Friday, May 16, 2008

Kirsten Dunst Drinking Again?

The last thing this world needs is Kirsten Dunst on another out of control drinking rampage, but it appears that only a few months after leaving rehab, she probably should go back for a little refresher. According to Star, Kirsten has been partying almost every night, with each night being more crazy than the one before. What usually starts out as Kirsten trying to behave, inevitably ends up with her throwing herself at any guy who smiles at her. I would think that after the 15th guy realizes that Kirsten will kiss and grope anything that perhaps the rest of the guys would not want to be a part of it.

The "insider" stated that, "she was just completely out of it. It was obvious that whatever happened in rehab didn't stick."

Well, with Kirsten you can't ever really be sure if she is being normal or not because she is always pretty much out of it. I think even if she was sober she would pretty much be out of it. Not to cross swords with Star, but from what I've heard she has actually been pretty good since getting out of rehab. Perfect? Hell no. This is Kirsten we're talking about, but she has been pretty good, and fairly boring. Whatever partying she has been doing has been with friends and at home away from prying eyes and cameras. I can't even remember when the pap last spotted her which means she has learned her lesson and also goes to show everyone that even someone who was in pap photos almost every day can disappear from them should they choose. Unless you have a pap parked in front of your house, it is your decision whether or not you are going to get snapped. Remember that when you see a celebrity complaining about the cameras.


CT-Hilltopper said...

I don't think Kirstin ever stopped drinking.

Sometimes I think these celebs check themselves into rehab just to be trendy.

Anonymous said...

Meh, who cares about this scowling snaggle tooth bland old bitch.

mooshki said...

Phew, that means that Ryan Gosling escaped her claws.

Plebian said...

Her exes are doing so much better without her. Must be a reason.

sillyme said...

Wasn't she the answer to the Defamer blind about the idiot who made "poo angels" all around her hotel room?


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