Monday, March 24, 2008

You Can Call Me Hans

On Saturday night I was supposed to go to this Young Hollywood party. However, I wasn't feeling really young, and so decided to not be the guy who goes to try and make himself feel young or to pick up women who are less than half your age. Hello Bill Maher. Yes, he was there. The oldest in the crowd by about a decade.

At one point I had wanted to go because I had planned on playing a game that I really enjoy but had not played in awhile. I was going to go to the party as Hans. A portly banker from Germany complete with German accent and some German vocabulary thrown in for good measure. I was going to get drunk off my ass and introduce everyone to my exchange student companion. Lots of people play similar games when they go to bars or such, but in this game, you know in advance what you are going to do and stick with it no matter what.

I used to play the game all the time. Back in the day, I was friends with an A lister. Not like best man at a wedding friends, but before he hit it big with one really huge movie, he would go out often and about a third of the time he would drag me along. To be dragged along you had to be committed to the game. Although our Academy Award nominated actor had not had the huge hit at the time, he was known and was recognized not so much by name, but as, "hey aren't you the guy who was in... you were so good." This actor is an incredible actor, and he felt that to enjoy going out, you needed to be able to truly let go which was not possible if you were trying to protect your brand such as it is, and so came up with these elaborate characters. This was truly method acting.

When he decided to portray a stockbroker with a serious coke habit, he spent the entire party shoving what looked like coke up his nose like it was the last coke on earth. This party just happened to be right after he had just got some of the best reviews in his career, and I don't know if he consciously or unconsciously chose a character that would really allow him to forget for a night, or what. The thing is that even though he sucked up a ton of coke that night, it was the only time I ever saw him doing it. He just really got into these characters.

There was one party where he looked someone who just walked off a 70's porn set down to the polyester pants, open shirt, gold medallion, and Tom Selleck mustache. It was like a Halloween costume, but he bet everyone he knew that he would find at least one woman who would actually go home with him. He did better than that and actually had two women almost coming to blows over this guy because they both wanted to go home with him.

As he became more well known it was harder to get away with doing them because no matter what he did, or what role he took on, invariably someone would recognize him and ask him what he was doing and at that point he would just go home. I know when he had his huge blockbuster, he was professionally happy, but it effectively put an end to his theater within a party that he loved so much and didn't give him an outlet to really just let go and be whoever he wanted to be for just a night. Now, he just hangs out at home with a friend or two and his current girlfriend of the day, but whenever I am at a party and see someone who clearly does not belong or is way over the top, I always look really closely to see if maybe he has decided to give it one more shot.


Jesse D said...

Your stories are my favorite part of this blog. As for who this "actor" cat is? No clue.

Anonymous said...

Peter Sarsgaard?
Academy award nominated, played a stockbroker in Empire and had several big hit movie credits before that. also he is unmarried, I believe.

jax said...

nice to meet you Hans.
I'm Rebecca from Colorado Springs. Colarado. me lots of free drinks in my youth.

Anonymous said...

Keanu Reeves was the first thing that came to mind.

However, with Ent having known the Mexican guy, and all the supposed links to Texas..

Matthew McConaghey? I just wouldn't call him a great actor... heck neither Keanu. I'm way off base, right?

OG Gossipmonger said...

well, first off, keanu & matthew, while popular, are not academy award nominated.

Stephe96 said...

Totally reminds me of Alfred Molina in "Boogie Nights"...but I don't know if he's considered A-list.

takeme2espana said...

Doubt Matthew, he still goes out and about as worries, just good fun. Loves his Scotch though ;)

YahMoBThere said...

Kitty, when was Peter S. nominated for an Academy Award? I'm not finding that on imdb.

YahMoBThere said...

Matthew M. hasn't been nominated for an Academy Award, has he?

CarolMR said...

Ha! Funny comment about Bill Maher. Aren't most women repulsed by him? How does he get such young girls?

YahMoBThere said...

Hey Carol, I meant to say something about that. Is he the answer to a blind, ya think?

CarolMR said...

twisted sister: Good catch! Yes, maybe he is. I would think he could probably be the answer to a few blinds! I really don't like the guy...

Ask A Hooker said...

Hm is Leo DiCaprio Academy Award nominated? Gilbert Grape, Titanic....

LRS said...

My guess -- Ed Norton (nominated for American History X)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the keanu/mcconaghey thing.. missed the academy award comment.

Leo would be a good guess. "Hey, weren't you the adopted kid on Growing Pains".

captivagrl said...

johnny depp

YahMoBThere said...

I just think this could be any number of AA nominees. I wish we would have gotten another hint or two.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Viggo Mortensen. Twisted is right though - need a few more hints.

wineaux said...

phillip seymour hoffman??

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone remember the old MV blind about the woman who sings for a multi-album superstar

Henry Rollins says Britney Spears can't even sing on her albums.
From the Article"They have the black chick come in and sing, and Britney sings over it, and they mix them together," said Rollins, who has his own talk show on IFC. "(Britney) gets her phrasing basically from this older R&B woman. I found that out talking to an engineer. "Britney apparently isn't actually the worst singer, she just has no feel. So they bring in this older black woman who sings the song, then Britney sings to it, and they kind of make a mix of the two voices, and that's what you hear on the records."

link88 said...

Could be Leo...except Ent is a little "long in the tooth" to be hanging out with him prior to his popularity from years ago, doncha' think? Ent would have been in law school in Texas, managing bands in his free time, I believe.

Hey Jax! Say hi to "Just saying" for me! Isn't switching your information for each of you to comment a big pain? This is the first post I read of the day so I don't know if she has posted today or not, I'll have to read down. Does she ever get mad that you don't let her use the computer for work stuff? What is your occupation, anyway, where you share a computer? Could you put her on to say something? You two must be Ent's biggest fans!

kregger said...

Billy Bob Thornton (nominated for Best Actor for "Sling Blade," his HUGE hit that made him famous)...a method actor if there ever was one.

And the description fits.

Mother Campfire said...

Love how you're totally selling out your friend.

Maven said...

Many singers get their voice "layered" and mixed. It's not unusual but in this case, also not true.

Britney use to be a decent singer when she first came on the scene. She had a much deeper voice (lower alto) when they were shopping around her demos. In fact, her main demo was a cover of a never released Toni Braxton song.

Once she was signed and put into the studio to record her debut album, they started looking for a specific "sound" and that where her nasaley delivery was formed. It was meant to be instantly recognizable.

