that.

You're thinking of social anxiety when you refer to being crowded by people. Since I suffer from both, and have panic attacks when i'm in crowds or small rooms, I know my shit on this one, lol.

Hez said...

in waziristan whole clan attacking this wicked judge and destroy, and also destry him entire family, to include even the second cousin. and burn with fire. and all grave of ancestor destroy and give bone for dog.


Team Whatever That Guy's Smokin.

Anonymous said...

i am claustrophobic but for me it has to do with knowing there is a way out... doesnt matter the size unless i am confined... i wonder if that is not claustrophobia... i am insane when i cant get out even ehen the seatbelt wont open for a iminute or the child window locks are on... i never thought of freaking out in the confinement of a cell... i guess i better keep my nose clean

Anonymous said...

Well stated "Entertainment Lawyer." Especially the part about her Grandfather's contribution, $1000 is nothing in the political world, but people are frantically trying to make it into more than it ever was... In fact, it's really nice to see someone commenting about this debacle that's not just knee jerk reacting with "Ha Ha Paris might die" jokes to make the peasants slap their hands together like hungry seals. Sure, it's an easy way to get some laughs but like mocking a fat guy or a mentally handicapped kid it's not exactly a sign of wit or intellect. (Of course, kicking Paris while she's down is exactly what every two bit blogger is doing while they pat themselves on the back for finally "gittin' her good." After, all you'll never go broke catering to the lowest common denominator.)

The reality is exactly as you stated it "If Paris were not Paris, she would not still be in jail." and it's as simple as that. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves...

Anonymous said...

Ameriki has gone cnazy!

~American in Holland

Anonymous said...

Look, the way it works in court is this. You show up on time, showing respect and deference to the judge, looking sorry and hopefully squeezing out a get a better outcome than if you show up late, roll your eyes, your mom is in the gallery making comments about the incompetence of the judge and prosecutor...well, good luck with that.

Having already shown by ignoring the license suspension and probation that she had no intention of following the law or taking seriously the power that the judges and prosecutors and police hold, it was absolute suicide to further prove that point by making it obvious that she holds herself above the law while standing in front of the judge (late, of course).

It is less than useless to compare her sentance to those of people with similar offenses, as those defendants may well have abased themselves in front of the judge. Many defendants bring in proof that they have been attending 12-step meetings or rehab without being ordered to do so in order to impress the judge with their understanding of the seriousness of their situation.

She played it poorly, due to her sense of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

contribution can be made in many ways like to a favorite charity or church. in cash with our record.

Anonymously. said...

Anon harrassment is directly proportionate to how much fun the harrassee has had in the comments section on a given day.

As far as Paris...if she has a medical condition, aren't the jail people bound by law to provide medication she needs? Someone give the girl a Xanax and a milkshake!

Anonymous said...

No way she will commit's only a ploy for Paris to get more of her favorite thing in the world - attention!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Enty, Hez isn't so anonymous and easily traceable.

Nice one!:)

Anonymous said...

If Hez's post about the anal herpes blisters is not true and she not only published it on her blog but repeated it on others, knowing that there was a pretty good chance it was not true, I will be interested to see whether Paris files a defamation lawsuit against Hez, who is not an anonymous blogger.

It is interesting to me that the bloggers who picked up the item cite Hez as the source. Maybe that's props, maybe it's self-preservation by those bloggers. And even though Paris' reputation is lousy, this allegation is pretty bad and damaging if untrue.

East Coast Lawyer

Anonymous said...

The NY Post says the reason Paris wouldn't eat or drink in prison was that she didn't want to use the in-cell toilet; she feared a guard would snap a photo of it and the picture would end up online.

Anonymous said...

i personally think this whole paris thing is funny but when you have your aunt say the day before you get out that you are just cold and bored and then one of your friends report the day you get out of jail that you are going to have a party at your house that night then to me it say one no real medical condition and you arent going to take your house arrest seriously either just like you didnt take the alcohol class serious or not driving i completely understand why they sent her back. paris likes attention about everything and the only reason why i think people say the situation is worst because she is paris is because if she would have kept your mouth shut and tell her family and friends to be quiet then people could have felt sorry for her but instead she is getting the attention that she wants and so she had to go back to jail.

