Friday, May 16, 2008

Someone Still Likes NKOTB

Pouring rain on a Friday morning in New York City and still, The Today show had its biggest crowd ever to see one of their Friday morning concerts. About 3,000 people showed up to watch NKOTB rub themselves down with Ben Gay and Grecian formula and head back out on stage again. After spending all the money they made the first time around, the group decided to take advantage of the fact that people seem to be willing to spend hundreds of dollars per ticket to see groups which weren't all that great the first time around.

Hey, I would do the same thing if I were in their position. I'm probably just jealous that they are all going to get 8 figures when they go on tour, and have hair. Kind of. I don't Here is NKOTB from The Today Show.


captivagrl said...

no thanks.

canadachick said...

seriously who cares ? no one you could make it on your own so you come back together ? Umm yah ok...your fans have grown up and got over having your poster in their bedroom least i hope they did

HthrHllywd said...

Hahaha my 26 and 27 year old hard working, college graduate, master degree holding sisters and I have every intention on going to see them in Denver and waiting in line to get the tickets in June so shut it haha.

Don't insult, just enjoy =]

jax said...

how fucking sad. seriously i hope donnie never works aagin after this i have lost what little respect i had for the guy. desperate party of 5!

Anonymous said...

hthrhllywd - I'll see you there! Total cheese, but fun cheese!

schneefloeckli said...

Well, I thought Donnie was great in The Sixth Sense. I didn't even realize it was him until I checked IMDb.


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