Monday, June 04, 2007

ZX-The Reveal

So the big plan was to go skydiving on Saturday with ZX holding up a sign saying who she was. Unfortunately I got sick and ZX already lost her video. However, I'm getting another copy and will post it as soon as I get it. My plan was to take you step by step through some of ZX's posts, but Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess did it all for me. When she says Editor's note, she is referring to herself and not to me. The only thing she got wrong was the fashion shoot. Although ZX has been revealed, the posts will still be under the label ZX. Yes, she is going to keep posting.

Here is what she had to say--

Heeey! I haven't posted in more than a month because it's soooooo TIME-consuming. But Bionic Bunny e-mailed earlier today to ask me if ZX is KRISTEN BELL(??), so I decided I had to respond...

No "ZX" isn't Kristen Bell. (That would mean that ZX recently starred in a TV series, which she hasn't. There are lots of other reasons, too, but that one eliminates KB right off the bat.)

So who IS ZX?? ....... DOMINIQUE SWAIN!!! Sorry, I know some of you don't want to believe that, but I don't know why. I think DS/ZX has proven to be cool, down-to-earth, warm-hearted and hilarious... Now that I "know" her, I'll probably follow her career forever.

Since I first guessed that ZX was DS (around April 23) I've come across plenty of other evidence that confirms this. Unfortunately, I haven't had the TIME (or inclination) to write down/document each and every "clue" along the way... But sinceZX is about to reveal herself, I figured now is as good a time as any to throw out a quick "laundry list" of reasons why I think she is DOMINIQUE SWAIN. Remember, this list is FAR from complete and some of my "reasons and/or "proof" carry more weight than others... But put them all together and there's just no doubt!

REASONS WHY ZX = Dominique Swain (in no particular order):


Excerpt from April 12 post:

ZX: "I remember when I was younger being called the "bad stripe" because my boobs hadn't grown in yet and I guess the dress looked more flattering on someone full-figured. Just what I needed to hear as an insecure teenager."

Quote from Aug 5, 2002 issue of Variety:

"Dominique Swain got in the spirit by admitting to having made several fashion "don't" lists. " 'Would you look at her,' they say. 'She's wearing the bad stripe.' And then they put some other little perfect model next to me and say, 'See, this is a good stripe. It's far more flattering to her figure.' " ( )

Editor's note: Ummm, I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Why, I bet Amber Tamblyn used the same expression in "People" just the other day!)

2) ZX recently went through a BREAKUP

If you look DS up on or, you'll see that after mid-January, she's always pictured solo (or w/a girlfriend or other platonic type). From Sept. 2006 thru mid-Jan 2007, though, you'll see her posing with some tool/creep named Justin Strock. (I'm sorry, but if the dude dumped DS, he's an idiot!)

Editor's note: Yes, I've officially crossed the line into freak-land... But now that DS/ZX and I are best-est girlfriends, I have to think her ex is a dick, don't I??


Check out pics of DS from earlier this year (examples below). You'll see that she was slightly heavier than usual (not "fat" by a longshot, but we're talking anorexic H-wood standards here, people.)


Oct 2006 (Thin):

Dec. 31, 2006 (Not AS thin):

Jan 3, 2007 (Not AS thin II):

In recent pics, though, she's looking quite thin again, as she alluded to in this APRIL 27 post:

ZX: I was wearing jeans I haven't fit into for nine months and I just breezed them right on this morning without knowing they were the Joe's jeans I WISHED I fit into and could not throw away. My manager called it boyfriend fat."

More photos:

April 14 (Lookin' thin):

May 27 (Lookin' thin II):


From an April 2002 article in "":

"21-year-old 'Lolita' actress says she developed a nasty drug and alcohol habit that nearly totaled her about a year ago. "I got hammered at my boyfriend's birthday party in front of about 150 of our closest friends, and I fell down some stairs," says Swain, who stars in the upcoming "New Best Friend." "I think my reputation was becoming pretty horrible.

"Swain's stint as a good-time girl on the Hollywood scene began as a teenager, when she "had this boyfriend who was physically abusive and sold narcotics," Swain tells interviewer Sean Daly. These days, she's sober. "I don't drink at all anymore."

5) ENT's original description of "ZX"

According to ENT, ZX was:

A) "At 2007 LA fashion week" - See

B) "Has had several films released this year already and has some films coming out later this year as well." - See:

C) "An award winning actress" - See:

D) "Happy in mainstream or indie films" See:

E) "Gorgeous" (Obvious.)

F) "Always willing to speak her mind" (Obvious.)

G) "Incredibly smart" - DS was valedictorian at Malibu High School. See article here ( )

H) "Goes to a fair share of events and premieres" - See quote below, from the same article:

Q: You're frequently out at Hollywood events. Is it something you enjoy doing or do you consider it more for professional purposes?

Swain: I think that it's really healthy to go out and meet people. I don't drink at all anymore because I embarrass myself, but I think that going out and meeting people who you're hoping to work with is really necessary in any field. You get to sit down and chat with people at dinners and go to cocktail parties.


I know that myspace is public, but I'm not going to post any links to the info that I found there...That just feels too invasive to me. However, if you want to find any of this for yourself, it's all "out there"...

