Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lets Talk Kanye

For some reason I have just skipped reading Kanye's blog the past few days. I knew he wrote about Bonnaroo and explaining himself, but I just for whatever reason didn't really care and knew that Kanye was going to whine like he always does because he is a 4 year old kid at heart who was spoiled by his mama.

So, last night, after my eyes were burned from the television and my brain cells dropped by the millions (tell you later) I decided to read what Kanye had to say. He actually made some valid points and I would be inclined to believe him and maybe even give him a photo in Random Photos and say some nice things, BUT, he blew it. He made me question everything he said with this one line.

"This is the most offended I've ever been... this is the maddest I ever will be. I'm typing so fucking hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!"

Ummm. did you just throw a plug out in the middle of your rant? Are you looking for a deal from Apple while you are going off on people who disrespect you? What kind of respect are you showing people by trying to make a few bucks while you are hammering away at them and you say you are just in it for the fans. You aren't in it just for the fans, you are in it for the money. You make a big deal of the fact that your set costs so much that you don't make as much money. Umm, you still make more than anyone else touring right now so don't make it seem like you are sacrificing for the fans.

The only thing you are sacrificing is your dignity as you whine and complain about what you do for the fans yet charge some of the highest ticket prices and then yell at fans if they don't appreciate what you do for them or if they don't give you some fan choice award.

Grow up Kanye. Elementary school ended a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Isn't he always whinning about something.

Anonymous said...

You've got a bigger heart than me, sir. I just pictured him angrily holding down the SHIFT key so he could add all those exclamation points and it made me laugh.

Anyway I say he was bragging. He probably has that blinged-out one that costs like $60,000.

HthrHllywd said...

I can just see him being so angry writing it. All in caps. And then all of sudden he writes "Mac Book Air (tm)" (can't forget the trademark) and turns and smiles to a camera. And his tooth does that thing where it shines, like an orbit commercial. And then he turns back to his Mac Book Air (tm) and continues, angrily. While he counts his money in one hand and fondles himself with the other...which begs the question: How does he even type?

Kat said...

I might be in the minority here, but how in the world did this guy achieve such notoriety? I've heard his music, but I've never been wowed by it. He's a product, packaged in a loud, obnoxious, self-absorbed little man who doesn't seem to have even the tiniest bit of decorum when speaking publicly. The sad thing is, he believes his own hype, and somehow he manages to rope other people into it too. It seems like he's always bitching and moaning about something, instead of taking a good look at the success he's had and appreciating it. Is it an act? If it is, it's become really old. If it's not, he needs a good swift kick in the ass.

jax said...

Kanye stop believing your own're not some musical god.

RagDoll said...

Yeah, and Kanye? You're a dope on top of it all, because the MacBook Air sucks. He probably didn't actually have to plunk down any money on his, but the thing is just crap.

Crapple! It's $3K+ (USD) No ethernet port. No DVD drive. Get an external one, and you'll have eaten up your ONE (yeah. one) USB port. Mono speaker. That's SPEAKER. NOT plural.

"but....but....but...the multitouch! It's like a giant iPod!!!!!"

What a freakin' TAMPON Kanye West is!!!!

babyface shane said...


lutefisk said...

I read where ever he goes he leaves boxes of porn behind--always blond women.

what is eight past six? said...

So, the Macbook Air is for people who literally do nothing but check their e-mail and play spider solitaire? Geez. That's a waste.

@ kat: Kanye first got his start because Jay-Z put him on. At the height of Jay's career he took a risk on a no-name producer who literally walked up to him and begged and begged and begged for Jay to listen to his stuff until finally Jay said, "sure, fine." And then Jay actually liked what he heard and that's how Kanye got his foot in the door. Once he got in that way, he got his record deal.

As a rapper he is not a big deal at all but he stood out because at the time that he hit, hip hop was saturated with gangsta and bling-bling rap. 'Socially conscious' rap was being all but ignored. Kanye was neither and had major promotion behind him so people embraced him for daring to be different. I own all his albums, but legendary flow, he does not have. What he does have is a ghostwriter.

I genuinely respect Kanye as a hip-hop producer; overuse for samples aside he definitely has an ear for catchy, infectious music. But even as one of the best producers in the game right now it's not like he's the ONLY good producer there is - he needs a couple more years under his belt before he can officially be on the vet list with Dr. Dre, Timbaland, the Neptunes, and hell, even Lil' Jon has been at it longer than he has. Not to mention that there are always new kids standing in line as we speak.

*starts singing Irreplaceable to Kanye*

what is eight past six? said...

umm, sorry for the windbaggy post. Didn't realize it was going to end up that long and I know y'all don't care, it's just Kanye.

liveunderarock said...

Ent., I am glad you caught that sentence. When I read it yesterday, I thought, Oprah Jr., bragging about the expensive things he can have that most others can't.

Gayla thanks for telling about how Kanye got started. I didn't know. :)

digawina said...

Holy crap, thank you!!! I read that yesterday too and have been annoyed by that sentence ever since! He also probably drives to McDonalds in his Mercedes, instead of in his car and wears his Versaces out to the club, instead of his jeans.

And, Dear Kanye....if your music was half as good as you think, um, you wouldn't need the light show that was so all-important in the first place.


jw12 said...


Thanks for the windbaggy post. I stop listening to hip hop after Bell Biv Devoe broke up. said...

Spider solitaire rocks when you can't sleep.

Emma31 said...

This is what happens when "mamma" says you don't have to listen to anyone and you can do anything you want in life. He has no respect for anything.. What a pain in the ass.

bionic bunny! said...

@ragdoll- actually, it's a pretty cool machine for people who travel a lot, and it ships easy. its the age old argument, apple vs. pc, but it doesn't make this douche any less douchier! :)

that being said,i hate this guy.
when i was in HS, my latin teacher had this bug up her butt for muhammad ali (sp?). this good, christian woman, hated him with all her soul. NOW i understand it!
he's a whiny, self-involved, egotistical, overated,undercooked,pissy panted,idiot.
and that particular comment stood out to me, too, and even though we are apple (tm) only folk in our house, it pissed me off that he stopped in his rant to point that out.
@amarjit: the blinged-out one kind of wastes the whole idea of the whole thing, eh???

Judi said...

No, let's NOT talk Kanye. Moving on.

c17 said...

Ent, just so's you knows, there was a post on Jezebel from someone whose BFF worked Bonnaroo....he REQUESTED his set be moved from around the 8pm hour to after midnight - which happened to be after Pearl Jam. Can't find the link on my pc. Also, here's a link from D-Listed where someone mentions his dickish behavior:

So yeah, I'm bettin' his momma is spinnin' in her grave over his entitled-ass, whiny-baby behavior. I'm just glad she's not here to see it.


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