Now I've been told she doesn't sing anywhere near as well as she use to be able to... became very vocally lazy, especially in the studio (don't get me wrong... she was never a power singer), which is why her songs are extremely heavy on the multiple voice choruses and why most of her verses are sung with harmonies underneath the lead... but the harmonies are also sung by her.

It's a way to make the "voice" sound fuller.

I'm not a Britney fan nor am I a studio/vocal genius but I did date Larry Rudolph for a quick minute.

Kory said...

DNfromMN: Don't feel bad, as I was reading it Keanu came to mind as well, but that's because I have a dirty mind.

I also thought this sounds like Clooney, but he an award-winning actor.

How about Woody Harrelson? He was the guy on Cheers, then hit it big with either The People Vs. Larry Flint or Natural Born Killers.

Another guess Robert Downey Jr.

Kory said...

I retract RDJ because there is no way in hell that RDJ only did coke once.

duffgrl said...


BTW what is that Staci comment about-how does it relate to the BI? Why would you even admit you dated Larry Rudolph?

RagDoll said...

I'm going with Billy Bob Thornton, too. Captiva, I sooooo want it to be Johnny Depp. I'm hung up on the way it's written, though.

About the "singer" form MV being Britney: was one of the clues from that BI the fact that MV hadn't gone on tour? Britney toured extensively, pretty much from the get-go.

YahMoBThere said...

Duffgirl, see DNFromMN's post from 1:55, and you'll see that Staci is commenting on that. ;-)

DN, I remember that one. It was the first blind item I read here.
If we find out the older black woman has or had breast cancer, I think you've got another winner.

Ellen said...

ralph fiennes?

nah, can't be...

RagDoll said...

Forgot to add: Remember the more recent "singer" BI? About the high-profile singer who had lots of high-profile (and hetero) romances, who is now involved romantically with a female? Mariah Carey and DaBrat were in some out n' about type pics recently. I wish i could remember which website...

YahMoBThere said...

Ragdoll - good catch!! In doing a quick google, I found:

Unknown said...

heather - i thought of p.s.h. right away!

junglekitten said...

Ryan Gosling??????? Or is he on the young side???????

rysanekfreak said...

Unless Ent has a different definition for "huge blockbuster," few of the offered films (Sling Blade, Capote) would apply.

I was thinking Gary Busey (Buddy Holly) until the movie was referred to as his huge blockbuster.

jax said...

Trent i don't need to hide behind another users account to tell you to fuck off.
see i just did it.
get a life man.

Unknown said...

whoa-ho-hooooo, TrentB you hit a wrong note with Ms. Jax today. Better step off.

Love the Woody Harrelson guess.

Mr. Pitt would be hilarity as well.

Miss X said...

My first thought was Leo Dicaprio.

link88 said...

Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar. Maybe it's him. Although I can't see two women wanting to go home with him.

Someone told me they heard one of Bill Maher's ex-girlfriends on Howard Stern, and she said that he is extremely well-endowed. The man does seem to have a lot of confidence!

It would have to be someone currently in their mid to late thirties or older, to be inviting Ent to hang out what sounds like a while ago. Not married and always dating, with no history or a serious coke problem. Hmmm.

Jax, ask Susan/Just Saying what she thinks - you are in Vancouver so still at work right now, right? In case no one knows what I am talking about, Jax had a funny slip up Friday where she posted an answer under "Just Saying"'s name, and then she admitted that she and JS share a computer and both read the blog at work, hence the mix up! I gave her a hard time about it, but sure, that can happen to anyone!

RagDoll said...

DiCaprio can kinda fit, too. He's about 35 at present, right? So if he was, like 21 at the time, Ent might have been 33? 34? I can see a 21 year old dude in the same circle of friends as some early 30's men.

He and Depp, though...I'm having a hard time thinking of when they could've pulled it off without being recognized, since those 2 have been like, "Tiger Beat" fodder ever since they were practically kids!

YahMoBThere said...

Trentb, you're quite the shit-stirrer. What name do YOU usually post under?

ablake said...

Okay let's see

From my perspective Ent is talking about someone who skyrocketed to A list due to 1 (not multiple) movie.
Depp, Norton,Mc..all have been in at least more than one blockbuster.
Now I very well could be off base but is there a current A lister hanging out and about (or previously) who is A list for no other reason than 1 movie?
A movie that earned him some sort of nomination?

jax said...

yes everyone i made a boo boo...big deal. im sure many people here use shared computer access on certain days. i also went back and checked and posted any that came up that were me when i did not realize it but you failed to mention that right Trent?

yessssss i did post under another name but it was not my account and i was pretty fuckin honest about it. so try and get me riled all you want..i have nadda to hide.

jax said...

lol i was thinking the same thing Twist.

YahMoBThere said... the avatar, Jax. Trent, this one's for you.

Leah said...

I don't give a good goddamn about people who post under multiple names, as long as they have something valuable to add when they post.

So how about adding some value to the thread, instead of being a douchebag tattle tale?

Kory said...

I'm not shit stirring and I don't know what this is about, but computer-sharing? Come on! What office shares computers nowadays?

On a side note, I like this blog, but it's always been suspect to me. Some entries are written quite differently from others. I don't believe the BI's are real, but I sometimes enjoy trying to guess who they thought of anyway.

I think some posters have multiple names, but I can't be bothered to try and figure it out.

Who knew this blog was so popular in Vancouver?

link88 said...

I was writing my last comment as Jax was telling me to you know what.

Twisted, what are you implying, that Jax posts under different names and so if I do I shouldn't call her out on it? You gently chided any of us for suggesting she was using different accounts on Friday, writing that it is not unusual in a work setting to get confused when sharing computers. Everyone chimed in on how Jax is such a straight-shooter why wouldn't need to speak her mind under a different name. Fine, I'll accept that. So if Jax is sharing a computer with Just saying, why is she being so defensive about it? And if she isn't, and is bothered that I mentioned it again, then why doesn't she just admit that she uses different names and was busted - laugh it off rather than tell me to get a life, fuck off and have TS call me a shit-stirrer?

captivagrl said...

"current girlfriend of the day" doesn't fit with Depp. DiCaprio fits. most moviegoers didn't know his name before blockbuster Titanic. after that everyone knew him.

YahMoBThere said...