FYI: DS's myspace page is set to private. About a month ago, it was still under her own name, but she now goes by a pseudonym. She doesn't post very often, though.

A) The "GOSLING-LESS" Evening

On April 16, ZX reported on the infamous "Ryan Gosling -hunt," which took place on Friday, April 13.

ZX wrote: "We went up to the door [at Parc] and my best friend, who's had a few and had to pee, looks at the bouncer while holding her crotch and says, "We're here for Ryan Gosling. I was so humiliated."

ZX also mentions stopping by a party that night that was "right up my alley. GAMES!" (That was the t-mobile party)

On April 14, one of DS's (funny) friends posted this note to another friend:

"One day we will find us some gosling. I promise you this. For now, would you be a love and send me those gosling-less pictures? All of em, esp the ones with half my face, hooooray! Ps. We need to party with tmobile more often, where else to do you walk in and are immediately greeted by free candy? Is there anything better? well, maybe some free gosling..."

On April 20, one of her sister's friends posted a HILARIOUS picture of a cat on her myspace page (the cat is on its hind legs, cupping its crotch like it's gotta peeee!) , along with this caption:

"We're here for the Gosling party. Please sir, I really need to use the litterbox! meOWWWW"


In her very first post on April 5, ZX wrote:

"lately, the most exciting thing is my shower door falling in on me- while i was taking a bath. safety glass my ass. i bled all over the carpet and my landlord suggested replacing it with a shower curtain, which i thought was a cheap, gauche suggestion."

On April 11, a friend of DS posted this short-but-sweet note on her myspace page:

"You fix that shower yet, doof?"


On May 16, DS's sister Chelse wrote this comment on her other sister's myspace page:

".. and also, would you please dress like an assassin and come to my house on May 26th? Please?"

(FYI: The Assassin party was actually Chelse's birthday party. See )


This pic of ZX's "best friend" hoola-hooping is her sister Chelse, but it wasn't taken during the Assassin party.

How do I know? The SAME photo is posted on Chelse's myspace page.

Here's one LAST little tidbit. This one had me confused for a while, but I'm 99.9% sure I've got it now...

On April 18, ZX/DS wrote about a photo shoot, and posted a few pics.

Here's how ENT prefaced that post:

"Originally, ZX wrote the name of the photographer and the make-up artist, but I deleted them because it would make it too easy to guess ZX."

Hmmmm... could that be because the blonde in the photo is actually her sister Chelse Swain?? (She recently got bangs, and I've seen her make a similar face in other photos.)

I think I'm right.Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!

Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess

P.S. Yes, I realize I have obsessive-compulsive disorder... Now can you see why I've been avoiding this site??


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dominique, from one CD&N frequenter for sharing your thoughts and life with a bunch of strangers. You give hope that all actresses/actors are not spoiled snots.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well, welcome as DS instead of ZX (nice rhyming, by the way...)

Glad to know you will still be posting!

Anonymous said...

Curious Cailyn is amazing! She should be a Private Eye! tgh

Anonymous said...

Hi DS! I didn't know you'd quit drinking- good for you (I have too! 5 yrs now)...looking forward to more posts from ya!

Anonymous said...

Curious Cailyn, I think the FBI would like you to consider a career with them.

Dominique, you are a hell of a good sport, smart, highly entertaining, and have probably gained a lot of new fans/followers of your career in the last few months. Thanks for giving us so much fun and absolutely, PLEASE keep posting!

Anonymous said...

hats off to youda bess! i thought i was obsessive!

and a very warm hats off to ds, a most awesome young lady! now that there's an official face and name with the abbreviation, it will be fun to support your career as well as drop kick anyone who gives you a hard time--although you can more than take care of yourself.

thanks for coming around, and thanks for staying!

Chicky said...

Wow, Cailyn, you really should be a detective! Bravo!!!

I loved ZX, and I guess I now love DS-thanks for entertaining us!

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess - and I'm so glad that ZX/DS is going to keep posting!!

Hez said...

Awesome work, team. As I said on the MB, Cailyn absolutely killed it.

Thrilled to hear the posts will continue. Thanks for all the fun posts so far, ZX/DS. Have a great time in Me-hee-co. Send us a cheesy postcard!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for NOT being Zooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so hoping it was just to throw us off!!!!Love DS!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved DS already. I'm a movie addict. She works a lot. A lot a lot. Awesome blogging! So, who's Miss No Pants? said...

Finally, we know! Thanks for cool and putting up with everything. said...

Being cool, that is.

curious_cailyn said...

Ohmygod, this is embarrassing.

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad my obsessive-compulsiveness re: ZX/DS's identity didn't go to complete waste... I just never expected my meandering post to be used as the "the Big Reveal"(!?) ...I AM happy to hear ZX/DS will keep-on-postin', though!!

I'll be slinking off into the corner now... :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you DS!! You have an awesome personality and we have had a blast reading your posts. Thanks for staying and I look foward to seeing so much more of you. You are a great actress and obviously a great sport.

Anonymous said...

Love the reveal idea! I'm glad to see that DS is ZX. I love the stories, and I'm glad to hear that they are going to keep coming!

