Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dude. It Was A Star Trek Convention

Before we get started, I have to say that I like William Shatner a lot more than I used to. Oh, I still think he is probably a pompous ass but at least he is a self deprecating pompous ass now, so he is much more tolerable. Plus, he plays cranky really well. I do wish I had a better explanation of the whole finding the wife in the pool thing also. OK, but at least he's good in the Priceline commercials.

Well, at the height of his jackassness, it seems that William Shatner would head out to Star Trek conventions and pick up chicks. So basically he was kind of lazy and didn't want to hear the word no. Well it turns out that even though it was easy and plentiful and that he was a "rock star" at conventions, he still wasn't happy.

"Admittedly, there were times when the woman I was with said: 'So this is what it's like to be in bed with Captain Kirk.' That was definitely a downer, in every sense of the word."

Ummm. Bill. You picked her up at a Star Trek convention. She didn't want TJ Hooker and his nightstick, she wanted Captain Kirk. Hell yes she wanted you to play the character. Why would she want some pasty looking dude with a beer belly? She wanted Captain Kirk and everything he brought to the table. I can't believe a guy who admits going to Star Trek conventions to pick up women would have the nerve to complain about his feelings being hurt because the women were more interested in his character. If you want someone who wants you for you, go to some bar and just be yourself. I'm not giving you any sympathy and I really don't care about your feelings in this situation so STFU. I'm sorry if your one night stand left you empty inside or used. Hmmm. How do you think the women felt to know the only reason you were at the convention was to get some adulation and some lovin'?


Maja With a J said...

Hahaha! You know, I've been wondering, if one was to date Seth McFarlane - creator of "Family Guy" - and one was to end up in bed with him...he does most of the voices on the show himself, but Brian is actually his real voice. Wouldn't that be really weird? Like having sex with Brian the dog? 'Cause Seth MacFarlane really isn't a bad looking dude. Goofy looking, yes, but not "totally unfortunate-looking" to paraphrase Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.

But I digress.

I should probably get back to work.

liveunderarock said...

I'm sure he isn't the only actor to use his fame to pick up women. ;)
I'm not a Star Trek fan but I love Shatner on Boston Legal. I think he is funny because he is basically playing a caricature of what he is like in real life. I feel the same about Charlie Sheen in Two and A Half Men. Ironic how behavior that would p.o. me in real life is amusing on television for 30 minutes or an hour.

MnGddess said...

I wonder if William Shatner talks to his conquests in that broken "Captain Kirk" voice..."You are...SO..fine..come here and give me some of that....SUGAR..." LOL

Off topic - did anyone see the House episode? WOW. Why that man doesn't have an Emmy is beyond me.

Anonymous said...


Didn't see House but my husband did on the road. He loves House I should have watched it but was watching something else. He was laughing away like crazy probably had tears lol.

~crazy peanut~ said...

@ harriet...I thought the same thing. Too funny, and a bit creepy. :0

...and Shatner, over inflated ego. Love him tho.

canadachick said...

Funniest video i have ever seen was Shanter doing a spoof on a movie called Seven using his 3 characters talking to each other .....still makes me cry when i watch it. I think it was from MTV movie awards.......funny !!

mooshki said...

Shatner's ego is a thing of beauty. I think the best part is that he embraces it completely, without an ounce of shame.

bionic bunny! said...

back in 76, 77, i was at all the conventions. i waited in line, i held my hand in the air, i was put on hold for hours on michael jackson;s (british talkshow host, not the other one) radio show, i did every frickin' think JUST to try to sit on the shat's lap (i've seen other's manage to do it). EVERY SINGLE TIME, i'd be the last up, and the'd announce no more time, questions, calls.
he was absolutely my first crush. before i knew what a crush was.

Tania said...

I go to conventions & fly my geek flag, and yeah, of course this happens. I have friends who have managed to sleep with the actors. It's not my idea of fun, but whatever floats your boat.. ;-)

Shatner isn't the first to complain they want his character, either. James Marsters said pretty much the same thing on some chat show - girls used to ask him to do the 'Spike' accent, and he would lose his mojo. I don't know what the actors are expecting - obviously that's why the girl is there!

mngddess - yep, saw House. Fantastic episode! Hugh Laurie has a lot of awards, but yes, he deserves to add an Emmy to the pile. Awesome.


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