Friday, June 27, 2008

Michael Lohan Is A Deadbeat Dad

Add deadbeat dad to the list of accomplishments in life for Michael Lohan. According to OK! Magazine, Michael Lohan fathered a girl who is now 13 when he and Dina were taking a break. Although Michael has known about the daughter and half-sister to Lindsay Lohan for a few years, Lindsay has never met her and Michael has never offered to help out in any way financially. Of course should the girl have an incredible singing voice or any talent which could be exploited Michael would be camped out on her doorstep.

Instead, he just exchanges letters with the girl and probably sends updates on Lindsay and Ali and really tries to make the girl feel completely inadequate.

Lets see. Ali is 14 so Michael went out and got the woman pregnant and then came back and said, "what the hell," and got Dina pregnant again.

OK! claims they have copies of letters he has written to the girl but they didn't release any of them. As much as I would love to see the letters I actually am glad that OK! decided not to release them. As much as I dislike Michael and this won't improve matters any, I do think the letters should remain private.

I'm also surprised Dina hasn't tried to contact the girl and get her on the show because as I wrote earlier, they need something on that show that is new and exciting because Dina is neither. Oh, I'm sure she has body parts that are new, and she probably has new boyfriends and new ways to get drunk each week, but nothing like this.

I guess Lindsay better start getting more work so Michael can start paying some of his daughter's bills.


kris said...

boy, it just never ends with this family, does it?

Jazz Hands said...

Not to nitpick, but, check your math. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep - if Aly is 14 and the unnamed girl is 13, then he must have gotten The Other Woman pregnant while Dina was still pregnant with Aly. Smooth.

captivagrl said...

this family gets more adorable every day.

lutefisk said...

When Michael Lohan crashed his car a few years ago & went to prison, I went to the accident site & picked up some of the debris as a joke--we put it up on ebay, got 2 bids, & some guy in Florida bought it for $2.00 and change. Not sure why he purchased it--I just wanted to see if anyone would search it on ebay. Anyway, if Lohan has a paypal account, I would be happy to forward the money to him. It was his accident.

WTF said...

isn't the boy the youngest?

Judi said...

Or he left Dina just after Ali was born, got this other woman p.g., and then went back to Dina and got her p.g. with Cody. I just wish they'd all sit down and be quiet.

Unknown said...

I think that Dina was paying the child support all along so this didn't come out and hurt Lindsay's Disney career, and it would have.

Now that there is no income from Lindsay anymore, and Dina hates Micheal she stopped paying. Micheal being the greedy freak he that he is will be trying to sell OK! the "exclusive" which will pay the mother of the "one night stand", I won't say love child because clearly she was an opportunity for a paycheck. It's all so sad.

This whole family is so pathetic, but Micheal will never go away, and it does hurt his children's careers - he's a bottom feeder at his kids expense.


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