Friday, May 16, 2008

Reese Witherspoon Has Cheap Neighbors

Reese Witherspoon has been bragging on her daughter Ava for making cupcakes and then selling them in front of the house to raise money for breast cancer research. I think it is amazing, and I can see why Reese was bragging. Reese said that Ava raised $100 in 2007 selling the cupcakes.

Ummm. $100? Last I checked Reese lived in Brentwood. Even if Ava is charging a quarter or something for each cupcake which is possible, you would think that one of the multi-millionaires having noticed the sign that said the proceeds were going to breast cancer research and the fact that it is Reese's daughter would have coughed up a $20 or $100 bill. I can't imagine anyone anywhere in the country who wouldn't give the kid more than they were asking when they know it is going to a good cause.

And you know it is because I highly doubt that Ava was left outside unsupervised. $100? The maids in the houses probably find that much laying around in the cushions of the couch each day. When Ava gets her cooking on again this year I expect all of Reese's neighbors to make a larger contribution. Yes, I know her neighbors don't read this blog, but their kids and employees, do and so you convince them to each give $100 to Ava for each cupcake.


jax said...

it can't be true but she looks knocked up in that angle.
i thought you had to have sex for that?

Anonymous said...

I like this little tidbit. Bravo Reese for teaching your daughter the value of hard work and charity.

canadachick said...

i think its just the tie to her sweatpants....cause we know her and Toothy aren't happening.

Maja With a J said...

Yeah, a hundred bucks is considered unbelieveable riches for most little kids...perhaps her kids just are not as spoiled as many other Hollywood children. I really like Reese Witherspoon so that's going to be my theory.

Jackie said...

Reese Witherspoon is a fake - "charity" is just good PR to her. Good PR and good money.

Money vs. Integrity

This past weekend I participated in my 2nd Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Last year I walked the 39 miles in 2 days with my mom - a 9-year survivor - and my sister in Boston. This year I decided to try the other side of the playing field and volunteer to be a part of the crew. Of course I jumped at the chance to be a part of the motorcycle crew, which is responsible for controlling people busy intersections - both walkers and drivers.

Every time I'm a part of this event - even the few times my mom did it by herself and we went up as a family to cheer her on - I'm blown away at how generous and driven people are. This year I got a small taste of the other group of people who seem to be unable to wait an extra 30 seconds for some of the 3000 people walking to make it through a crosswalk. All-in-all people were very supportive though.

One highlight this year for the Avon Foundation was their new honorary chair, Reese Witherspoon. She was going to come to the DC Walk and walk the last mile and a half or so with the walkers. Or so the crew was told (it was supposed to be hush-hush for the walkers, a big surprise). Instead, we got to closing ceremonies and found out that she stopped at a couple of places and didn't actually walk at all. Being the bikers that we are, the moto safety crew of course had more jokes to tell than a person could handle. After dealing with psychotic drivers all weekend who were more interested on saving 30 seconds and trying to run us over, joking was what kept us positive. At the closing ceremonies she just added to the humor by saying "awesome" and "exciting" every other word. I'll admit, I laughed my ass off because its funny to see celebrities who think they can wing it.

After I got home though I got to thinking - was her small appearance still worth it? Most of the walkers, and even some of the crew members, had no idea as to the extent of Reese's initial commitment (sure, arguably we could have been told her commitment was a lot bigger than it actually was so that we could be prepared for anything), so the fact that a celebrity showed up at their event was enough for them. And just having her face attached to the organization will quite likely help push the fundraiser totals much, much higher. But at what cost? Her integrity? Our integrity?

I'm normally the type of person that believes if you're going to care, then care. Pretending to care just upsets me, and photo shoots aren't my bag of tea. I feel a little like I'm being mocked for caring. Like the person is saying, "Oh look, I can do it too without caring, aren't you silly for taking the time to care." But as the daughter of someone who once relied on this type of funding just to stay alive, even considering being against a huge source of income for the cause is ripping me apart. If there is no financial investment, there is no amount of caring in the world that can cure this disease.

And so I ask...

Which is more important - personal investment or financial investment?

Reese Witherspoon vs. Integrity

E! Online: Squawk-a-Thon

Unknown said...

Gee, Jackie, maybe we can confirm jax's original assessment that Reese looks pregnant -- maybe this is why she didn't run? Otherwise, you're right -- why just be a talking head??

blankprincess said...

Frankly, I don't care if Reese sits on her ass and rides a flatbed float while waving like a frickin' homecoming queen--Avon is a HUGE industry, and the more people who buy the little bracelet or keychain or whatever just because they see her face associated with the brand, the better.

Jackie, you should ABSOLUTELY be commended for your hard work, dedication, and compassion for this cause. However, Ms. Witherspoon is just as busy a gal as any of the rest of us, I'm sure, and if she prefers to bring in money by using her face and her name, that's awesome too.

Three cheers for everyone. We are having a citywide "Race for the Cure" tomorrow and our downtown is already shutting down tonight in preparation (and is getting meticulously lined with the pretty green porta-potties). I'm truly awed.

Siemens said...

In Reese's defense, she's been attending my family's church for years without any fanfare. She flies below the radar, signs her kids up for Sunday classes exactly like everyone else does, and makes zero attempt to draw attention to herself every time she's there. When you see her daughter playing the little parachute-with-ball games at the annual picnic, you instantly get that this is something "normal" that Reese grew up with that she also wants for her children. So I think it's entirely possible that she just wants to do something positive with her fame, as a number of celebrities do. And good for her.


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