Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elvis Presley? Come On UK

Warner Video took some kind of poll over in the UK to promote their show Pushing Daisies. First of all promoting a show that has already died a death seems kind of a waste, but whatever. Anyway, they took a poll of people in the UK asking them which celebrity they would most like to see return to life. 25% of the people picked Elvis.

You can't be serious. Look, I've been to Graceland 5 or 6 times so I do enjoy the gaudiness of an Elvis. But, he wasn't that great when he died. The only good thing I can see out of it would be it would give him the chance to finish divorcing Priscilla.

I wouldn't want that fat f**k back right now in Vegas singing that schlock of his. Remember it is not bringing someone back at their height of fame, just bringing them back. So if you bring back Elvis, you are going to get the sitting on the toilet for four hours at a time Elvis.

Here is the top 10 list from the people polled.
1 Elvis Presley
2 Princess Diana
3 Marilyn Monroe
4 Winston Churchill
5 Bobby Moore
6 William Shakespeare
7 Henry VIII
8 Freddie Mercury
9 Albert Einstein
10 Kurt Cobain

Definitely Marilyn because I have some questions for her. Freddie Mercury because I think he should have a proper going away concert. Kurt Cobain for sure so he can go ahead and kick Courtney's ass and explain about the gun and the fingerprints. I'll take a little Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison with just a shot of Jim Hendrix. I would love some Phil Hartman, John Candy and John Belushi.


califblondy said...

I wonder where Princess Di ended up on the list?

I'd give a vote to Andy Gibb.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Pushing Daisies isn't dead. ABC is relaunching it this fall.

Unknown said...

In random order, mine would be:
- Princess Diana
- MLK Jr
- Judy Garland
- Tupac
- Bob Marley

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Also, #1 is Phil Hartman. Absolutely. No questions. I'd probably put Cobain #2, and Brad Nowell from Sublime at #3 (hey, I think they were on the verge of hugeitude....) Mercury, Candy, and Farley would be on there, too.

After that, it gets fuzzy.

Also -- Henry VIII? Really?

kris said...

I really enjoyed that show...was hoping it would come back.

jlb said...

I totally agree for Phil Hartman.
& Jim Morrison.

Terry Fox
Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr.

mooshki said...

Pushing Daisies is definitely coming back. It's my least favorite of Bryan Fuller's shows, but I still like it.

jax said...

Princess Diana
Heath Ledger
River Phoenix
Marilyn Monroe- same as you EL.
Kurt Cobain- so he could tell Court Love AND Doc Martens to fuck off and then turn around and shoot himself.on his own terms at least lol.

Burgundee said...

Definitely Phil Hartman for #1. My #2 would be Sam Kinison.

Lil said...

Amen for Phil Hartman. It was definitely not his time to go. Still miss that guy. Freddie Mercury, too and then get him on some serious anti-HIV meds pronto. How Queen could think they are any good without him is beyond me.

Kristen S. said...

One name only for me: Carl Sagan

merrick said...

I can only hope that kurt has hooked up with the lizard king to write more beautiful poetry for jimi to put to music and my girl pearl to sing .. what a song that would be!

what is eight past six? said...

I'd bring back people who were taken to soon, who were still at their peak and clearly not descending, or hadn't yet reached it but were rising.

So - Aaliyah would be my number one pic. I'd also bring back Tupac, Phil Hartman, Heath Ledger, and River Phoenix. I don't know about Marilyn, but I never followed her career so I don't know if she was past her peak or not. I don't think she was though.

I wouldn't bring back Anna Nicole - she was too tragic all around. I wouldn't bring back Churchill or Einstein because unless Einstein had some time travel theorem that he never got to finish, I think they both accomplished everything they were going to in their lifetimes.

what is eight past six? said...

*too soon. My number one pet peeve is people mixing up to/too/two, and yet it's my number one typo.

anon said...

ha!! of all the people throughout history you really think that tupac would be a better person to bring back than einstein? you have got to be kidding me? a gang banger thug merits more than one of the most ingenius minds ever around? you really think that einstein and churchill accomplished everything they could accomplish, but tupac and heath ledger had tons left to contribute? seriously?

~crazy peanut~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~crazy peanut~ said...

Phil Lynott

Jim Henson

Freddie Merc

Janis Joplin

John Lennon

Unknown said...

Hunter S Thompson

Mitch Hedberg

George Carlin

Audrey Hepburn

catherine said...

i miss ledger but he was pretty much gone before he died, john kennedy jr-m monroe and cobain because i love a mystery.

twitch said...