I'd like to say "I knew it!" but the truth is that I would have had no idea if everyone (especially Cailyn) hadn't done the research for me.

Anonymous said...

Ha, will this shut all the bitches up? I stopped reading the comments awhile ago because it wasn't fun.

I would have never guessed DS, but this was fun and new. She should be commended for her participation in this experiment.


Anonymous said...

Cailyn - don't be embarrassed, you rocked the playground! If you ran Homeland Security I'd sleep well at night.

Ms. Swain, thank you. I hope you had as much fun as we did, and that you still stop by for the occassional game of jacks.

Anonymous said...

GGA! I've missed you. How's married life?? Been to the Kitty lately?

Anonymous said...

Chalk me up as another vote of thanks to Ms. Swain for sharing such an entertaining slice of her life. I do wish the anonymity had continued awhile longer, but that's the way it goes. I will definitely check out her next film now, whereas before I had absolutely no opinion, postive or negative, about her career. She definitely won another new fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are DS. I just watched Alpha Dog this weekend and thought you were great in it. And I love, love, love Lolita.

Anonymous said...

Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess,

Awesome post on the DS research!!!

I also love that you proved to all the trolls and idiots that ZX is not only real but her posts were TRUE by backing everything up with the myspace comments.

you da best!!! LMAO!!!

with that said:


YEY!!! DS!!
It is great to finally cyber meet you, LOL. How about letting me be a myspace friend?

Glad to know you will continue to post.

Mama Executive said...

I have to say that DS was never on my radar screen before but now she will be b/c she seems to be smarter, funnier, and "more real" than most of the young overexposed actresses out there. Another new fan won by ZX/DS.

Anonymous said...

This is Dad's bags.

Anonymous said...

I hope this whole ZX posting thing totally catapults DS's career. I am really not familiar with her work but I am going to the video store tonight to rent some of her stuff. Hopefully DS can now fill in some of the missing details, like........what pilot did she audition for and would we know the legging girl who got it? How about the name of the movie she's in with the Russian girl, I need to make sure I go see it. What's the scoop on the movie "made: for her.....want to see that too. Keep us informed, I not only think this girl is hilarious, I think she describes stuff in a way ordinary people can relate. That whole Leboutin thing....entirely me....I mean who hasn't purchased something as an in-your-face to some bitchy, bourgeois saleslady? Maybe comedy is DS's thing. I laughed more reading her blog entries than any Mel Brooks film.

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! DS, I am so relieved we didn't scare you off. You're one tough cookie to take criticism from peeps u don't know, but I guess being an actress you learn to roll with the punches.

Your posts are always funny and totally relatable: random throw up in the bath tub, rattlesnakes that turned out to be gopher - good times. Can't wait to read what else you've been up.

It's like you have a bunch of pen pals now. Uh-oh!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for participating in this experiment and being so charming at the same time. Your adventures have been a gas for those of us far from LA. Hopefully, you've enjoyed yourself as well, and will visit Ent from time to time with updates.

Hope your car disasters work out for the best

Anonymous said...

Cailyn..i think you forgot when DS farted between 3:15pm-3:20pm on May 22, 2007.

LOL good work!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was right about the Hula Hoop girl being her sister!That is one thing I did get quickly!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious - I was just reading up on our dear ZX on Wikipedia and came across this: "Swain was born in Santa Monica, California in her father's Green Datsun 260Zx automobile on the Santa Monica Freeway (on the way to the hospital) during the summer of 1980.[citation needed]"

Is that where "ZX" originated? How hysterical and original, I love it!

fo real said...

thats rocks my Monday! great work and thanks for sharing Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess!!!

so cool you will keep on writing! Looking forward to it and seeing yon on the screen

What is the old movies that everyone loves you in? (if it's girl that i totally get it)


ops thanks EL
now we just need to reveal the MV thing!!!

Anonymous said...

(!) wow Curious Cailyn that research sure was extensive! a little bit obsessive I have to say but it's ok... :)

Thanks Zx for staying after you were revealed, I'm looking forward to your future posts.

i'm out, I have to prepare my luggages, I'm off to Russia in less than one week!


Anonymous said...

I'm a total fan forever!

Anonymous said...

DS (I was right)-
You are the best! If I wasn't a married man...

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Welcome officially DS/ZX! I think you are a wonderful actress and your posts crack me up. I'm so glad you are doing this for us. It's a really neat opportunity for us celeb-crazed bloggers to get a taste of what it's REALLY like! I hope you achieve all of your dreams...In the meantime, I'm looking forward to your continued posts. YOU ROCK!!! :)

Anonymous said...

27 years old and still acting like that?

I was hopping for someone younger, not imature.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
27 years old and still acting like that?

I was hopping for someone younger, not imature.

Oh WHATEVER!!!! Keep your judgemetal opinions to yourself. I like to see you post your life and have us all comment on it. Would you be able to handle it?

Anonymous said...

Damn Youda... that's some investigating. Great work.

Dominique, I'm glad you're going to continue to post. You're a bundle of fun and I'm now hoping you're on the big screen more. :o)

Anonymous said...

DS welcome! I am thoroughly RELIEVED that you are going to continue posting, since you have become a "girlfriend in my head" (if you've heard the expression).

