Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Photos Part 1

What does this remind me of...

"I'll buy you a drink, but you have to promise no knives."
Please for the love of everything holy. Make it stop. She must be selling these damn things somewhere.
When does she ever find time to spend with her "kids?"
Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller on the set of their new movie.
Win Miss Universe and the next thing you know you are opening shoe stores.


Anonymous said...

Who is the first guy pictured? said...

My thing is...WHICH "thing" is Kim Stewart selling? There's so many things to choose from in that ensemble.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Wilmer Valerrama.

And it reminds me more of The Wizard of Oz than Saturday Night Fever.

Monkey's Mom

Anonymous said...

I think it is Wilmer Valderrama, but he's sporting the Ashton Kutcher look. Maybe he's trying to reel in Rumer with his Fez love.

Bix said...

The Stayin' Alive was funny.

Hez said...

Kimbo is wearing the WORST.SHOES.EVER.

And the whole outfit is a mess, so to single out one item must really mean it's terrible.

Anonymous said...

i am soooo sick of that damn posh, she's everywhere. i can't even take a shit without her looking over my shoulder:)

those shoes are horrendous..


Anonymous said...

agree Hez..she's supposed to be a clothing desgner??? She can't even design herself a life.


Anonymous said...

Hez, I thought the same effin thing about her shoes. Are they boots with front cut off? Is it a leather jacket that she customed fit to her feet? She's a hot mess!

My thing is, you know she asked someone how she looked before she left the house and they probably said fine. No wonder teen stars are jaded, this is where it begins.


Stacy said...

A definite upgrade for Jen Anniston. I'd hit that piece too...hard.

Anonymous said...

Does Victoria Beckham own a MIRROR??? I have NEVER seen that woman look even halfway decent!! She's got that Oompa Loompa tan and that dopey haircut and one of the worst sets of fake boobs ever. She could walk into Walmart and find a better outfit! Jeesh!



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