Trentb, this wide eyed innocent routine while you bring it up once again, only to then come back and say you're "calilng her on it", is nothing but bullshit. That's called GOADING SOMEONE, which is SHIT STIRRING. If you can't see that, then no explanation from me is going to help you understand.

I already told you on Friday that it's happened here only on a different forum. Yes, I let people play on the internet as long as all their big shitload of work is done, and if it's not then they can stay until 6:00 to get it done. Each has a computer and there's a general computer in another area that people use from time to time throughout the day. It's in a research library so everyone uses it, including me. That's the computer it happened on when it happened here.

Now quit the chain jerking and I'm sure everyone will play nicely together again.

And if you really believe she posted under both names, then do tell what your other handle is.

RagDoll said...

Watch this turn out to be the dude from "The Crying Game" who played a man passing himself off as a woman.

Kidding. I think maybe it's one of those "character actor" types who gets roles because they can disappear in them, like a John Lithgow or Gary Sinese type dude. Tom Hulce? heh heh.

jax said...

kory- we have a back to work programme for moms re-entering the work force to get them up to date on new technology here. i share tuesday and thrusday from 12-2pm.
what she does with that time is up to her, she is learning about surfing,email etc as these women don't have internet access and are relatively new to it.

ok im done 'splainin.

jax said...

Trent- if it was all a joke fine i apologize,but it came of shit disturby. im not being defensive..i just dont think we need to hijack a thread becasue most if not all dont really care.

ok back to gossip.

captivagrl said...

anyone else notice that this BI is written in the same style as the writer during the malibu fires? and timmy/shimmy? or is it just me?

babyface shane said...

i'm co-signing with laura - ed norton, maybe right after primal fear - he's amazing!

jax said...

captiv- i have a feelin that EL has a stable of stories pre-written for busy days that he just pulls out of a file and posts. he's said that the timeline isn't always in realtime.

link88 said...

Jax, if this is indeed true all you had to write was "No, she's not here - she is a client who is only here for 2 hours twice a week (and when this happened)." All this is so obviously not true, and I don't like people who lie and then get ridiculously nasty as a form of defense. Twisted Sister's interest in this is just weird.

Why this would rise to the level of grown women telling me to F-off with cutesy avatars is beyond me. Did I hit a nerve? And why all this interest in whether I ever posted under a different name?

YahMoBThere said...

I think it might be someone with a more non-Hollywood face, like Paul Giamatti, or someone who is good with accents like Don Cheadle.

YahMoBThere said...

Trentb, serious question. Are you new to this blog?

link88 said...

One more thing: Jax and Twisted Sister often (not always) go off topic if they feel like it. But when they don't like something someone else says, they revert back to the strict "stay on the gossip topic and add something worthwhile" mantra. I added something: I said Bill Maher has a big one. Not everyone knew that!
OK, I'm done 'splainin'.

selenakyle said...

I thought of Thomas Hayden Church right away. Not sure if AA nominated for the wine movie or not, though.

YahMoBThere said...

I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER told people to stay on topic.

Sheesh, get real.

And if you're not new here, you know I come to the defense of people who are attacked for no reason. You should know that if you're not new.

And if you're not new, you should also know that certain people are constant targets, so when they get attacked for the umpteenth time, they react to it.

You're acting like you're not new, so I have to assume you've been here for a while, which means, you should know this, yes?

link88 said...

TS, no I am not new to this blog. I have commented under different names at different times, here and on different blogs. I am not interested in having a regular identity on here, because I don't comment that much. I read other blogs and news blogs, and I rarely comment but I don't want to develop some weird internet identity as a commenter. I have read this blog enough to be familiar with the blogger's writing and the repeated, regular comments of Jax and Twisted Sister.

I can't even remember some of the names I've used. If you are implying that I comment just to be a troll, you are wrong: I have commented praises, jokes, and quesses, along with calling bullshit every once in a while (like with Jax's).

Are you implying you have some weird access to who posts here, TS? Are you the blogger? Has Jax ever commented under another name? You seem unusually invested and involved to repeatedly call me out like this. Or did I miss that you are the monitor or something? What's your real name, and how do you keep a business running when all you seem to do (anytime I've read here) is spend your time all day posting comments and quesses and corrections and attacks on anyone who "threatens" the site? Don't answer any personal questions, of course, but you get my drift - get off my back, unless you want to admit to being the blog owner.

YahMoBThere said...

I asked based on the comments made in my post at 5:01. If you're going to continue to be rude, when I'm trying to understand, then this conversation is through.

selenakyle said...

Excuse me, but what the living hell are you people talking about?

Molly said...

Selenakyle pls tell us you're joking. Read the thread. Nobody wants a rehash of this and anyways you sound like a teacher.

Trent you really do sound like you're here just stir up the shit. Your post to Jax sounded passive aggressive just like this latest one does to Twisty. We all get along here and stick up for each other. If you don't like it then tough.

captivagrl said...

jax- i wasn't referring to the timeline, i meant the writing style.

Ellebee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Hmmm...does "Oscar-nominated" also include "Oscar-winning"? If so, my candidate would be Adrien Brody--method actor to the max, originally known as more of a character actor, does seem to enjoy dressing up. I don't know that The Pianist made a pile of money, but it is the main film with which he's associated. I'm also thinking the "best reviews of his career" might refer to Summer of Sam (LOTS of Oscar talk over that role), and AFAIK he's not known for doing drugs. I remember reading an interview during Pianist season where he was describing enjoying watching people on the subway and getting ideas, and regretting that he couldn't really do that anymore. The one bit that trips me up is the "current girlfriend of the day" line, though, as he seems to be a serial monogamist and tends to be with the same woman for some time--I believe he's been w/his current GF (can't remember her name, Spanish actress who played the young mother in Snakes on a Plane) for 2-3 years or so now. Other than that, though, I can definitely see him getting into this kind of thing, and being sad that he can't really do it anymore.

sara said...

Billy Bob Thornton. The "hit movie" was not necessarily first thing he'd been in. The bar-role-playing happened before the hit movie. I could see Billy Bob going out after Sling Blade, being *somewhat* recognized (maybe not so much as he was heavier in Sling Blade) although not as recognized as later, after Armageddon, etc. And there's the TX connection. (Love Emilio, too Ent. Good guy.)

seemorekitty said...

I thought about Gary Sinese or Greg Kinnear but it appears that presently, both are married...

captivagrl said...

A-lister and blockbuster movie.

