Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

I believe someone used the term "gorg" to describe Angelina Jolie in this photo. I just like the fact they all wear black.
Oh, I also like the fact they even though they are in France, they still head to McDonalds like all Americans because as much as we loathe McDonalds in the US, we all feel a little love when we see the arches.
Ali Landry hosted the first hot moms party. Does anyone see anything wrong with that? Why not all moms? Is the doorman actually telling moms they aren't hot enough?
E.G. Daily rocks. Plain and simple. With the exception of an unfortunate marriage to Rick Salomon, she is incredible. Plus, she was engaged to Jon-Erik Hexum when he died. If he thought she was cool, then you know she is ok. She has a new album out, and even if you don't recognize her face, each one of your kids probably knows who she is.

If I made as much money as Denzel Washington does, I would have even a bigger smile than that. This is Denzel on the set of his new film.
Donny Osmond shows off his correspondence school knowledge of chiropractic medicine.
This is Daisy Fuentes. Unfortunately I can't figure out if it was Matt Goss who was how shall I say, enjoying the fruits of Daisy in those photos from a few weeks ago.
The Jonas Brothers - Irvine, CA

Its her wedding day. No snark.
Goldie Hawn I like. Her daughter. Not so much.
Why exactly did Geri Halliwell write a book?
Goldfrapp - London

Jack White - London

Jodie Sweetin looks pretty darn good for just having a baby three weeks ago.
You know. They really do make a decent couple.
Jamie Lynn Sigler looks really good. I will keep it at that because those restraining orders finally stopped, and I would prefer to keep it that way.
Jimmy Fallon announces he is running for President. First promise is not to make any more films.

Nelly - London

Happy Mother's Day Michelle Williams. Give Matilda a big kiss.
I hope Liv Tyler managed to have a great Mother's Day also.
Leggings for the masses. Kneepads are a complimentary bonus.
Kate Flannery in the making me smile big photo of the day.

Looks like all is right again in the world of the Lacheys.
After awhile, they make me even believe. If it gets drilled in your head long enough, you just give in.
Snoop Dogg - Irvine, CA
Sex And The City is shot entirely in New York and always has been so of course it makes perfect sense to have the premiere in London.
Love this reader photo.


CarolMR said...

Jenna looks beautiful.

Jasmine said...

Shiloh is absolutely striking. Little Zahara is gorg too, but damn, they need to do something with her hair! That's going to be a bitch to comb out when she actually wants to style it.

kellygirl said...

Gawd knows I am NO fan of the Bushies
but I have to admit, I'm impressed at the low-key affair officated by an Obama backer.

this may be the first APPROPRIATE thing I've seen from this family in 7 years.

Kudos Jenna!

Jasmine said...

By the way, go Daisey! Matt Goss is HOT!

Unknown said...

Seeing Jen and John like that makes me sad!

Stoopid kooger.....

That reader photo is gorge! I really like the moodiness of it.

Maja With a J said...

Wasn't Matt Goss in a boy band with his twin brother Luke and some other guy who passed away? Or am I completely off my rocker?

Off my rocker. I can't believe I just used that expression.

Unknown said...

Oh, Enty! Jack White! I owe you BIG for finally posting a picture of my favorite man!

lutefisk said...

Great reader photo--it looks like she is about to report today's weather--I am trying to make out the plates on the truck to see if I can make an educated guess.

Lucy said...

E.G. Daily was my favorite Valley Girl :P said...

I love Jack White too, but what's up with that Little Boy Blue hairdo?

MnGddess said...

E.G. Daily is Tommy Pickles, right?

Great reader photo!

I may make it one of my goals to get up enough guts to send in a reader photo....someday....

Unknown said...

I agree, Brenda--that haircut isn't doing it for me. But I'll forgive him anything.

IndigoBlue said...

Oh, Enty, John Erik Hexum reference! He was probably my first big star crush back in the day. I was so devastated when he died. I actually shed tears. But then again, I was like 11 or something.

selenakyle said...

Anyone else think Mathilda has her daddy's eyes?

plot said...

matilda has got his nose too. She looks so much like him.

Reese said...

Love the reader photo; it reminds me of a picture I saw the other day of Marianne Faithful, back in her prime.

Identify yourself!

jax said...

