Friday, June 08, 2007

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Celebitchy has all the scoop on Lindsay in rehab. Does anyone on this earth honestly believe that Lindsay will just have water on her 21st birthday?

Jessica Simpson is going to star in what sounds like a horrible rip-off of Private Benjamin.

Dave Chappelle is alive. He's also still really funny.

Sienna Miller says she's not a slut. Well here is the definition. You decide.

I think this pretty much sums up what I said a few days ago about Hostel II.

Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune: "You live in a free country, you put up with crud like Hostel Part II. It truly is crud, though. The film is the definition of torture porn, and regarding the Motion Picture Association of America's business-friendly, brain-free decision to give it an R rating: If this film gets by with an R, then what is left to warrant an NC-17?"


Anonymous said...

Celebitchy is the worst gossip blog. This story seems ok but most of their stories are just exciting headlines like Does Angelina Jolie have an autoimmune disoerder??? And the story is just that Angelina is skinny or something

Anonymous said...

Torture porn is the best definition for crap like those movies. Even the previews should be rated R. When my kids (3&5)accidentally see a preview (which is rare due to only kids channels being on during the day)they get terrified. The glorification of violence in this country is disgusting and such a horrible problem.

Anonymous said...

But America is a free country y'all!!!

glad im canadian

Anonymous said...

ugh, we are sick of your "glad i'm canadian" shit!

Anonymous said...

Dave Chappelle rocks! EL, have you seen him at Laugh Factory? I loved him on "Inside the Actors Studio."

Anonymous said...

ENT, I also am incredibly sick of these ultra violent torture movies. Who would want to watch that? I really don't understand. The previews are so not appropriate for kids, I agree on that, and they're on TV all the time. I feel that this ultra violence is worse than too much sex. How something like Showgirls can get rated NC 17 and not Hostel is appalling. That should definitely be rated NC 17. I hope the movie bombs and people start losing interest in these horrible, ridiculous horror movies. Every time I turn around, there's another awful looking one. UGH!
~ Stacey


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