Monday, June 23, 2008

Michael Madsen Trashed Another Hotel Room

So, you remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about Michael Madsen getting into a huge fight with his wife, at the Dorchester hotel in London right in front of all the guests and his kid and then trashing his hotel room? OK, well it turns out that the reason he was staying in that hotel in the first place was that he had just been kicked out of a hotel in Cardiff for getting into a fight with his wife and completely destroying the room there.

Now, I have been on the road before where bands have trashed hotel rooms on more than two or three consecutive nights. It rarely went more than three nights because on about the third night they realized the damages were coming out of the money they were earning on the road.

However, I have never heard of someone trashing two hotel rooms in two cities in one day. That has to be some type of record. I don't know if Michael is going to be happy about that record, but hey, it's a record.


selenakyle said...

But dear Lord above, is this man HOTTTTTT or what???

Good guy roles, bad guy roles, don't care--no matter what he does, he's hot as living H-E-double hockey sticks!

...but I hope he takes it easy on the wife and mainly the kid, though. Not cool. said...

We might need to call up the Zep to verify that record. Or maybe call the Who - I would imagine Keith Moon might already hold that record.

Anonymous said...

Off to rehab with you, Michael Madsen!

Ayesha said...

What a loser.

notachance said...

He LOOKS hot in that pic, but knowing the personality changes things a for me.

So, what are he & the wife fighting about? Is that just the way they are?

califblondy said...

Come to Mama, Michael.

dahling said...

Is it just me, or does anyone one else see the visual likeness to Mickey Roarke ?? First time I saw KillBill 2 I thought it was MR not MM.Seems they both have a proclivity for drinking and beating. hmmmmm ......handsome in that too-scuzzy-to-actually-want-to-to-do-anything-about-it-way.

Unknown said...

Noooooo not Mickey Roarke! Ack! MM is a very handsome guy. I feel so bad for him, he's gone off the deep end. I almost hope it's drugs and not mental illness.

Something terrible is wrong with him. I know he lost his house on the beach in Malibu last year to foreclosure. I think his life is spiraling out of control, so sad.

Julie said...

I didn't know he lost his house in Malibu!? aww so sad.
All In was a good movie. I know it was made a couple years ago, and it FINALLY came out (straight to video), but yeah. aww

It makes me sad that hes having a difficult time. There are people I couldn't give a shit or two about and then theres Michael Madsen. lol I've professed my adoration/love for him MANY a time on this site.


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