YahMoBThere said...

Robin, EL sometimes throws out red herrings, but I think when he says Oscar nominated, it means the actor isn't an Oscar winner.

Kory said...

OK, now the splanin makes sense because a conventional office would not do that. It so reminds me of the movie 9 to 5. Yes I'm old.

PollyPureBred said...

Hi Everyone!
Long-time lurker and fan, and I had to chime inon this one. Eric Roberts came to mind immediately. Oscar nominated, would recognize the face, not necessarily the name looks like a 70's porn star...I have the feeling that this happened quite a long time ago. Nominated in 1984, just after starring in Pope of Grenwich Villiage with Mickey Rourke (just featured last week). Eric played a stock broker and didn't marry until 1992.

Kory said...

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Woody Harrelson is married. I find this shocking! Strike him off the list.

My new nominee is Alec Baldwin because he could pull it off.

YahMoBThere said...

Hi Patricia (waves Eric Roberts is married according to imdb, so if he does hang out with his girlfriend, he's in big trouble. ;-) Don't make this your last post - we need all the help we can get. Well, some of us do.

Woody Harrelson is married???? When did that happen? And who would put up with him?

And if knowing about the movie 9 to 5 makes one old....I've never heard of it.

annie said...

***********************************Has anyone checked out DLISTED.COM yet?????????? Could this be the blind about the singer that wasn't really singing????? The post is under Henry Rollins knows Britney's Secret.

Unknown said...

John C. Reilly? Boogie Nights?

Carolyn said...

Leonardo DiCaprio seems like the best fit to me...he's been nominated for three Academy Awards, and he skyrocketed into the big time with Titanic - but before that, he did amazing work in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Basketball Diaries, Marvin's Room. And he certainly seems capable of getting into the skin of all sorts of different personalities and enjoying it.

After all, he was Frank Abignale in Catch Me If You Can! :)

BTW, I don't think Ent meant that the actor played a coked-up stockbroker in a movie - he was playing one in the club.

Unknown said...

What about Jim Carrey? I can totally see him doing some really out there characters and no one really knowing who he was at first except from doing In Living Color.

Carolyn said...

I don't think Jim Carrey was ever nominated for an Academy Award...he's been pretty steady with Jenny McCarthy for a while now, too...

RubySaysMontana said...

I think Twisted nailed it. Paul Giamatti has my vote. Nominated for an Oscar. Has that plain kind of character actor appeal. Had been a busy actor in some really big films but hit it really big with a great, memorable and recognizable performance in "Sideways". And he's a little older, which fits better with the EL connection.

YahMoBThere said...

Farygica, yay!! That makes two of us. ;-)

RagDoll said...

OK, so if we work backwards from Ent. saying Bill Maher was the oldest dude in the room by 10 years....

If Bill is 52, then the next-oldest person would be 42. Let's pretend that's Ent.'s age. Paul Giamatti will be 41 in June. OK, so the age range is good.

He had small parts in big movies like "Private Parts" and "Saving Private Ryan" before the AA nom for "Sideways" That fits.

I've never heard anything about him and cocaine, so that fits.

The only sticking point is that PG has a wife and a 1 year old kid. Unless Ent. threw in that part about "girlfriend of the moment" to trip us up, it couldn't be Paul.

RagDoll said...

I mean, "a wife and ONE kid" not a 1-year-old kid

kickapoo said...

I will go with Billy Bob or Ed Norton. I don't think it can be Leo because EVERYONE knew his name after Titanic. I don't think it's Paul Giamatti because he's married.

Unknown said...

Anthony Hopkins?

what is eight past six? said...

I love this blind. I have no idea who it could be though. The thing that puts me off Leo as the answer is that IRL he seems so serious, to the point of being stiff - not the kind of guy to "truly let go." Also I can see him pretending to be a fiending stockbroker but the 70's porn star role is quite a bit of a sretch. He does get very involved in his characters though.

My first guess was also Jim Carrey, but alas, he is not AA nominated. And he and Jenny have been together for quite a while. Otherwise this would have fit his m.o. perfectly.

But speaking of In Living Color, Jamie Foxx came to mind as well. The movie would be Ray (of course); before that he would be known for ILC, his own show on the WB and his stand-up comedy, and various Af-Am b-movies. The party where he dressed up as a stockbroker could have taken place right after Any Given Sunday or Ali. I've never heard any rumors about him and any drugs, though there was a recent pic floating around where he was looking rough.

He is 40 now. The "girlfriend of the day" line fits him, I believe he even said at some point that he didn't intend to ever get married. And Jamie is silly as all get out and probably (at the time anyway) didn't give a flying fuck about "trying to protect [his] brand." Probably still doesn't give a fuck, to be honest.

This has not much to do with anything, but I always found this video hilarious.

Jamie Foxx - "This Is Your Conscience"

Unknown said...

Hi from a lurker.
Jamie Foxx is an interesting guess. He has the Texas connection going on and also a possible band connection (Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox).

~crazy peanut~ said...

I like the Billy Bob guess, he also has a music thang going on.

Just a thought.

Good morning everyone. Hope ya have a great day. :D

takeme2espana said...

Going with Billy Bob. The man is a cameleon. Leo has his "posse" and I can imagine he and Carrey both doing mountains of coke- IMO.

link88 said...

jax said...
LOL nope on a shared busted my coworker..LMAO Susan!

oh and she is a bitch.

2:49 PM

Jax wrote this last Thursday after Molly asked why Jax posted a response under "Just saying"'s name.

Molly had commented that "Just Saying" only posts complaints about the site so why doesn't Jax just say them in her own name. Jax (and many others) said she would always post her own opinion and that it was her coworker, Susan, sharing her computer. Now the "coworker" is a woman being taught computer skills twice a week who has a blogger account under the name Just Saying, and who reads CDAN with Jax on her computer during the two hours she's there training to re-enter the work force.

I know I am guilty for going on about this and it's all silly, after all. I couldn't resist calling Jax out on it yesterday, esp. when she and Twisted and a few others so summarily dismissed me for calling bullshit on her explanation, telling me then that I was a conspiracy-theorist and shit-disturber on Thursday.

I know few care and I won't comment on it again. I am just tired of Jax and TS acting like they rule this site and trying to insult others into submission. Something is up with Jax and the writers of this blog and I stand by my original observation that I think the blog writers' comment under different names in the comments to have filler and to make the site seem more widely read. I read it and like it overall, I just notice this pattern with the commenters. If any other actual reader wonders the same thing and is brave enough to say it, that would be great. It's not necessary for people to post "who cares" - just ignore my comment if you don't care.

