Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Just Not A Bachelor Guy

I'll be honest. I have seen a total of about ten minutes combined of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It just isn't my thing. I understand why many of you love it, just don't expect me to love it as well. Wow, that sounds like an argument from fourth marriage. Anyway, I saw that the finale was yesterday and some rich guy proposed to some actress. Yes, I know who she is, but I am making a generalization here. I don't care what they say when they are signing up for the show or what they say they do, lets face it. They are actresses and the guys on the Bachelorette are actors. They might say teacher or nurse or bartender, but they all want to be on television and be famous or they wouldn't have signed up for the damn show in the first place.

That being said, why do you watch the show if you know the couple are never going to get married? In the interviews given after this show, it seems to me they are already done. They talk about giving the relationship time, don't know when they will see each other, and yada yada yada. They're done. Just like 95% of them. Two couples still together I think. All of you would know better.

So, the reason I decided to write was that to me, if you spend this much time with a person it really gives you the opportunity to get to know them at least fairly well and you would think there would have been more matches. Are people looking for love or are they just looking to stay on the show as long as possible so that way they can make more in appearance fees when they are finally kicked out or win. Do they just want the ring so they can sell it? The ring yesterday was worth $2.5 million. Hello. That is more than she has made acting combined and judging from what I saw and who her parents are, she should hang on to that ring for a rainy day and not count on making too good of a living acting.

So in reality, if everyone is just doing what they can to stay on the show, they are acting which makes it a non-reality show. Reality is supposed to be reality, but unless a show is filmed entirely with hidden cameras and people don't know they are being filmed, nothing is "reality television" anymore.

Years one and two of The Real World were reality television. Year three? I'm on the fence because I think Puck was the first "actor" on a reality program but the rest of the cast was real. Since then, there hasn't been reality, there has been a series of people trying to make a buck in acting and the program is just like any other role.


Anonymous said...

I really don't go for reality shows. Don't think they are real they look more like they are acting more than anything, too phoney.

I saw the last piece of the Bachelor by pure chance. It looked too obvious that it was pure acting.

babyface shane said...

when are they going to have a brotha bachelor? or is that flavor of love?

jax said...

entertainment is entertainment and actors don't have the corner market on it. like art and music its subjective. sorry but i'm sick of hollywood churning out the shit on one hand and then insulting the intelligence of those who tune in on the other.

Unknown said...

I loved those first three eps of The Real World! They had no clue what it was all about. Now it's become a Paris Hilton free-for-all, each trying to be more outrageous and stupid than the next.

Maja With a J said...

The only bachelor type show I watch is Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. It just makes me feel so classy.


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