Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Guessing These Two Loved Each Other At Some Point

John Cleese and his wife of 15 years are getting divorced. I'm surprised that they both made it out of the marriage alive to actually get divorced. There is such an intense level of hate between the two that it makes you wonder what the hell they ever saw in each other. Yesterday, in the first skirmishes of the divorce, a judge ordered that she receive about $160,000 a month in temporary support which will be effective until their trial.

I didn't know John Cleese had that much money. I guess he thinks he doesn't as well saying that she is basing her demands on one great year he had in 2007 where he voiced a character in Shrek The Third and sold some property.

She left him in January and has repeatedly told the court she doesn't even have a penny to her name yet she somehow is managing to afford a $1200 a night hotel room. Umm, anyone heard of apartments? She needs that much money because she is used to staying in castles with royalty. So, what? She's going to buy her own castle and stock it with royalty? How does someone put a price on that?

Anyway, John says that the divorce will be expensive and may bankrupt him, but that it is worth each and every penny as long as she is removed from his life forever. That is a lot of angst. They must have had some terrific arguments to reach that level of hate and anguish. I don't think I've ever hated anyone like that who I had previously loved, but I have said just give them whatever they want so I never have to deal with them again. That was more of a pain thing though rather than a I hate you so much I hope you die before you see a penny kind of thing.

She probably feels the same way as well, but it was nice of both of them to suffer through the holidays together before she left. Do you think they exchanged gifts?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm weeeeeeeeeeeeird. Its not like he hasn't been working but 160,000 a month? Did Amy Irving even get that from Steven Spielberg?

canadachick said...

What is it with 2008 - first there was a baby boom now long term relationships hitting the skids...can the apocalypse be far off !!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Ooh, was this that blind about the couple with the knife?

Ellen said...

I've always heard John Cleese was batsh&t crazy, but I still love his work.

No doubt all the Monty Python licensing has made him a few quid, but $160K/month is excessive!

Mills/McCartney round 2!

ms_wonderland said...

John Cleese is not short of a few quid. After Python, he started a company doing corporate training films - this was back in the 70s. Very successful. Also authored books on family relationships with his shrink. That will come in handy.

Syrah Swigger said...

John Cleese lives in Santa Barbara, and he and his soon to be ex-wife were quite the folks about town- for sometime. He is into the wine scene here. He has a Horse Training facility for sale in Montecito- going for a cool $28 million- has been for sale for some time- but the price has not come down.

She hosts a local radio show, and in a interview with a local paper- she spoke about growing up very poor.

She looks like Dr Laura.

Love this website- the very best fun!

Anonymous said...

I think Amy Irvin got millions from her divorce.

Does John Cleese and his soon to be ex have children is that the reason for that ridiculous amount?

jax said...

Basil! lol..i still can't believe there were only 12 Fawlty Towers eps.

For $160 000/month you too could own your own John Cleese.

that's a lot of dough.

Reese said... This is the realtor's link to John Cleese's property. I live in Santa Barbara and am tired of hearing about this divorce; nasty doesn't really begin to describe how it has gone. The property has been on the market since last year and I don't think there have been any offers. With this kind of pre-trial maintenance I wouldn't be surprised if this divorce bankrupts John. He is pretty well liked around town; too bad all of this is happening.

Unknown said...

This is an Ex-Wife!

(not pining for the fjords)

Unknown said...

Sheesh -- I'll take $160K a year!!

I think Cleese was in rehab last year...

audrey said...

Is this the same woman who played the maid on Fawlty Towers?

bionic bunny! said...

hasn't he remained on friendly terms with his other exes?

ent, i know EXACTLY how it feels to feel that kind of hatred for someone you thought you once loved.
and the guilt for feeling that way.


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