KS said...

uh seriously no one cares trent, you even say you know noone cares and u keep posting. kinda lame that it's ok for people who agree with you to post but people (like myself) who are you just going to put "who cares" shouldn't.

Maja With a J said...

The Britney thing is not a secret. There was a Swedish girl who did like half the vocals for "toxic" and she was interviewed about it and came out with her name and picture and everything...ask anyone who works in a recording studio and they will tell you that only about a handful of the most successful singers do all the vocals themselves with no autotuner or's sad but it's how it works.

As for this BI...I thought Billy Bob as well but a few things don't really fit.

selenakyle said...

All right. I will comment again. If I get called a teacher, so be it.

I get the impression that trentb is trying to out the CDAN writer(s).

We all read other blogs but comment frequently on CDAN because it's so good, or at least so much better than a lot of others.

I really hope CDAN is all from the mind and experiences of one entertainment lawyer. Makes it much juicier. But we know he/she would get NO attorney work done all week long if Ent was just one person.

Makes no difference to me.

The VERY BEST posts are these long stories like Hans, and the old star who took too much viagra (whom many thought was Connery), the timmy/shimmy thing (which pissed people off but was enthralling nonetheless), the MV singer, the Venus lady who lives on Ent's street, the actress with the car...all the long, great stories really do sound REAL, and THAT is the entertaining part for us, the readers.

The regular Blinds are just icing on the cake and all for shits and giggles, IMO.

I love jax and TS and kellysirkus and all the other posters who were already here on my very first lurk and snarky enough to get me outta my shell and into commenting on a gossip blog for the very first time.

So let's all just get along and be happy that we are getting to read good dirt and not relegated to only crappy-ass Perez Hilton-style crap sites.

*whew...feels better already*

AND--I still vote for Thomas Hayden Church for Hans. imdb states he was nominated for an AA for "Sideways" and has a fiancee and child but is not currently married and although his work on TV's "Wings" made him recognizable, it could have mainly been for his deep voice.

And while I'm clogging up the blogger space, what ever DID happen at CDAN-Con??? Something got weird on here right after that.

YahMoBThere said...

YAY Selena! I heart you! And I've been called worse than a teacher, so I took that as a

It's really funny how we all get along in spite of paranoid people leaving paranoid posts accusing people of posting under more than one name. Especially from a person we haven't seen post here before, indicating they must be posting under a different name. And really, do Jax and I act like we own the board? Please. I'll only say whenever trolls appear it looks like someone isn't getting enough attention so they keep posting the same trash over and over again ad nauseum (see above).

I think the thing with CDAN con was that the coordinator (Hez) felt she should have gotten financial help with her flight to L.A. from EL and that he should have also pitched in to pay for the luncheon or at least help pay for it. When that didn't happen she and some others got pissed and stopped posting, although I think the others are back and posting again (double YAY).

I'm sure if I have any of this wrong I'll be reamed out for it, but that's what I recall of the situation.

selenakyle said...

Wow--thanks for the clarification. I do remember Hez.

I don't care if CDAN is written by a hundred people, I heart it back!

But I'm on some professional forums where EVERYONE's panties are in a wad every day--people bitching, getting moderated, banished for life--really!

I just like to come over here when I have free time to be entertained and relax with good mindless fun.

I hope everyone has a good day!

OG Gossipmonger said...

LOL Trent, GET A LIFE!!!
You are totally ridiculous!!
You know this is only the internet right? And these people aren't really your friends & neighbors?
Calm down man, the coworker used the computer, big deal. & you know, if the coworker DIDN'T use the computer, BIG DEAL.
who really cares? the coworker didn't start as much crap as you have.

Ice Angel said...

Anyone know what happened to Ent? He never posted a blind yesterday and nothing yet today.

I hope he's OK. Maybe he's been at the hospital visiting his friend.

YahMoBThere said...

Ice angel, he's sometimes this late in getting started. I think the post yesterday regarding Hans was the blind.

YahMoBThere said...

EL just updated.

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break TS. Pointing the finger and calling other people paranoid when YOU were the one ready to blame someone when you saw someone else with your name. You immediately assumed they were posting under your name on purpose, and even said "I have a pretty good idea of who it is". Puh-lease.

As for you and Jax acting like you own the board: we all know this is the way it goes. Jax says whatever she wants, and people kiss her ass and laugh. She then trashes on strong statements made by anyone who could possibly steal the spotlight from her. In more than one case, one of her magical little roommates has shown up to say "Yeah! What she said!". Twisted Sister, on the other hand, makes her board friends by kissing up to anyone and everyone who comes by on CDAN.

And while you both SAY you dont act like you own the board, maybe you dont THINK you act like you do, but you do. Its in every conversation that deviates off topic to revolve around YOU.

Just admit, you both love being top dawgs here. Enough so that you bark down anyone who'll call you out for it.

link88 said...

Trix, they are going to pretend they haven't read your comment because they are too busy commenting to Ent's posts from today. I think you are the only one they are intimidated by!

On a different note, could someone explain blogger to me? For example, why would someone have a blogger account to comment here instead of a google account? I clicked on a few of the names of the commenters (KS, gossipmonger, etc.) and they just have a name on a blogger account, with no blog. I just wondered why so many people have blogger accounts.

link88 said...

Nevermind with that last question - shows how savvy I am with computers! I just read the blogger thing and saw they are part of google. Nevermind!

Unknown said...

I hope this personal petty shit stops. You guys are sniping like putrid bitches and it's ruined this post. Thanks for that.

What about Adrian Brody? He's always had a wild party streak and I don't think many people knew him till The Pianist. Nominated could be the same as winning in this blind.

Bxrlvr said...

Now, now. Whoever wants to take their bat and ball and go home, please do so.

Hate to tell you this, but I look forward to reading this blog every day, and even though I don't post as much as I'd like to, I look forward to reading the usually rational, interesting and funny rsponses left by everyone. If you don't like the comments or personalities, then either don't read them or go somewhere else - you do have options here.

You do not have to have the last word, and if you feel you do, then consider yourself a total control freak, accept that about yourself, and please, please move on with your evolution.

Unknown said...

This putrid bitch has come out of lurkerdom just to comment on the Jax thing. Sorry, J.