Anonymous said...

Stop reporting on her then. There should be a media blackout on everything Paris Hilton.

But you won't and neither will anyone else, beacsue you're bringing people in that might be curious. People love to hate. Round and round we go.

And now the Scientologists are involved and things start getting REALLY batty.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking here... If prison conditions are so overcrowded that they routinely let non-violent prisoners free early or on house-arrest, then why was she the only person in a two person cell? Can't be that overcrowded...

Anonymous said...

Consider this:

-Hez commetns on here almost constantly every day and often reports on rumors she's heard or corrections on facts (in addition to always being the first to "speak" for and defend Ent)

-For some reason Fri., when Hez was burning up with her anal lesions scoop, she claims that she had emailed Ent with the info and he declined to post it.

1) why wouldn't Ent write about it, as info. from Hez, when he writes everything else under the protection of his disclaimer? And then why would he, the next day, give her "props" (as everyone keeps saying) on it along with a link to her blog? and

2) why didn't Hez just report it first (instead of emailing Ent) in the comments here like she does everything else? If you read her blog, she announced the info in comments on some of the other blogs and even gave links to her comments! But here she doesn't mention it at all. INSTEAD, on her blog, she uses the fact that she emailed Ent and he didn't bite as "proof" that she doesn't ghost write this blog.

-During the period Hez is sending emails and commenting on other sites Fri. with her scoop, on the Message Board she responds to a member's comment (saying the anons are nasty) by saying blandly, that's why I took a break from it for a while today (with no mention of what she's been doing.

-STRANGELY, during the time that Hez is frantically shopping her scoop around, Ent. Lawyer is not posting either. Finally, around the time Hez is done with everything (note the time on her blog), Ent Lawyer reappears on here, blaming his "IT" guys for the delay.

1) So Ent not only posts at work (all day if need be), but he uses his employer's computer to run his site such that the IT guys can interrupt it? Doesn't his boss mind a little?

2) I don't know how blogs work, but is he using his work computer all weekend now to post, or is he posting on a laptop at home? IT guys don't need to fix a personal laptop, so why would it interrupt him Friday?

Overall, it doesn't make sense that Hez wouldn't excitedly comment on it here, that Ent wouldn't post it (but then give her credit and a link to her blog the next day), and that Ent is delayed for exactly the same time Hez is gone and blames it on "IT guys". Taken with Hez's fierce attacks on anyone questioning the validity of anything, and that several of the commenters and characters on the site "sound" like Hez and her humor, it just makes me wonder.

NOTE: I don't CARE if it is her, I am more intriqued, and if it is, I give her credit for her energy and intelligence to do it every day.

kellygirl said...

The mere fact that HEZ ignites such passionate dialog proves her relevance...just as the relevance of Paris is more soidified than ever by the interest in her.
As to both of these provocative gals, love or hate, they sure do entertain!

Anonymous said...

See? Even that (kellysirkus) sounds like it could be Hez self-promoting! said...

"I will be interested to see whether Paris files a defamation lawsuit against Hez, who is not an anonymous blogger."

Shiiiiiit...if Paris filed a defamation lawsuit against every person who has defamed her, girlfriend would tie up the entire United State Judicial System for the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

if as news reports say that paris is not taking a medication she's supposed to (anti-anxiety? anti-depressant?) and as a result she's losing it (claustrophobia, depression, whatevah), then I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THE GIT.

even when she's back in jail supposedly serving her time she's gotta try to manipulate everybody--the press, the sheriff's office, her psychiatrist... what a bullshitter.

it's like those pictures of her crying in the back of the sheriff's car. sobbing, but pressed up close to the window and not using her man-hands to cover her face. SHE WANTS YOU TO LOOK.

break the cycle!

i'm so done with her.

Anonymous said...

she violated probation twice, right? i was under the impression that the reason she was sentenced to jail was because she violated probation, not the traffic offense.

Anonymous said...