NO, I'm not psycho.

At least not right now, anyway.

I knew it was you when I read the "DS was born in the back of a Datsun ZX" post on the message board. Very clever!

Ignore the crackhead trolls who like to post mean things. Anonymity brings out the bully in some people.


P.S. - Anonymous 1:22PM, please help yourself to the STFU buffet.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The pic EL posted at the top of this reveal... when was that taken? Your arms look great Dominique!

Anonymous said...

Curious Cailyn that was amazing.

DS - welcome. I still want to know about the dress/shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Dominique! I just wanted to say, I knew it was you! Not that anyone here will believe anyone that said "I knew it" but stil, I feel quite proud of myself! And I'm so glad you are still posting!

GREAT research, Youda by the way!

One question though - Ent said he chose the letters "ZX" 'cause he liked them, but was it really because of the reference to the car you were born in? That one has been bugging me for a while!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyn! Thanks for the shout out :)

Anonymous said...

awww, how sweet! so happy zx turned out to be ds. what a fun time we've had with her blogging! so glad she's going to continue posting. and wow, cailyn, have you considered turning pro? amazing.

i swear this is my fave blog ever.

Anonymous said...

wow Cailyn, truly impressive. i hear NSA is hiring...

hi Dominique. i'm not familiar with your work, yet. i'm really glad you'll continue to post. have fun in mexico, and eats muchos burritos (i would kill to have a single decent burrito here in france. damn frenchies, creme fraiche, raw egg, and potato slices wrapped in a crepe does NOT constitute a burrito!) just don't drink the water, i hear lying on a cool tile floor isn't exactly fun...

now, if anyone needs me, it's time to dl everything DS has ever been in. Starting with Lolita. i loove that book. if i can't type coherently tomorrow, you'll all know it's because i'm drooling all over the keyboard, suffering from sleep deprivation: all night movie marathon! yay!

Anonymous said...

Wait were you the crying,bitchy one from Alpha Dog? I really wanted to smack the shit out of her..all judgy. lol good job..great movie.

Anonymous said...

Who is dominique swain? that chick up there NEEDS BOTOX BAD.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dominique!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I have loved DS since I first saw her in Girl (It was a favorite book of mine when I was younger). So glad you're here!

Anonymous said...

Dominique, I just saw you in "Dead Mary" I liked it a lot. It wasn't your typical horror film, and it actually had some scary parts in it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being such a good sport Dominique! Your posts have always been entertaining. Nice to put a face with the 'voice'.

Now if only you could let us in on all the clues in the posts. Like the magazines you did the interviews/photo shoot for, the pilot you auditioned for, the movies etc. I have been dying to know who no pants is!


Anonymous said...

DS, I'm not familiar with your work, but I've really enjoyed your posts. From now on, you know I'll be checking out your movies.

I hope the blogging helps your career.

Thanks for opening up your world to us and letting us see you as a normal person.

Please ignore all the negative posts. Some people are just unhappy and want to pull others down to their level.

-Miss X

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are going to keep blogging for us Dominique. I love your posts. Thank you so much for letting us into your life. I think its really fun getting to see what its really like to be an actress, instead of the warped version we see in the tabloids.

Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess, I agree with what everyone else is saying about how you should be a detective. You did an awesome job investigating.


Anonymous said...

I'm a first time commenter, but I read this blog every day! I've loved all of ZX's posts and I'm so glad that DS decided to share her life with us AND continue posting even after the reveal. I'm so adding your movies to my Blockbuster queue!

Anonymous said...

Yay, DS!!!!
Glad to hear you're staying around, you're really entertaining. A horrible driver, but entertaining. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dominique! I'm so glad your going to continue to post. I love your stories and it's one of the main reasons I come here now.

Anonymous said...

It has been so extremely kind of you to let us all into a fraction of your life. I can't thank you enough for that.

Anonymous said...

"Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess, I agree with what everyone else is saying about how you should be a detective. You did an awesome job investigating."

Agreed. Look into a career in Forensics...nursing, accounting, anything!

Anonymous said...

Yay, add me as another who will be blockbustering her movies! I love the ZX posts!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I loved DS in "Girl" when I was younger! Many, many thanks to both DS and Ent for their creativity and originality. I adore you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh ahahahaha, I know Justin Strock! He *is* a bit of a dick!

Anonymous said...

thanx Ent and DS
how refreshing and exciting this blog is...
ignore the impolite troll... theres one in every crowd (i am sure it has been the same one all along)

Anonymous said...

These guys also solved it with these clues (diff. from the reveal)

Julie said...

I wonder if DS reads this...and if you do? When is All In coming out? I can't wait to see you and Michael Madsen in another movie (and together, two of my faves on one screen!)
Tart is one of my favorite movies ever. The Alice in Wonderland statue was my favorite place in Manhattan when I lived in ny.

Anonymous said...

So ZX is a character written by Dominique Swain. Need to see that in print from Ent, THOSE WORDS. Curious Cailyn/Youda Bess did the "reveal" but there are still no actual words from Ent stating "Dominique Swain wrote these posts, ZX is Dominique Swain". Really simple statement, no conspiracy theory. Just looking for more than a "lost video and ZX will post under ZX" and attaching someone else's email. Not a troll, just wondering when that simple statement from either Dominique or Ent will be coming.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am still skeptical. I'd like to hear it from Dominique herself as well.

