Monday, June 04, 2007

MTV Movie Awards Part 1

Everyone loved Jason Mewes last week so he gets the top spot.
It really is his goddaughter (Skyler Shaye-age 20). I'm sure that's why he's smiling like that. Hey did you hear the story about Woody Allen?

Stopped by Costco on the way to the show and got extra tube socks.

This outfit just screams TV Guide Channel. Oh, wait. Kimberly Caldwell already has that covered.

Which one is pregnant again?
"It sounded really poignant and wise when I was drunk." Hey Megan, at least they spelled everything right.
"I'm really good at this faking thing. All you have to do is smile and pretend that you like me."

Before Rhianna can become the 8th ex-Mrs Ent. we need to talk about her hair. I don't need a Bai Ling look-a-like.
"My kids are the most important thing in my life."


Anonymous said...

what the hell is Posh doing?

Anonymous said...

Say - wasn't there a blind awhile back about some older guy and his goddaughter getting it on???

Anonymous said...

Posh is a circus act.
-The Lawnmower-

Anonymous said...

Posh. All that is missing the Barbie doll packaging around her.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:05 -

I second that!!!!! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba looks like she's wearing a red silk potato sack...


lj said...

i know that the comments are meant to be snarky, but is it too much to ask that somewhere you put who the hell these people are? who is the girl in the red prom dress whose date is pretending to dig her? or is it the other way around? i'm only 30, a religious ew reader/pop culture junkie, and i still don't recognize half the people in your pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Mandy Moore and John Krasinski. Keep up, 30 yr. old! (just joking)

Rose said...

Jason Mewes looked great! I'm glad he is staying clean.

Anonymous said...

Is that a bad pic or does Mandy Moore look like she gained a bunch of weight?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58,
I think that's a bad pic. Mandy Moore looked really cute yesterday. She's thicker than in her "candy" days, but when she mad candy she was like 15. She's all grown up now. *Tear drop*


lj said...

thanks anon 12:00! now that i know, it seems so obvious, but i have trouble discerning them all from scrach.

and ent, i don't know if you go back to old posts to read comments (so i may post this again on a more recent one), but i noticed today that you posted almost everyone's name. THANK YOU!!!!


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