Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Hollywood Gossip - Good Thing Most Of These People Are Dead

So while rummaging through the Daily News to find their blind item this morning I came across some tidbits they had about the upcoming release Hollywood Babylon - It's Back. Yep, it's coming out so I thought I would share what the NY Daily News had and what else I could find as well. Do I think they are true? Actually I do. When people feel invincible and have no fear of getting caught or any punishment, they will go further and further away from the path of normality. Stars in the golden age of Hollywood got away with much more than would ever be possible now. As Rock Hudson once said, "In Hollywood, you can keep a mistress, or a boyfriend, maybe both. You can go gay, -bi, or pan-sexual. Just don't tell anybody, and don't get caught." Pretty tough to get caught when everyone had an interest in maintaining your image as perceived by fans.

Besides just Hollywood, the authors go global and talk about a former Pope and his many male lovers.

They talk about Joan Crawford and how she made as much money being a porn star as she did being a regular actress.

They have lots of full frontal shots of both males (you have already seen all they have) and females.

They accuse James Dean of being a child molester (12 year old boy), and Errol Flynn as an incestuous child molester along with Cray Grant who diddled his step-son.

Elvis Presley was bisexual, and Lucille Ball started off as a hooker.

People had sex with Judy Garland after she died. I know, I know. But, we also all know that we will probably be first in line to buy the book when it comes out.


Kat said...

Yeah, about that Judy Garland necrophilia thing...ummm, what?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

EWWW! Who wants to watch JOAN CRAWFORD doin' it?

My favorite actress of that era is Ingrid Bergman. I know she was a controversial actress for her time, but dear GOD I hope she was never a hooker or anything.

Unknown said...

Well, there was also a man who created a female persona and then won an Oscar...oh yeah, it was just some guy doing some of Alice Brady's lines...yawn.

SHE SHE said...

Uh, is it just me, or has the entire world gone insane? This book sounds really sick.

canadachick said...

i'm curious about Tommy Boy on the cover - wonder what they reveal about him (as if we dont' already know !!)

PeepStone said...

I bet Lucy was a hilarious hooker!

jax said...

god damn i know what i'm reading next.
hollywood got a way with shit loads because there were no paps really and no damn internet.
this is going to be juicy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, anyone else's jaw just hit the floor? The Joan Crawford thing is a shocker.

CT-Hilltopper said... have a lot of explaininnnn to do ( in my best Ricky Ricardo accent)...LOL

littleoleme said...

Oh I'm all over this!

Unknown said...

Both peepstone and indigobiatch had me in stitches.
Great minds think alike. I bet she WAS a hilarious hooker!

OH, and that Judy Garland thing? ICK! That's just effing sick!

Impertinent Vixen said...

The Joan Crawford thing has been a rumor for decades, with absolutely no proof. She did do nudie photos, however, which showed up in Hollywood Babylon 2 by Kenneth Anger (who, by the way, should SUE the pants off these authors for using that title!)

Let me guess some other rumors that will undoubtedly make it into this book:

Valentino: Super gay. (Probably not though; he was a sucker for a strong woman though.)

Nancy Regan: Known for giving great blow jobs.

Tyrone Power: Knocked up Lana Turner; she had to get an abortion.

Actress Kay Francis had 10, count 'em, 10 abortions.

So hard to say after so long a time whether any of these are true, or just somebody packing a book with scandalous allegations about the long-deceased.

merrick said...

old hollywood had what were known as "fixers." I know that new hollywood has them too, Halle Berry for instance has a guy who "takes care" of things for her .. such as messy divorces and such .. so I am sure there are many many things that would come as a surprise to us that have been covered up with money and such .. things that havent even reached the blind item level .. love me some scandal

The Cocoanut Grove said...

Lana aborting Ty Power's baby isn't a rumor tho, she writes about it in her memoir.

lutefisk said...

I recently read the Marilyn Monroe sex tape was a hoax. I'm sure a lot of these are true, but with most/all of these people dead, there is no way to prove it.
And that Judy Garland thing?--that is hideouse however you look at it. said...

"Nancy Reagan" and "blow jobs" should never, ever appear in the same sentence.

Amber said...

So there are actual videos out there of Joan Crawford doing the nasty?

audrey said...

Back in the day the studio heads went ballistic covering up and paying off anyone who knew something scanalous about one of their stars. The gossip columnist of the two major papers were bitchy and bribable, and magazines only came out once a month, so it was just easier to hide/get away with a scandal or two.

redgurl72 said...

Supposedly the Tom Cruise story kept this book from being published for a long time.The original story might not have made it past the lawyers but it was something along these lines:He was a rent boy way back in the early days, contracted Syphilis, didn't treat it in time and it made him a little crazy.
Think this was all mentioned on Lainey?


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