Harriet- Craig Logan is alive and well..he's an agent to some big name sin the UK. but yes that was Bros.

reader photo-damn you look cold, must be Canadian.

the black dresses on Jolie and co were from ballet class. cute as hell.

Jenna Bush looks pretty. that's all i'm sayin.

i go to Mcd's in foreign lands to see if it really all tastes the same. it does which scares me.

goldfrapp-tell me why they don't do the Bond theme again?

Jen and Mayer- perfect douchebag n bitch bliss. funny isn't it we only see pics of jen with a new man and never anywhere else? ain't that wierd?? eye roll.

matilda- your cute lil face makes me want to weep for you. sadness.

man i cannot beleive she put kneepads on her leggings. this has ashton all over it.

Maja With a J said...

CRAIG LOGAN! *LOL* Thanks Jax. I can see the pictures in my head.

And the reader photo...sure looks like springtime in Calgary!

littleoleme said...

Love the reader photo!

Jon Eric Hexum - I still remember that amazing deep voice he had.

SJP - you look stupid with that thing on your head. Really. Someone may suggest you wear it but have a brain and know it will not work. Maybe on the catwalk at a couture show but not on the streets. Twit.

Amber said...

I thought you loved Kate Hudson, Ent!

Shiloh and Zahara look like they're coming from a ballet class or something, cute :)

lol I wonder if anyone will actually buy those kneepad leggings.. Ent you can buy a bunch for workers at People.

califblondy said...

I love the reader photo. Who in the world would be brave enough to pose with wet hair and looks so damn good doing it?

Hell, I'd be scared to post a glamor shot!

Unknown said...

I agree that the reader in the photo looks a little like a young Marianne Faithful. She looks great! But who is it? Come out, come out!

jax said...

im guessing jlb for reader photo.
no clue why,just am.

lauramart said...

Well I thought it was jax, only because it looks like the Lower Mainland in the reader photo, and I thought you were from Van.

RagDoll said...

READER Photo: Either young Marianne Faithfull, or young Rebecca DeMornay...fess up!!! :)

E.G. was in an old failure of a River Phoenix movie called "Dogfight." I loved her in that!

jax said...

Dogfight was a great movie!

nope not me in the reader pic but it does look like the Lower

jlb said...

LMAO Jax, I was thinking it was you based on the "BC weather". Not me either.

And I loved Dogfight too - one of the best movies River was ever in IMO - that one and Running on Empty. said...

That is totally Marianne Faithful.

Amy said...

Poor miserable looking reader in a miserable looking climate.

Maja With a J said...

Miserable indeed after having walked home in that pouring spring rain.
The reader photo is of me. And thanks for all your kind comments! :)

kellygirl said...

if ya'll ever see a reader photo of crazy Pilates teacher in Malibu surrounded by Golden Retrievers and teenagers --

Production Girl said...

Jennifer A looks really pretty here.

Nelly = YUMMY!!!!

Booooooo S&TC premiere in London is a dis to us New Yorkers.....

OMG Matilda looks exactly like her father.

GammaGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GammaGirl said...

I had no idea EG Daily was so, um, HOT! I'll never forget her name because she was the voice of Tommy on Rugrats (which has been on air since 1991,I promise I'm not a tween!)

Every picture I see of Matilda and Michelle makes my heart ache.

selenakyle said...

Hi harriet!
I don't even see your poor drenched hair...because (as Lainey says), your lips are the "gorgessity!"
Way to look fresh in such bad weather!

Reese said...

I'm not familiar with E.G. Daily's singing, but she has been around forever. She was in a Rod Stewart video as a runaway teenager in the very early 80s (before I was born). She doesn't look that much different now then she did in that video.

Bridget Unnel said...

I saw Goldfrapp in NYC a week or so ago. They were absolutely amazing. Despite still getting over a cold, Alison Goldfrapp delivered the proverbial goods. She has an incredible voice and it is frustrating to see her go widely unrecognized and underappreciated while poptarts like Miley Cyrus rake in the dough...

sauvage said...

Am I the only one to think the John Mayer/Jennifer Aniston coupling is just another Ashton Kutcher-hoax?

Mauricio M. said...

I know all of you love Matt Goss. Daisy Fuentes looks great too Sweet..........:)


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