Monday, June 04, 2007

More Links

Mousetrap, $10M, and your d**k. Ouch.

Lane Garrison is staying out of the limelight.

In case you didn't see Sarah Silverman going off on Paris last night at the MTV Movie Awards, here is the video.

Mick Jagger's secret divorce.

Jon Heder loves changing diapers.

The Hoff talks about the Baywatch casting couch.


Anonymous said...

Sarah is now my new best friend. I only wish she could have said more about Paris...

Anonymous said...

She only got that job and her unfunny show because she is blowing and fucking that fat load Jimmy Kimmel.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Bynes is adorable.

I'd love a threesome with Cameron & Jessica. Hmmmm... we can even invite Justin.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the appeal of Sarah - with the exception of going off on Paris Hilton (and it was really the crowd's reaction that was the good part) - Sarah was LAME>

Anonymous said...



Sarah silverman just won me over, LOL.


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