Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Charlize Theron on the cover of W. She looks fabulous.
I'm glad Craig Ferguson is finally getting some respect and some ratings. He's pretty damn hilarious even on TiVo the next morning.
I know others will probably disagree, but I actually think Christina Aguilera looks good here.
Its always nice to see a FFF member fully clothed. In this case it's Alex Castro. Yes, I'm sure you are all clicking over to FFF now. It's ok, the photos will be here when you get back.
How can someone look this good in a candid photo after a lunch? After lunch I can't even keep my pants zipped.

From now on Eduardo Verastegui is just Eduardo.
Edward Norton testifying before Congress.
Each and everyday that she hasn't been married to Marc Anthony has got to be the new best day of her life for Dayanara Torres.
Busy day at Congress for celebrities as Dennis Quaid was also there.
Where else but here will you see Marcia Gay Harden and Greg Louganis?

Kanye West - New York
I'm sure at the house when Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox were going over this stunt it sounded much funnier.
Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong - Manchester
The long name of the day award goes to Giulia Elettra Gorietti. Yeah you type it and see how funny it is.
Rachael Ray has that pained expression on her face that only comes when she doesn't have her husband in her direct line of sight.

Not a big fan of bow ties, but Robert Figueroa pulls it off rather nicely.
I had to. It was just too easy. Kind of like her. The name of her new perfume is Can Can. Slogan? Smells like tuna.
You have to give this to PETA. They are some creative f**kers.
Perhaps Niurka Marcos should have used some of the fabric from the train and used it to cover her breasts.
I don't even know where to begin. And what the hell is wrong with her legs?

This is a political chess set given to Queen Elizabeth by the government of Turkey. Check out the pawns. I also could be wrong, but I believe they have the Iranian President as the Queen. This really doesn't seem appropriate to give to the Queen.
Swoosie Kurtz looks great. Must be in the water in NY.
A first appearance I think in the photos for Simon Baker.
Ditto for Rufus Sewell.


SHE SHE said...

Yeah, PETA is full of a bunch of FUCKERS all right.

Khemenu said...

YAY! Rufus Sewell!

Also, Clooney looks a lot better with the shorter hair.

kimmypie1 said...

ohhhhh Simon Baker.......:)

kimmypie1 said...

ohhhhh Simon Baker.......:)

Lil said...

I love Simon Baker. So gorgeous and that accent! Yummy.

Jasmine said...

I've always thought Simon Baker was hot until he stated he didn't wear deodorant. I just can't look at him the same. said...

Somebody give me the scoop on Edward Norton. How come we never see him in much of anything?

Unknown said...

Yeah, what's up with the actors in congress? Man, between actors, football, and baseball, it's good to see congress is earning their money! (not)

WTF, is that chess set for real, as far as it was given to the Queen? It sure looks like WTC and planes in the back row of that set. (just googled it, it's real. )

Kat said...

Rufus Sewell should be seen more. He's got that special 'something'.

I try to pretend Paris Hilton doesn't exist, and then go and put up her picture, which completely messes with my happy place. Quit it.

I am patiently waiting for Christina Aguilera to realize that she doesn't have to look like Tranny Barbie in order to garner attention. The hair colour is ridiculous. You're a pretty girl! You don't have to mess what you got!

Then, there's George. He's always just right.

CarolMR said...

Is Elettra Isabella Rosellini's daughter?

ablake said...

Dennis Quaid has a very valid reason to be before congress. His twins almost died due to being given the wrong medication (the labels of the medication they needed and the medication they received..that was 1000x stronger, being almost identical)
Of course the drug company is saying they can't be sued, as they met the FDA standards.
Some children have already died because of this very thing so good for him for using his 'star power' to be heard.

Don't get the Clooney thing. Never will, I guess. He just looks like he smells bad and probably scratches himself in public.

Has anyone ever heard about some shady thing with Charlize (who yes, is stunning)? Something about how a family member died in a supposed 'accident'? Could be I'm imagining things but I could have sworn there was talk a few years ago about her being suspected of involvement of an accident or such of a loved one.

Oh well, go Dennis Quaid!

Unknown said...

Are the Rooks on that Chess set the 'Twin Towers'? Wow!
This does seem like a rather inappropriate gift.

I think Christina looks pretty darn good and can pull off some pretty different ensembles, but I'd love to see her embrace a more natural look. Ah well, it's all part of her image, right?

Jesse D said...

Charlize's mom killed her dad, like shot or stabbed him. He was abusive.

No pity here, I can't stand her. Can't. Stand. Her. Stuck-Up. Ass. Drives me crazy. She's a shitty actress, too.

jax said...

sweater- charlize's mother stabbed her dad to death in the middle of one of his rages from what i remember. it was ruled self defense.

yummy Simon AND Rufus.

uh oh..Rachel Ray has the pained bloated pregnant face.

Ed Norton is in DC trying to get the age on consent 'self ritcheous' lol.

lutefisk said...

Glad to see Greg Louganis up and out.

Paris Hilton trying to look virginal?? Ha ha.

ablake said...

Thanks for clearing that up Jesse and Jax :D
I had no idea. Wow.

Moonmaid said...

Simon Baker {{swoon}} I was a total Guardian junkie. I also watched that film about the interracial romance about 5 times on cable.

I wouldn't care about the deoderant thing with him. I'm sure he smells like heaven.

califblondy said...

I would pump George

's gas anyday!

Anonymous said...

Simon Baker is cute and that movie that he came out can't remember the actress was very cute. Seen it maybe twice. If he doesn't wear deodorant probably he is allergic to use it.

Ed Norton don't like him. If he wants to change the age of consent their must be a good reason he wants that. Like maybe he hangs
out with minors.

Unknown said...

I can't smell Simon through pictures so I really don't care if he doesn't wear deoderant!

Greg Louganis looks really good here! I'm glad he's doing well and apparently remains in good health. Best wishes to him!!

duncanpowers said...

No wonder celebs always think we want to hear their political opinions; apparently they're being called to testify before Congress every time someone breathes.

Unknown said...

Wow, even in a pic where her face is (mostly) away from the camera, you can tell how badly Nikki Cox f*cked up her lips... O_o

Simon Baker (nice) AND Rufus Sewell (much much than "nice") ???? WOW. Happy Thursday to

The Dude Abides said...

Actually, it was primarily the fault of the hospital for the Quaid twins' heparin overdose. The nurse gave them the huge dose (something like 10,000mg) when it should have been more like 100mg. However, it's the fault of the manufacturer for having the two different packages of heparin come with similar colors.

Unknown said...

Charlize Theron is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

hi simon baker hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


liveunderarock said...

Love Simon Baker. I hope this is just the first of many appearances of Simon in random photos.

Judi said...

No, I think you've shown Rufus once before. Love him.
Yup, agree with the concensus re Simon B. Nice.
No more Paris. Ever. She wouldn't know a can can if it kicked her in the a$$.
Posh and Niurka are ridiculous. Charlize is a 1st class tyrant b*tch.
Isabella's daughter is Elettra Wiedemann.
Nikki Cox = alien fish lips.
Marcia and Greg are 2 of my favorites.
Looks like George C. has gained some weight. He looks good. Christina, however, never looks good.
Love Craig Ferguson! Ego the size of Montana but very funny.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

@Jax ~ RR pregnant? uh-oh!I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what materializes.


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