Friday, June 08, 2007

The Sopranos Death Montage


Anonymous said...

no vid

Anonymous said...

ENT - I am massively disappointed with you in several ways, to wit:

1-Your abject failure to cover the Paris Hilton reincarceration and predict the outcome. You call yourself a lawyer, yet you refuse to call an outcome that is a no brainer. Of course a judge can order a sheriff to do anything at all!

2-Most of us do not view Parasite's reincarceration as something ridiculous. It is clear that the Sheriff was bribed to kick Paris loose in the middle of the night on bullshit grounds. We will never know whether the LA City Attorney and the judge acted because the Sheriff didn't spread the wealth or because they were upholding a few important principles, such as judicial power, equal punishment for all offenders, and the necessity for punks like Parasite to suffer real sanctions for flouting the law and the court. It is disappointing that, as an officer of the court, you are dismissive of the principles involved.

Anonymous said...

Death Pool 2007

Which of the Hollywood Sluts will be the first to kick?

-Lindsay Blohan
-Junkie Nicole Richie
-Parasite Hilton
-Shittany Spears

Post your vote.

My money's on Blohan.

Anonymous said...

Which Hollywood megastar, now cruising on his reputation, is not the father of his latest (and first nonadoptive) child? The actual father is an asian movie stagehand who worked on Mrs. Megastar's last film. Mr. Megarstar's sister, unable to hide Mr. Megastar's preference for rectum, put Mrs. Megastar under contract as Mr. Megastar's third wife after learning that she was with child but without husband. Said asian stagehand agreed to the arrangement as long as he got to name his daughter.

Mrs. Megastar has been fucking the help again, though, and the biological father of her soon to be announced second baby isn't being nearly so cooperative.

Anonymous said...

The answer is:


Anonymous said...

^ No way, I don't believe it...


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