1:09--I care if it's her. Bummer. I'm out. Excellent logic, BTW. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Add me to Team Whatever That Guy is Smokin'! Must be some GREAT stuff!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:12 -
you can find the timeline here:

Here is a part of the timeline:

Sept. 7: Officers arrest Paris Hilton in Hollywood for investigation of driving under the influence after she was spotted "driving erratically."

Sept. 26: Hilton is charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence.

Jan. 9: Hilton's lawyers enter not guilty pleas on her behalf to one count each of driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or above.

Jan. 15: Hilton is pulled over by California Highway Patrol and informed that her license is suspended. She signs a document acknowledging she is not to drive.

Jan. 22: Hilton pleads no contest to a reduced charge of alcohol-related reckless driving. She is placed on three years probation, ordered to enroll in alcohol education and pay $1,500 in fines.

Feb. 27: Hilton is ticketed for misdemeanor driving with a suspended license. A copy of the document signed Jan. 15 is found in her glove compartment.

March 29: The city attorney's office says it will ask a judge to revoke Hilton's probation.

May 3: Prosecutors recommend Hilton serve 45 days in jail for a probation violation.

May 4: Judge Michael Sauer sentences Hilton to 45 days in jail.

As you can see, the idiot signs off on her understanding that she's not supposed to drive, after she was caught the first time, and she goes out and drives again. Between that and her 30 minute late arrival for her court date, it had to appear to the judge that she felt she was above the law. After all....she's Paris Hilton!

Anonymous said...

Great info Anon 1:09. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Hey EL,

Just so you know (and many people are unaware of this), although you can only contribute a maximum of $1000 to certain political candidates directly, there is no limit of how much you can contribute to a Political Action Committee (PAC) that would in turn directly support a candidate financially. So, hypothetically, the Hiltons could have contributed many additional funds towards the Sheriff's campaign, but those were funneled through a PAC. It is extremely common in politics, and harder to track down. So you may want to consider this possibility before automatically assuming that the $1000 is all that the Sheriff got from the Hiltons and dismissing that notion altogether.

kellygirl said...

1) 2:01 - excellent post. Thank You.
2) Ent. wouldn't it be more telling if we were to see the many other names attached to Grandpa Hilton who also donate $1k (the max legal contribution). Yes, I agree with some of your points, however, I'm certain you also understand the way this contribution thing works so often. He MAY have donated $1k in the name of any person he could think of. I'm certain he has 100 family members who would obediantly comply.
3) again, with my point, anyone who provokes thought, be it Paris or Hez, is relevant, and that's a good thing. People, if you want mind numbing, don't try to get it from reading anything - just turn to drugs!

kellygirl said...

p.s. just something else for you conspiracy-theory buffs - it seems like if ANYONE took over writing this blog (which I agree seems likely) it was probably JeezLouise. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

To 1:09 and other skeptics...

*I* spoke to Hez all day on Friday. Both of us said several times that we were suprised not to see a post from Enty for several hours.

Continue your skepticism if you must, but I, for one, believe that Enty and Hez are not one in the same. And if they were, I couldn't care less. I only care that s/he has the time to continue this entertaining dialogue.

Don't hate the playa.

kellygirl said...

Team MM!!!!!!!! Oh you sly vixen, lurking in the shadows, some interesting stuff these last few days, huh? Hez is taking one for the team, for sure!
So where is the playground for those with IQ over 32?

Anonymous said...

Didn't everyone think herpes straight away as a joke? Hardly a story. I'd say its definately suicide watch, and she is using it to her advantage. And I also think her sentence probably isn't fair, but I also don't think its fair that she was released early - she deserved to go back, electronic monitoring in the Hilton home is hardly a punishment. Hell, I'd pay for that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Paris is in jail because she has waved her "get out of jail free" card under the public's noses one too many times. I frankly, am quite surprised she hasn't hit someone yet.

Actually, I'm surprised she knows what those two "cute" little pedals on the floor of her car are for.

And Hez, really - future Mrs. Clooney? You can kiss my Blistered Anal Lesions before that happens!!!

Besides, I've found you a lovely partner in Mr. John Throbs. He wants to be your sex slave! 'Nuff said. Be sure to send me a lovely, leather and stud embossed wedding invitation. Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Re: John Throbs:

See earlier post above...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, MM, that proves it!


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