Trent, I think it's obvious to anyone with an I.Q. of 50 or more that Jax got busted using multiple names. Is it a big deal? Not to me. I can even understand why she made up that ridiculous excuse about the shared computer--part of these women's career training or whatever is learning to comment on gossip blogs?--it would be pretty embarrassing to be busted like that in public. If Jax had just copped to it this topic would have died by now.

I don't buy into the theory that regular commenters post under multiple names just to make the blog seem more popular. I think many people use multiple personas online for whatever reason (probably some urge to role play, I guess, or perhaps they feel their primary persona can't say certain things so they put those words into a secondary persona's mouth).

Molly said...

I think TrentB is Trix who is also Some and Anon and some other name I can't think of at the time. Anyways the only reason TrentB posted was to start trouble just like Trix is known to do.

I'm the one who noticed the post from Jax under a different name. I believe her when she says it was an accident, but I also don't care if she's using two different names. You do it Trix so why do you care? And don't lie because everyone knows you're a maniac who is upbeat and nice one day and acting like megabitch the next and everyone knows you post as other people.

J when you say you guys I hope you mean Trix/TrentB because people have a right to defend themselves and their friends here which is all the others were doing.

And (snort) I doubt Jax and Twisty saw your breakdown Trix because neither one of them is intimidated by you. Jax seems to tolerate you and ever since you insulted a bunch of people Twisty seems to be flat out ignoring you. You do need attention that's obvs but you do it by attacking. In fact you posted directly to Twisty yesterday and she ignored you which is why I think you attacked today. Not too transparent are you?

Pamela said...

What about Christian Slater? No idea why, but his named popped into my head.

Unknown said...

"Trent, I think it's obvious to anyone with an I.Q. of 50 or more that Jax got busted using multiple names. Is it a big deal? Not to me. I can even understand why she made up that ridiculous excuse about the shared computer--part of these women's career training or whatever is learning to comment on gossip blogs?--it would be pretty embarrassing to be busted like that in public. If Jax had just copped to it this topic would have died by now."


"I know few care and I won't comment on it again. I am just tired of [commenters] acting like they rule this site and trying to insult others into submission. Something is up with [...the writers] of this blog and I stand by my original observation that I think the blog writers' comment under different names in the comments to have filler and to make the site seem more widely read. I read it and like it overall, I just notice this pattern with the commenters. If any other actual reader wonders the same thing and is brave enough to say it, that would be great. It's not necessary for people to post "who cares" - just ignore my comment if you don't care."

^even radder.

I don't keep names straight very well, but she got called out, lied, and didn't want to cop to it.

people try to bully and clique around here, and it's retarded. why don't you play with each other's hair and make cupcakes somewhere else? isn't this space for guesses to the blinds and entertainment gossip?

Molly said...

Retarded? How old are you five?

Coming from someone who tries to bully people here I find your post really hypocritical Mia. You bitched about Adrian as tho this was your site even tho Enty posted her link. Now you're trying to chase people away again. You're one bossy bitch and you haven't even been posting that long. Why don't you learn how to keep your big fat mouth from flapping since nobody here gives a shit what you think?

Kathy K said...

It's Al Pacino, isn't it? I thought Ent told a story awhile back about how he used to hang with Al Pacino in his early years. Something like that.

As soon as I read the sentence that two girls had "come to blows", I thought of him.

Unknown said...

wow, molly- such harsh reactions when all I was really asking for (in both posts you're referencing) is that the comments section stay somewhat on topic.

I'm far from bossy, and I've been here for quite some time, I just rarely post, because I don't post in order to see my name on the screen, only when I have something to say about EL's posts or the blinds themselves.

Staying on-topic should encourage people to post, not 'chase people away'.

Unknown said...

also... we posted on the same topic in sept 07, and you made no reference to me being a bully back then... but i guess i 'just started posting'- right? looks like i've got ya beat for months. (But then again who knows how many names you're using to back yourself up, right?)

also- while i was checking on just how long we had been posters, i found that i hadn't been the only victim of your sunshine.

"kory you need to get over yourself. You're the bitch who started it with your comments about kids. And anyways you're as bad as the other whacko who's been posting lately."

..."it looks like she makes the rules around here. At least she thinks she does. Yeah the bitches are out tonight!"

"pst, are you new here? The reason people are dismissive and overly prickly to justind is because he's acts like a motherfucking asshole towards anybody who doesn't agree with him. If you were a long term casual observer you'd know that.

Anyways I don't know of anyone who posts constantly all day and night long. I think you're just another troll with that comment."

.............and that was the order they came up on google.

I only read half of your next post, for a couple of reasons.

I saw that you typed "If you get sick of reading some posts don't read them", and then called ME a hypocrite today which basically makes your argument childish, as someome who either can't take their own advice OR is silly/stupid enough to just say things without meaning them.

My point, as I mentioned before I had to cut it short and eat some dinner, is that all the drama/catfight/hairpulling/cupcake making posts are drama for people who go to an entertainment gossip site to read entertainment gossip. Sure there are general cordialities and hellos and banter & such, but I thought a forum had even been created for more in depth communication? oe email? or myspace? or facebook? Molly- if people choose to follow your easily given advice and quit reading the comments that have drama in them, which keep increasing, eventually don't you think they will quit reading the comments at all? Haven't you heard people complain here about Perez's comments section? I've heard people say they won't even click on anything over here becasue of all the racist and 'first' nonsense... which I'm sure all started with hairpulling, cupcaking, and drama.

Did you take this personal because you're rarely contributing anything other than dramz to the comments? I'd have to go check back more than the 4 or so comments I looked at, but it wasn't lookin like it, but honestly it's not worth it...

And finally, congratulations on personally calling me out, as even I had the courtesy to redact the individual names, as I was making more of a general statement about the site, and not just name calling or labelling someone a big fat bossy five year old flappy mouthed bitch that nobody gives a shit about. And you said I was 5 years old?

I thought that jax chick lied about the 2 name thing. big deal. as with anything in life, if you're upfront about it, it'll go away. I'm not the only one who felt that way.

Go find someone else in the sandbox to try and piss on, I won't sit here for it.

Molly said...

Gawd Mia you are so obviously Trix, Some, Anon, Trentb, etc. that you're not only coming across as psycho but pathetic. Please please get a fucking clue and fuck off bitch. Nobody likes you here because you think you run the blog and can dictate what people post about and what is or isn't *on topic*.