Also, does anyone else find all of the ass kissery going on here nauseating?

Come on people, she's just an actress. She's not the Dalai Lama.

Anonymous said...

Yes a post from Dominique Swain saying she is ZX. Simple, no excuses accepted, it's the only way & gets rid of all doubts and skeptics. Should be easy but I expect there will be a huge outcry and since it is so simple, I can't see why this shouldn't happen today.

Anonymous said...

Ok OK I give up this shit is not funny. Who the fuck is DOMINIQUE SWAIN????????????????????

I thought the chick in the picture was that Biqou Phillips girl.


Anonymous said...

The pic is Dominique Swain but I guess I would have to say it's NOT her posting unless there is a post FROM her saying so, that she is ZX. Weird now that I look at the "reveal" but nowhere does it say that, from either DS or Ent. Hard to believe an actress w/ her creds would need PR so bad to blog like that.

Anonymous said...

My guess would be that people could get into a LOT of trouble for posting/writing using Ms. Swain's name without her permission. So that's why there's no "official" post from her or an outright staement from the writers of this blog. I will gladly eat my words and do a big I'm sorry when and IF there is ever a statement from Ms. Swain herself that SHE IS ZX. Otherwise it's just another fictional piece from the writers here as so clearly stated on the bottom of every page. "A product of the author's imagination." Nothing wrong with fiction, but I like my truths straight up & no bs.

Anonymous said...

RELAX everybody... I'm sure we're going to hear from Dominique/ZX soon. (She just left for Mexico yesterday - give her a minute!)

RE: "confirmation" from Ent, we already have it. Just yesterday he wrote: "The ONLY thing she [Cailyn/Youda] got wrong was the photo shoot." IOW, everything else was RIGHT, including ZX's identity.

Ent likes to "tease" us, but he's never out-and-out LIED before. If ZX turns out not to be Dominique, then he's purposely misled/lied to us for the FIRST time...Why would he want to lose credibility like that?

Besides, if he'd played it straight & written the words: "ZX IS DOMINIQUE SWAIN. Love & Kisses, ENT!", he'd miss out on the fun of watching all the conspiracy theorists get to work!

Anonymous said...

Seems fishy to me. Ent gets sick the weekend they were supposed to do the big reveal, ZX 'happens' to lose the tape of her revealing herself...

I dunno...I'd like a confirmation from DS on a seperate site (like her myspace or something) confirming this.

curious_cailyn said...

FYI: Dominique's sister posted this poem on her myspace page on Sunday...


Brilliant Idea! I'm going to fly. I'll leap out of this plane and into the sky!

Not quite my thoughts as I'm pushed towards the door. It's more "What the HELL am I doing this for???"

So here I am perched on the side of the plane thinking that I am completely insane

I can't really describe the way that I feel, except I'm not me and this just isn't real.

My hands are pried loose. Down I plunge toward the street, and what's in between? 13,000 feet.

I feel tiny and great, and I'm going to die. But if this is it, it's an awesome goodbye.

The world is spread out. Breathtaking and grand, there are mountains and oceans and miles of land.

Everything has it's place, and my place is right here between heaven and earth and there's nothing to fear.

And now it is time for my shoot to release, for the ride to slow down, the free falling to cease.

It is done, I've survived. I can barely speak, except mumble "amazing" and "Let's come back next week."

Today was a day! and now that it's through! What a time! What a day! It's the day that I flew.


Hez said...

If ZX isn't DS, why the hell would DS send a cheerful reply to a MySpace message from a complete stranger named "Hez" and subsequently add me as a MySpace friend? Cuz that's what she did.

That happened a full twelve hours before Ent's reveal, by the way. All thanks to Cailyn's tips.

Not sayin, just sayin.

Some of you people need to chill the eff out and stop looking a gift blogger in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

I'm with those who want a very SIMPLE confirmation FROM DOMINIQUE SWAIN saying she's ZX and wrote those posts. Not hard or difficult if it's the truth and I really could give two sh**s about if someone is lying for the first time, email from a MySpace account, whatever. Let's face it, true she posts as Dominique Swain. Just sayin. No conspiracy, just chillin and waiting.

Anonymous said...

How many people and/or celebs have been victims of MySpace hackers, false accounts, etc. There's someone in the news (TMZ) again today with a MySpace account being scammed in someone else's name. And for the record Ent writer did not post that "ZX is Dominique Swain" and that's the bottom line isn't it? Show me the money!

Hez said...

::Rolls eyes:: Nothing is ever good enough for you ungrateful anons. You'd probably complain that a certain painting of a starry night doesn't look exactly like a photograph.

I grow increasingly fatigued of your pointless and argumentative skepticism. Want her to come to your house and barf in your tub or something? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

The anons have a point. Calling people ungrateful for asking for a simple clear statement strikes me as unreasonable. I don't sign anything unless it's all spelled out in real life either. A post from Dominique Swain saying she's ZX should be easy at this point and would dispel any skepticism. Who knows why it wasn't worded that way before? Who cares? Just a post of confirmation from the actress herself shouldn't be such a big deal if it's true.

