Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jodie And Cydney Call It Quits

It just goes to show you why you should never talk about your significant other in public or in a magazine article or a television show because in the next instant what seemed to be a great 14 year relationship could be done. The Enquirer is reporting that Jodie Foster and her long time partner Cydney Bernard are calling it quits.

It was only in December that she finally opened up in public for the first time about her relationship, and look, wham, five months later, it's done. Guess maybe she didn't see it coming or she was trying desperately to keep it going or just appeasing Cydney. Who knows? Cydney who has been there for both of the births of their children and is nine years older than Jodie has been around for what seems like forever, and by Hollywood standards is forever.

Honestly I don't think Jodie Foster is the easiest person to probably live with, and combine that with the fact that she is the reason a President was shot and you can kind of see why she is a bit of a control freak and always a little on edge. She never answers the phone, doesn't have any staff, and until a few months ago didn't have a cell phone. You would think that someone who is as rightfully afraid of stalking as anyone on the planet that she would in fact want a cell phone. I guess she though real life was like the movies and that a policeman would magically appear or she would be able to use CGI to battle her way out of a life threatening situation. OK, she probably got it because she needed a way to call AAA, but my way sounds more fun.
I actually think they were a great couple and to me Cydney was a saint, because in case you haven't been able to read between the lines of the last few paragraphs, Jodie can be, not so much fun to be around, and that seems to be almost a 24/7 kind of thing from her. 14 years of that can leave anyone needing a break or a drink, or both.


Anonymous said...

Makes me kinda sad :( But just goes to show ya, homo or hetero, confused, bi, whatever you are, ALL relationships can fail without the proper maintenance!

Mother Campfire said...

Indeed. And their relationship lasted a helluva lot longer than most. So why can't they legally wed? Psh.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, the current state of institution of marriage is a violation of the Constitution. "church" and "state"--how can those possibly be seperate when we're allowing religion-fueled standards of morality dictate who can have a marital union? Seperation of church and state my ass.

califblondy said...

Their similar look is kinda scarey, IMO. I wouldn't want to look at my lover and see myself. Hell, if wanted to screw myself why even bother with a lover? I prefer to go with the opposites attract thing.

~crazy peanut~ said...

@ Bad Fish....Bravo. :) So well said.

weezy said...

I'd thought they'd be breaking up, or Jodie was planning it, because the interviews she's given over the last 6 months have not mentioned Cydney -- at all. She actually did a Woman's Day (I think?) interview describing herself repeatedly as a single parent and the difficulties therein.

jax said...

jesus if she were that bad in a marriage how nasty is she going to be NOT getting laid?

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem why 2 people no matter the gender that they should get married.

The church can be a hypocrite about things. Just like these priest that were and still are sexually abusing and they get away with it (some) by being transfer to another country.

Ice Angel said...

Sorry, but have to call foul on two issues:

1.) Completely unfair to say that Jodie was the cause of a president being shot. Reagan was shot because some lunatic wanted to get someone's attention by becoming famous for killing someone.

2.) While I agree with the contention that gay couples should be allowed to marry, why the completely unrelated bash at the church?

Ice Angel said...

Could you please reference the Article of the Consitution that states a separation of church and state?

It simply says that the state shall make no state religion. This was to eliminate a theocratic form of government. To say that marriage is against the Constitution is a bit of a stretch!

Anonymous said...

Cydney probably saw Nim's Island and said, no more! (seriously that movie had more obnoxious product placement than anything I'd seen before. And it was bad.)

Joanna said...

Awww, this news makes me sad. Although, it makes sense that Jodie Foster's traumatized hyper anti-stalkerisms would catch up to her eventually. It's also not completely unexpected, I guess, considering that she did always call herself a single parent. Still, this was one of the mainstay couples that I hoped would stay together for much longer. Ah well.

plot said...

"It simply says that the state shall make no state religion."

Which is consistently interpreted as a complete separation of church and better men and women than you and I.

Religion doesn't belong in government (a universe away if possible.) It is clear from the letters and legal articles by Toms Paine and Jefferson, Hamilton, Washington, Franklin, Adams, and Monroe that the reviled old religious governments of Europe were to be shunned by law in the US.

My family came here to be free of religious tyranny, prejudice and idiot superstitions. YOU may want your god to rule us all, make you feel special with all your inane sacred rituals - but that is NOT the role of my government.

Winston Ono said...

Wow. So sad. They outlasted so many Hollywood marriages I really thought they would last forever.

Parsley Mostly said...

um, since when did marriage equate the state being mucked up with the church?

separation of church and state was designed because in England, the head of the state was the head of the church, too, and thus the people's taxes went to the church. remember the whole business between the catholics and the protestants? please, learn some history.

now, people can get married in the US without any church involvement. it is a choice of the marrying couple if they want it done in a church, by a clergy person. people can get married in the court house by a judge - no religion necessary.

again - any involvement of a church or religious sect in a marriage is purely due to the wedded couples wishes.

so i don't understand what the hell you're bitching about. i'm guessing you're really young. maybe in college, with some show off uber lib professor? that, or that's the line of BS you feed your girl friends, or your boy friends (in that case, you don't mean it, you just want to sound cool enough for them to marry.)

sucks gay people can't get married. i would love to wed my girly friend. but it's not a church's fault, and really it's not the governments fault. when enough people decide THEY want it, and want to support it, it WILL happen. we're just waiting on YOU.

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember Jodie giving some interview where she mentioned never having been in love, and at the time we were all like, "Gasp! What does poor Cydney think about that statement??"

Or is it some other couple I'm thinking of???

At any rate, when your SO is quoted as saying they are not in love, and you thought you were . . . time to hit the road

plot said...

"um, since when did marriage equate the state being mucked up with the church?"

Since the Church says that marriage is a sacred right between a man and a woman - the church hamstrings our gov't into an exclusively religious view of marriage.

"separation of church and state was designed because in England, the head of the state was the head of the church, too, and thus the people's taxes went to the church"

Um, sorry, no. Religion was as destructive a force in society then as now. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre? Russian Pogroms? 100 Years War? Crusades? Inquisition? Any of these ring a bell?

The US government was founded on the principle that religion should have none of the destructive influence that it had in Europe. The issue of taxes had very little to do with it. Read, child, READ.

Judi said...

The California Supreme Court will issue their ruling on same-sex marriage tomorrow.
That this relationship is over really shocks me. No one is a saint, Enty.

Parsley Mostly said...

i read. ha ha, i teach!

i'm not saying that religious involvement in government is a good thing. you're pointing out things to pick at that aren't really an issue.

all i am saying is that when people get married the only time church involvement happens is when the people getting married want it. the church doesn't hamstring the government into anything. if something an old guy in rome bothers you, well, that's your problem. the reason gay marriage isn't allowed in most states is due to the people's choice, not that of any church. who cares what they think, anyway? it takes time for things like this to come about. women got the right to vote when enough men said "enough"! the african-american civil rights movement gained grounds once enough people said, "hey that's fucked up" and backed the cause.

geez, all i'm saying is if you want to blame someone and bitch about the church and government, blah blah blah, then maybe you should start with yourself. it's the people who will make it happen.

paranoid much?


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