I wish I had as much time as you do to go back and look at who posted what when but I'm not a loser w/o a life like you are.

ablake said...

I don't know who trentb or molly or whomever else are and you know..I read this blog (though don't comment all the time) pretty regularly

trent(and alts)

TS and jax are obviously not the same person.

From reading I've found out TS has

-fought cancer and has gone through chemo
-tends to be one who is really nice in her responses for the most part
-is a stronger person than I will ever be due to what she's gone through

-has no children
-is in Canada
-has a wit that can cut you before you even notice

let it be, enjoy the ride. It's a gossip blog. We're like a frat house, talking to one another in between work and other commitments. We make friends. We post.

This is like people trying to displace ent as reliable (yet reading and posting) or the ones back in the day going off on hez

can we not just enjoy it for what it is?


ablake said...

oh btw this is my only handle here as this is my only gmail account and I don't blog.
I actually went to make a new gmail account a couple of months ago for work but I begged off once I saw they required your cell number.

Bit too creepy for my taste. Frankly, none of their business.
Glad I created this one as soon as the beta gmail came about. Remember when you had to get an invite? Wow. I feel old.

link88 said...

Sweater, I appreciate your sentiment and I understand what you are trying to say. You misunderstood me, however, as I am not saying Jax and TS are the same person - not at all. I was saying that Jax got caught answering a question directed to her under the name "Just Saying". When questioned, she quickly said she accidentally posted under Just Sayings' name because JS shares a computer with her at work, and apparently had logged into her account as Just Saying while Jax looked away. It wasn't believable, but everyone chimed in that she would never post under another name secretly and chided me for being a trouble-maker/conspiracy theorist. (TrentB - I am NOT any of those other people, it is so frustrating that some are trying to spin it that way). The rudeness and flippant attitude by Jax and others (Twisted Sister, Molly) is what made me angry enough to even bother to check on this stuff or even care.

Jax got busted lying, twice (she changed her story to say Just Saying is a person trying to get back into work and learning computer skills on her computer, twice a week), and she and her buddies told me to Fuck off and essentially go away as I am a trouble maker. (I was calling her on it a few days later by saying "how is Just saying,", etc. and in that respect I was causing trouble, FOR JAX).

I went back through February and March and found that when Just Saying commented it was always a complaint, towards Adrian, and then to Trix and I think Anon (I forget the order and names). But the funniest thing was, when Jax once again was arguing with Trix, Just saying commented personally TO JAX that Jax should not think all Americans are like Trix, b/c she (JS) is an American and mentioned her American family. So Jax was not only commenting under a different name, but was writing to herself as Just Saying.

All that this proves, to me, is that the blog writer/friends of the blog create names/accounts and make up names and comments to keep the comments going or lively.

Why care? I don't care if the blog writer is Jax or if she is a friend of the blog or just someone who posts comments under different names (many do, just not in conversation to themselves!). WHat I care about is when Jax, and also Twisted, try to belittle me and tell me to Fuck off and call me a shit-disturber, etc. and then someone like Molly tries to say I am the same person as three or four other people who in the past have criticized or offended Molly or someone on the blog (maybe Trix is Mia, Some and Anon, I don't know, but they aren't me!)

ENOUGH - I like how they are ignoring it now, I suppose that is the only thing Jax can do at this point. Twisted Sister was such a fierce defender of Jax that she can't really say anything about it, either.

(By the way, I don't have a blogger account either, just Gmail)).

YahMoBThere said...

I just got an email with a link taking me here. Holy crap, is this still going on?????

Trentb, I didn't read what Jax posted the way you did. I don't think she changed what she said. It sounded like she works two days a week and someone else shares the computer with her to train women. I don't see inconsistency in what she posted, so, I don't think she changed the story as you stated.

HOWEVER - I, like many other posters here, don't care if she's lying. No matter how many times you post this, it's not going to change that fact. You want to make this a big deal and you're getting frustrated because nobody else wants to make it a big deal with you. Let it go.

Also, you say when you called Jax on it a few days later you were causing trouble for Jax. You're wrong. You're causing trouble for everyone because you're creating an atmosphere that people don't want. Why do you think so many people jumped on you when you did that? It's because nobody cares if Jax lied and nobody wants to see you continue to post about it. In fact, many used those exact words. You're beating a dead horse.

If you honestly think the blog writer and members make up other names to keep the blog lively, you must not have been around the past several months. Drama comes and goes, nobody needs to create any to keep the blog lively.

I don't know who is who here anymore, but I really don't care unless trolls are making multiple screen names to start trouble.

Please drop it at this point and just join in posting about the gossip. If you don't, it's only going to look like you're a troll here to stir up shit. And that's why you keep being labeled that way. Drop it, join us in posting and have fun, and let this die already.

Sweater - wow - thank you so much for the kind words. I feel unworthy, but I'll take them anyway because the rest of this nonsense is dragging me down. ;-) You're a sweetie!

link88 said...

Twisted Sister, I was responding to Sweater's confusion, and in doing so clarified why I even bothered to care about it:

I don't like being told to fuck off/called a conspiracy-theorist/shit-disturber/and be accused of being one and the same with every commenter who ever offended anybody on this website esp. when the accuser is blatantly lying herself.

I have seen you get extremely upset and even leave the site briefly for much, much less.

Fine, so Jax posts critical comments under different names, lies about it, writes comments to herself to support her own comments, and when she disagrees with someone on here she tries to bully them off the site. If you like that, it's your decision and taste.

I am not upset that others aren't all riled up about it - frankly I don't know how many "real" commenters there are here to rile up. I don't need to and won't keep posting on future dates about it, because I don't care enough to do that. You and Jax live to comment all day on this blog, apparently, but I don't find it that fascinating to keep reading your opinions on everything under the sun, and "Ent's" posts aren't really that funny or interesting and also seem based on lies (his personal stories/references). Do I think I can convince you, or Jax, or "Molly" or the ridiculous amount of one or two time commenters on here that all sound suspiciously the same? Of course not - I proved to myself what I wanted to.

Unknown said...

Molly, this is my sole account through my gmail/email. I am not some dude named trent, and I've been commenting here for a while (since 2006 I think?) and never had a problem with anyone until you wanted to start telling me to repeatedly fuck off, which seems like a trend with you.