Anonymous said...

Will Ferrel is ZX

Anonymous said...

I get such a kick out of reading the insane comments here. Not sure I'd go so far as 7:43 to say the "ass kissery" makes me nauseous but really, lighten up. A conspiracy theory is at work when people ask for a confirmation from the actress "revealed" as writing the ZX posts? A conspiracy to have her say what YOU say she's already said? Jeez the calamity and the horror of it all, poor ZX. Reminds me of my college roomate and the incredible excuses and bald faced lies he told to all his women he dated who called him out on his cattin' around. It was entertaining as hell but sad to see all those supposedly smart ladies fall for such obvious BS. ZX is either Dominique Swain or not: simple statement from HER clears up any doubts asily.

Anonymous said...

Why is Hez always the watchdog, first on the scene to sarcastically belittle anyone who questions anything about this site? Maybe we are "fatiqued" by her everpresent unnecessarily hostile attacks on people (and c'mon, this "anonymous" bullshit is so juvenile - everyone is anonymous, whether they use a name or not). Is this Hez's site? Then STFU, (as the vulgar Pinky always says). You got a problem with it? No one cares, loser! Stick it up your ass! (That's an example of how diehards like Pinky, Hez, et al. write - so classy and civil, isn't it?

The request to have Dominique Swain verify she wrote those posts as ZX is hardly "pointless" or "argumentative." It is true, if you look closely at it, that never is there a direct confirmation from the blog writer that ZX is Dominique Swain. Ent only says that he was going to go through "ZX's" posts but that other commenter already did - that means nothing.

If it so obviously is her, why doesn't she say it? Why is her last comment so vague if she knew she was revealed - could it be because the blog writer can't go so far as to write in her name?

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy to have her say what YOU say she's already said? Classic. If it's her she'll post with an unequivocal "hey ZX is me Dominique Swain". She can even paste my words and I'll be the first to say I'm wrong. But if Hez is right & this is just an IMPRESSION of an actress named Dominique Swain I guess we won't get that.

Anonymous said...

Net laws on impersonation are vague but I would guess there's some scam & this is NOT Dominique Swain writing as ZX. How sad for her if it is though, come on she's reached the low of drumming up fans by writing those posts?

Anonymous said...

I think Hez either runs or contributes to this blog.

I think that many of the comments are written by the blog writers/Hez to support whatever they are trying to do (some of this stuff makes you smile, but nothing is so hilarious that multiple commenters would write such effusive and adoring comments over and over). It all reeks of Hez's humour, esp. ZX.

Now for that irritating phrase: Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Bravo, LC, bravo! Maybe Hez was trying to say this was all an impression (juxtaposing a painting with a photograph?). Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time!

Even if it is DS, who cares?! Angelina Jolie she's not.

Why is reading about her life any different than reading about Joe Shmoe's? Because she acts? Because she has 'connections'? Because if you all tell her how wonderful she is, MAYBE she'll invite you to go skydiving with her? A brush with (questionable) fame?

If you ask me, it doesn't matter WHO it is.

Regardless, Ent has won because this is a huge deal and whether it's fake or not, the hits are still WAY up.

Isn't that the bottom line?

Anonymous said...

Sigh... This place used to be FUN.

Can't we all just get along???... Please??

Anonymous said...

I'm firmly in the ZX is fake as is the "lawyer" camp. 2:34 I think you're right about the hits being the bottom line for the writers here. Someone's hoping for enough PR to be generated so they'll be noticed. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the unbelievably affected writers here)for them this is apparently the reality TV, Access Hollywood & People magazine crowd. There's no Lonelygirl15 or controversy or suspense to engage large numbers & the material doesn't bear close scrutiny. I think it's safe to say that it's only a huge deal to a few fans, this is not sparking heated discussion across the Web gossip world. Bad writing, lifting others' bonafide material w/o crediting, obvious BS mistakes, made up blinds etc etc etc. made this site obviously fake months ago. I hope this IS for a sociology thesis though and not just a blatant scam for all those gullible "believers" out there

Hez said...

I meant just because the "reveal" didn't come in exactly the form you expected doesn't mean it's not a reveal. I'm satisfied it's DS, and I'm sure she'll confirm it for all the conspiracy theorists out there when she gets back from Mexico (if Mexico even EXISTS!).

Why such self-styled braniacs would deign to post on this "obviously fake" site will always be a complete bafflement. If this is material for a thesis, it could just as easily be said that some of you are obviously writing one on Party Pooping and Parade Day Rain. Either that or you think our poor gullible little minds need "enlightening" by your magnanimous display of common sense.

God bless your spirit of intellectual charity.

Anonymous said...

No 1:47 unfortunately I think that comment was meant to be a sarcastic put down to those "who would dare question the great Oz". Is the ZX thing an "impression" of Dominique Swain actress and not actually her? Yes that is what I believe the tap dancing indicates.

Anonymous said...

