Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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There is no way that Pete has the patience to watch one movie, let alone 5.

A remake of Meatballs is blasphemy.

Rosie says the whole View thing was a publicity stunt. Uh huh. You really think Elizabeth could pull that off as an actress huh?

Angelina says having four kids has not been great for her relationship with Brad Pitt. I guess that extra one will really turn it around then.

Rod Stewart is getting married in two weeks.
NBC president hates bloggers because they made him work over the Memorial Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

FemaleFirst site is ful of unrealiable crap and Rosie is batshite crazy.

Hez said...

Re: PeteMoss--

You can do a lot more rails off a DVD case than you can with a CD.

Wasn't there a BI about Rod Stewart not too long ago??

Anonymous said...

Kate Moss looks awful and too skinny alal Nicole Ritchie inthat one pick...

Anonymous said...

5 pounds sez Pete's dead by Labor day. Who's in?????

Anonymous said...

Why in hell do you keep runing stuff on those two ugly drug ho's Kate&Pete?

Losers both of them and I'm tired of seeing their drugged up mugs.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who likes meatballs. usually whomever i'm watching it with insists on turning it off 1/2way through.

Jerry said...

Loved Meatballs. And don't worry about a remake. It just doesn't matter.

Unknown said...

kate moss is TOO SKINNY. she looks like a meth addict, no joke.


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