Hopefully one day you will grow into an adult and learn that people are allowed to have different opinions. There can also be conversations to express those differing outlooks that don't need to include 4 letter words and dramz.

I'll never understand why (and this is something I have in common with trent) if someone has a different opinion around here, they are told to fuck off.

YahMoBThere said...

I don't like being told to fuck off/called a conspiracy-theorist/shit-disturber/and be accused of being one and the same with every commenter who ever offended anybody on this website esp. when the accuser is blatantly lying herself.

The reason several people lit into you is because you obviously have an agenda and nobody is interested. You can't call out a person as rudely as you did w/o expecting them to come back at you.

I have seen you get extremely upset and even leave the site briefly for much, much less.

I don't recall this at all. I've taken breaks during heavy work schedules or because I needed a break from some of the bullshit here that didn't even involve me, but I don't recall leaving the site because I was upset. I won't take your word for it seeing how you butchered what others have posted.

Fine, so Jax posts critical comments under different names, lies about it, writes comments to herself to support her own comments, and when she disagrees with someone on here she tries to bully them off the site. If you like that, it's your decision and taste.

You have no way of proving that and as several posters pointed out, they don't care.

I am not upset that others aren't all riled up about it - frankly I don't know how many "real" commenters there are here to rile up.

Then you wasted a lot of time repeating yourself.

I don't need to and won't keep posting on future dates about it, because I don't care enough to do that.

It certainly seems you care, but I'm glad you don't. For a moment there I thought there was no end date to this.

You and Jax live to comment all day on this blog, apparently, but I don't find it that fascinating to keep reading your opinions on everything under the sun, and "Ent's" posts aren't really that funny or interesting and also seem based on lies (his personal stories/references).

You criticize EL and his posts and the posters here, which begs the question - what are you doing wasting your time in a place you're so unhappy?

Do I think I can convince you, or Jax, or "Molly" or the ridiculous amount of one or two time commenters on here that all sound suspiciously the same? Of course not - I proved to myself what I wanted to.

Good for you. It's been apparent you had an agenda, but then, it's also been apparent that you're posting under a name you don't usually post under. Again, you've wasted a lot of your time and energy to prove something to yourself.

Mia can I say something even though I'm not involved in your argument with Molly? And please know, I'm not attacking you. You've commented more than once that Adrian shouldn't have posted her contest link, even though the blog owner had no problem with that - to the point where HE posted the link asking people to vote. Why can't majority rule here? Why can't the blog owner do whatever he wants? You can't beat people over the head to make them stop doing something you don't like. It was a silly contest that kept Adrian's mind off of having surgery to have a tumor removed. She was freaking out and just wanted to do something nice for an organization while keeping her mind off of her concerns. Is it really that big of a deal to just skip over posts you don't like? I do that and it's not that hard.

If you think it's painful being you with all you have to put up with here, try being the other person for a while.

Unknown said...

Twist- you n I have no beef- we've always been cool, I only posted one thing on the day of adrian's contest and that's after it was the only thing on the site for a couple of days, and it wasn't even specifically about adrian's thing per se, it was just about the blog and how the changes and format made it boring. (my opinion)which I clarified later after I got cussed at, tho noone cared.

It was probably the wrong day post it, but why should I get called a bitch by people who don't even really read what I'm saying? my comments are usually 10 words or less because I usually am just posting one thought and then going bck to reading something else, but I'll never understand the immature vindctive nature to namecall and slander instead of clarify... then I got hopped on like the antichrist or something even tho noone had even asked me if I had voted for her picture or anything. (I had taken the time to vote for adrian's thing, before I even commented on the FIRST day it was on the blog, but then people didn't really care, did they?)

The blog author writes a blog... and the comments section is for comments about the blog. The first day the Adriam thing was Ok, I read it, clicked it, voted, etc. but it was the only thing there, and I'm sorry- borig after a couple of days, that is my opinion and I'm entitled to it, and it doesn't make me an evil person.

In regards to your question TS, do I deserve, for 1 opinion, to be called out by this molly alterego over and over again? What about standing in my shoes?

I beleive if you go back and really read my post about the adrian thing, you'll see I only said about 10 words untill I was attacked and got tired of "letting it go". The only thing I''ve been trying to 'beat anyone over the head with' is that all this drama is unnecessary in the comments section because it makes people less likely to read the comments section (example:Perez) and that having a different opinion from the majority of the commenters shouldn't mean that molly or whomever should have free reign to talk massive amounts of shit to a person or cuss at them like a sailor.

I mean, there have been times I've wanted to call her a cunt, but I use restraint because I have manners, lol.

YahMoBThere said...

Mia, thanks for your reply. I just wanted to know your thoughts about it, based on your comments in this and other threads. Sometimes there are puppydogs and cupcakes because that's what the majority wants and that's what the blog owner wants and there's nothing anyone can do if they dislike those things. We do go off topic here, but it really is easy to skim over posts. Plus, I'm cool with you and would therefore hope you'd have some compassion - that's all.

In answer to your question, no, you certainly do not deserve the trash that's been thrown at you, and Molly - I wish you'd stop. It only adds to the unrest here that even you complained about when you were being attacked back during the Timmy/Shimmy fiasco. You're taking a small thing that Mia said and coming back with comments that are REALLY rude and unnecessary. It's one thing to ask a person about their comments and another to do what you're doing. Again I ask you to please refrain from doing this. Mia doesn't deserve it and it's unfair to everyone here.

Off to enjoy the gossip and laugh at my bad guesses. Mia and Molly, I hope you'll join me.

Anonymous said...

Just followed up on this thread out of curiosity. No, Molly, I dont have several alternate egos. What you dont seem to understand, is that I dont need to hide behind any other names. I dont post as different people, I simply dont have a need. Yes, sometimes I say nice things, but when I see something I dont like, I go off about it. Thats just me, I'm hot or cold and never lukewarm, and I have a strong personality. I dont care if people like me or dont, so I dont need to have a "good" alter-ego, and a bad one. As you yourself have pointed out, sometimes my posts are nice, sometimes they arent. Like I said, I run hot or cold. Since I dont have to suffer any real social consequences for my words, here, I'm free to vent if need be, if I'm PMSing or having a bad day, I can run my mouth off about something and not hurt the real people in my life whom I love. Many of us do it in one way or another, and I choose to do so here.

Good luck with the conspiracy theories, though, I know it must be really hard for you to comprehend that more than one person can share the same negative thought.


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