"Why such self-styled braniacs would deign to post on this "obviously fake" site will always be a complete bafflement." Well Hez thanks for the compliment as YOU are the one who has deemed those who disagree "brainiacs". No self styling there at all. Your arguments don't work or hold up when you must resort to childish name calling and insults. Refuge of the mediocre at best. That's as charitable as I get with bullies. Perhaps a little less self involvment and attachment to being "right" or having the last word might actually get you some intellectual charity as you surely need some.

Anonymous said...

A truth is a truth. WTF '"reveal" didn't come in exactly the form you expected doesn't mean it's not a reveal'? Bulls**t plain & simple. Either Dominique Swain wrote the posts or she didn't.

Anonymous said...

Dominique Swain...I knew it!

I totally loved her in "The Smokers"

Anonymous said...

If this ZX thing is a fake, in a way "ent lawyer" is brilliant. Think about it: If Dominique Swain would try to sue for impersonating her, he can point out that it was one of his message board members who said ZX was Dominique. All he did was post a picture of her. The only one he ever wrote about was ZX and ZX never said she was Dominique or even hinted about it (he never wrote Dominique's name and neither did his ZX character).

Let us all bicker around about it and "Ent" will ignore it (like he always does) and let "Hez" and the devoted argue with the people who question the veracity of the reveal. I bet the supposed video tape never surfaces.

I have to hand it to them, it's pretty clever, just more transparent than they probably expected!

Anonymous said...

Exactly 5:05! Very transparent tap dancing with no liability but I disagree that it's "brilliant". Just planned in advance, not very clever, more like an experienced liar covering the bases. THERE WILL BE NO VIDEO OR POST FROM DOMINIQUE SWAIN SAYING SHE IS ZX. Not a conspiracy just a fact. The reveals all have that not worth suing about flavor to them. There have been some glaring errors the "lawyer" made but my favorite has got to be the celebrity actress/singer who pushed a dancing "A List" model off a stage in a club. The "reveal": Paris Hilton & "Serinda Swan". yeah that's right, who the f**k is she? Turns out the Z lister worked for the same company as Hez and when confronted on the message board w/ that by another poster, Hez got "scared" for her safety. Ranks right up there with the Johnny Depp Tijuana hooker bus for believability. The message board is classic crazy, you've got to check it out for laughs.

Anonymous said...

OK to paraphrase another "regular": you've nailed it 5:05 we all agree, it's fake. If you take the time to go back & investigate the reveals the way that some posters make real life fit the BIs it DOES WORK. If it's Dominique Swain we'll see corroboration specifically saying she is ZX and also on a reputable site at the minimum. If not, can't refute logic with just insults at this point. Serinda Swan is funny, magicoxymoron! I also loved the Louboutins & Parc deal, that really cinched it for my buds and coworkers. Totally not real life even for an " ditzy actress". Sounds like someone drinking & blogging in a small town, no?

Anonymous said...

Is there a geographical divide here with posters? Sounds like small townies vs. more sophisticated city dwellers to me. The gushers are defintiely the naive but sincere and the "doubters" have witnessed a three card monte game on the street whilst going to the head of the line at the Waverly.

Anonymous said...

Wow I read all these "knowledgeable" comments and I'm floored that you ALL have such intimate access to celebrity thoughts, actions and motives from just watching TV, reading blogs and looking at pictures. Must be nice to play God and "KNOW" these judgements to be infallible truths. Can I have a little of what you're smoking/snorting/drinking to help me be as wise about people I don't know and will never meet? This site is fiction and I need the serious Kool Aid you are all drinking to believe any these "lawyer" items could be true. Please? I'll take you sky diving.

Anonymous said...

You are reading this in Mexico, Dominique? Excellent! Could you email Ent. and tell him you need to show all these doubters? Tell him that you were angry and kind of lashed out in frustration, but that still, these people can say that it could have been ANYONE writing that comment in your name, of course, and that it still would never be linked to Ent. (because anyone could have claimed to be you, not just him). Tell him the only way to shut up those stupid know-it-alls is to have him post that "Dominique Swain, the actress, has been posting on this site as ZX". That's the only way to show them.
P.S. You sound like Hez when you get angry! Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, and FIND that copy of the video of you revealing yourself as ZX! How did you lose that anyway, silly! LOLROFLMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee, you guys are funny! And whomever it was up there that gave me the vulgar shout out, *blush* thanks! Can you believe I actually forgot to put that on my resume, but it's all good now. Thanks again! You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

City dweller-

"This site is fiction and I need the serious Kool Aid you are all drinking to believe any these "lawyer" items could be true. Please? I'll take you sky diving." -Dominique Swain aka ZX

New conspiracy time........ So is this the real DS chiming in to say "Ent" is full of it? Is this one of those "nasty" anons logging in as DS to prove a point? Personally, I think it is #2, BUT agree that the site is fake. I will give the author(s) credit, though. She/They are much more convincing as a 20 something actress (assuming ZX is also a creation) than she/they are impersonating a 30 something MALE attorney. Hmmm, convincing female characters (AP,ZX,LG) + extremely unconvincing male character (catty fashoin commentary) usually equals female writer. I have a suggestion for the site's author. "ZX" should take over the blog from "Ent". Maybe it would be a more believable sell.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the DSakaZX post is probably someone other than DS. If you beleive that it is DS than you also have to conclude that she says EL is making everything up. So I don't think that is the real DS. That being said, I also don't think EL is a guy, let alone an attorney. Other people have said it before, but I also don't know ANY men who spend their time posting snarky comments about women's fashion and regurgitating girlie gossip and rumors from other gossip sites. I also don't know any guy who gets his panties in a bunch about negative comments, then calls his FEMALE friends at 3am to ask for their advice. Also, I haven't read the site for too long, but does this "guy" have ANY guy friends? The only other guy I have ever seen him mention is his caricature of a boss. Granted I haven't been reading for all that long, so I could be wrong. I also think that it is a good idea for EL to pass the site on to ZX. At least the site will seem more realistic.