I would bring back John Lennon and Phil Hartman and hide them from their wives. Also George Harrison. George Carlin I wouldn't mind having around for a while longer. And James Brown! Can't have a party without James.

Carte Blanche said...

John Kennedy Jr.

Kurt Cobain

Marilyn Monroe

because I lurve a mystery too!

gossiphound said...

i agree totally with anon. how can you compare tupac, cobain, hendrix,heath ledger with einstein or churchill or franklin roosevelt? these people actually contributed something to the world. all the dopeheads did was to lead some kids down a bad path. and Ent. don't ever say anything bad about Elvis. he still had more fans that loved him than anyone else that you named. you only said freddie mercury cause he was gay and you are trying to be too cool.

RagDoll said...

Actually, I think Ent. put Freddie Mercury on the list simply because the blog titles pretty much write themselves from that point on. I mean, you can squeeze a lot of juice out of "Old Queen Reunion" as a headline for a post.

I'd love to see what Einstein thinks of the Feynman Lectures, though. I'd love to give him a copy to read,as long as he promised to share his views on it afterwards.

Unknown said...

Gosspihound -
I don't think anybody is 'comparing' Tupac to any of those people that you mentioned. No offense, but you obviously don't know that much about Tupac or his music, or else you would be aware of the fact that Tupac was a hero, a poet, a victim, AND a rapper. That is what made him great, he stuck to his roots, believed in himself, but opened his mind, enlightened people. He was stubborn and resistant, in a good way though. He didn't quit when it got hard. He raps about some VERY real issues...not just shoot-em up, gang bang type stuff.
Depsite what anyone says, Tupac's being on this world for his short life was benevolant to all.

Unknown said...

I always knew about the rumour about Kurt Cobain actually being murdered, but just recently looked into it and there seems to be a bit more substance than your everyday conspiracy theory. Just wondering what all your opinions are. I think murder is quite the possibility.

Anyway -- yeah Kurt, Jesus, Einstein and uh, Gengis Khan.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I think there's a possibility Kurt was murdered, but no one could persuade Seattle police to poke into it further. Someone will reopen it 20 years from now on a Discovery Channel show or something.

Or, maybe Courtney will leave a biography when she dies. it would be just like her to do something like that, trying to assure her immortality.

notvotingforsuckno said...

elliott smith

Joanna said...

Huge second to Elliot Smith. His music is genius and heartbreaking, although he was in A LOT of pain when he was alive.

For me, Ledger would be near the top just because he was close to my heart. I really thought he was just getting started. I'd also want Di, George Carlin and Freddie Mercury. Basically, people within the last 30 or so years that were taken too soon. I'm selfish like that.

The Dude Abides said...

In no particular order:

JFK, RFK, JFK Jr, MLK, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Princess Diana, Peter Sellers, John Belushi, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor

anon said...

and debra- obviously youaren't aware of the contributions to the world that einstein and churchill made. tupac was a gifted music artist, who was very caught up in the gang lifestyle. if he continued on he'd probably have dated jlo and had his own designer clothes brand by now... oh wait, wrong thug "gone artist". maybe you should read a little history and understand all i meant was the contributions to society between a genius and a music artist aren't really comparable. if the question was what music artists, tupac would be in my top 10... but people of all time? nope.

Unknown said...

i am completely aware of the contributions of churchill and einstein...i wasn't the one comparing them to anybody. and even if he did go on to date jlo, that doesn't take away from his relevance.

mooshki said...

Gayla, Marilyn did have big problems, but I've seen some of the footage of the film she was shooting when she died, and she was just ethereally beautiful, and so joyful. The movie was a remake of "My Favorite Wife," which is one of my favorite movies, so I would've loved to have seen it. (Although, I think it would've been like "High Society" - awesome, but not quite as great as the original.)

Gotta agree with everyone on Phil Hartman. Was it Mike Meyers who just said in an interview that Phil was the glue that held their group of friends together? He sounded like the most amazing guy.

I'd like to add Eleanor Roosevelt to the list - she was the most inspiring woman ever. I'd LOVE to hear what advice she'd have for the MySpace tweens! :)

Unknown said...

One thru ten would be John Lennon. What's wrong with these Brits?

Tania said...

Well, they didn't ask ME... ;-) Elvis would certainly not be on my list.

I can't imagine why anyone would want Henry VIII back. He was a bloody psychopath who died several murders too late.

Shakespeare, though - yep. I just want to know if he really wrote the plays!

Sinjin said...

MOZART! Jeez, can't believe he didn't make the list. Also Lennon. Ghandi.


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