Anonymous said...

If ZX isn't Dominique Swain, well...they certainly share some amazingly similar interests!

Check out the latest photo on the CDAN Message Board:

Anonymous said...

More Proof-
I bet Hez hacked Ds's sister's site, photoshopped their heads onto a picture of skydivers... Don't you see the sun angles on their faces don't match? DARN HER! Hehehe... That being said, I would be very suprised if Ent is not only male, but also an attorney. No offense to Entie, but this site does not read like a man's writing. It reads like a woman pretending to be a man.... Blah blah blah, oh my god that dress is just terrible. Look at her hair. (oh yeah, man, man, man) ummmmm I'd still go out with her if only I wasn't old and fat. Also, I can't remember the last post that sounded like someone who has graduated form law school and passed the bar. I know a lot of attorneys and every one of them swear that law school changes you. You are retrained how to think, speak, write and view the world. You can't turn it on and off. But of course, I don't know DS or Ent so I could be totally wrong. He could very well be the most efeminate, snarky, bitchy straight man who passed law school yet doesn't think like an attorney. Unlike most of the anons and regulars on this site, I'm not invested enough in this site to care either way.

Anonymous said...

Where the f**k is that video? I wouldn't trust MySpace accounts as the official "confirmation" of anything. Too easy to get into ( just a password) & it sounds like maybe this is one of the ways the writers here have decided to use to make you believe Dominique Swain would blog here. I know someone (model) who found out about a fake MySpace set up with her name, pictures (yes some photoshopped), email, personal info & convincing details that fooled many, even her sister ( just once though)! It was a nightmare for her, an obsessive ex who was out to ruin her reputation when she split up with him. Apparently it's not that hard, but they did eventually get it shut down (over a month to do that)& he started another one with a nickname! I think he had a total of four email addressess with her name he set up and various other accounts around the Net. I think ZX is a scam and certainly not Dominique Swain.

Anonymous said...

None of the "evidence" here would be allowed in a courtroom. Belief & faith are not enough. I'd have to see an "official" release from Dominique Swain on a site other than here, emails or Myspace to buy any of this. Were you folks on the OJ jury?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that it's YOU folks who belong on the OJ jury... NO common sense!

1 + 1 = 2, people... Or, do you need to see a neon "2" flashing on a calculator screen before you can REALLY be sure???

Clear-thinking, LOGICAL-minded people are able to put multiple facts/ pieces of evidence together and come to a reasonable, intelligent conclusion ALL ON THEIR OWN. Outside confirmation is always welcome (and, in this case, will no doubt come), but that doesn't change the fact that the conclusion is already foregone.

So, when Ent finally decides he's had enough FUN watching you spout off all your "ZX is a scam!" nonsense, I presume you'll ALL be back to acknowledge that you were wrong, right?? (...If I WERE a member of the O.J. jury, I might actually believe that!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hez I assume this is your writing: Clear-thinking, LOGICAL-minded people are NOT the regulars here 1:30. The author(s)here have danced around actually naming, showing and/or proving anything. What you have is just enough to not get sued because there is no name or picture and NEVER will be. There is zero evidence, NONE, that Dominique Swain is writing the ZX blog. You have couple of third/fourth/ninth party emails & picture "clues" & you consider that confirmation? You have a bunch of "regulars" & writers who try to spin nothing into something and attack anyone who doesn't agree. I will gladly be the first to post here & on my website that I was mistaken when that ZX "video" & Dominique Swain offical press release comes out publicly on a reputable site other than here.

Anonymous said...

When and where are the pictures from the photo shoot with "the pool" coming out? I would think those would shut up even the most stubborn doubters, right? Let me guess, Hez isn't done photoshopping those?

Anonymous said...

By the way, the comment about Hez not being finished photoshopping the pool photos was meant sarcasticly (have to spell it out for some).

Hez said...

I sign with my name, so that wasn't me at 1:30. And the only thing worse than my skill at convincing you is my skill at Photoshop. Many enviable talents, but sadly, graphics are not among them. I'm sure you're disappointed.

But Ent posted today on the MB that the magazine shoot's photographer was named Ash, and the makeup artist was Lauren. I don't know anything more about it than that.

Anonymous said...

Crickets.......... crickets.......... Nothing in 2 weeks? Is DS still in Mexico? I should totally change professions. I would love to be able to take off to Mexico for 2 weeks. Whether ZX/DS is real or fake, I'm envious of actors. Being a professional sounds great (the paycheck looks nice) but the 2 weeks of vacation a year BLOWS!

Madras said...
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