Friday, June 27, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Denzel Washington and his wife Paulette get the top spot. 25 years of marriage in Hollywood is like 4,000 years in the world of "everyday people." Congratulations.
Judging by the number of fans in this photo, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the singer Alizee is fairly popular in Mexico City.
It has been a long time since I have seen Candace Cameron Bure out. She looks fabulous. She actually looks better than she did a few years ago.
It was like a Full House reunion. The only thing missing was Bob Saget running around in his underwear screaming, "look at me."
This is David Coulthard. Kind of an unfortunate last name and probably not true at the time this photo was taken, because Elton John personally checked to make sure that David was wearing his kilt in the traditional manner.

I'm guessing that Chris Tucker hijacked the dessert cart for himself. Must be method acting. Heard he is going to play Rerun.
Coldplay - New York
Courtney Hansen looks a great deal like Jessica Simpson. Sucks for her.
Bebel Gilberto - New York
I think the look on Elton John's face says it all. I'm not actually sure what the look is saying, but I'm pretty sure it says it all.

You know something? Eva Herzigova is not an unattractive woman.
On the other hand, Mischa Barton. Not so much. She's like a damn cockroach that shows up everywhere.
David Walliams and Naomi Campbell. Notice the camera in Naomi's hand. Don't you think that as part of her probation she should only be allowed to carry a nerf wallet.
Daisy Lowe looks like she is having so much fun that I will refrain from commenting on her horrendous pants. I think they are plastic. I keep looking for the drawstring, but don't see it anywhere. So, her father Gavin Rossdale has been in the UK for a few weeks now. No photos of the two together though.
I keep hoping that someday Holly Robinson-Peete will decide to divorce her wealthy former football playing husband and come live in my basement. Hope is what makes life worth living even if there is not shot.

One of my favorite Korean actresses is Han Che-Young. I love this photo.
If you are like me and have no life and find yourself alone on a Saturday night, in front of the television. Booze in one hand, Ben & Jerry's in the other, I recommend highly that you turn on BBC America and watch the Graham Norton show. Yes, it's British but he almost always has an American celebrity on each week. Watch it. If you hate it, then just drink more.
I'm guessing Eric McCormack would like the opportunity for a retake of this photo. Looks like he just left the dentist's office.
I know that some of you despite my best intentions still have a fondness for Elizabeth Hurley. So, every few months I decide to post a photo of her. I thought I could counter that with a photo of Elle Macpherson. You know. Someone who actually is pretty. Then of course, wouldn't you know it, Elle decides to take her curtains from her hotel room and use them as a shawl and stole a headband from Mischa Barton.
I guess I'm confused about what constitutes sobriety these days. Has the definition changed?

When you see Joely Richardson like this, you just say wow.
When you see her with Evgeny Lebedev you ask if it costs extra to see the man with four heads or if it is included in the price of admission.
I think Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. I also think that this photo shows the world of Jim and the world of Mary Kate Olsen. Jim is walking and Mary Kate is about to hop inside that limo. You can just make out her head. She must be standing on her tip toes.
Hey now. Mullets aren't just for the guys anymore are they. I like how dickweed also keeps the "lady" in the middle of the street while he is nice and safe up against the curb.

This is Michael Chugg. Most of you don't know who he is, but he is one of the best, if not the best concert promoter in the world and one of my heroes. He will kill you by the way.

Maroon 5 - New York
I know Laura Dern has been in a couple times this week, but hey, she's pretty cool. The only negative about her I can think of is that she voluntarily had sex with Billy Bob Thornton. More than once.
"Do you think a beard makes me look more manly?"
Kelly Preston at the premiere of Tenth Circle. I kept expecting it to say Tenth Circle From Hell, but no such luck.
I didn't even recognize Petra Nemcova. I think she came to the party with some 70 year old guy so he probably doesn't even care who she is.

Rolled out of bed and came to a party. I need that kind of life.
No exaggeration. I think the necklace on Nathalie Imbruglia's neck goes for around $1M.
You know a trend is f**ked up when Mark McGrath is also wearing a Captain Kangaroo jacket. The a-hole who started this trend must just be laughing his ass off. He used to only be able to rent them at Halloween.
I posted this photo of Mary Kate Olsen because I can't remember the last time I saw a photo of her where she looked genuinely happy.
Zhang Ziyi looks great.

"And the winner of the free stress test goes to..."
Vanessa Amorosi - Melbourne
Soul Asylum - Los Angeles
Well at least he isn't sucking on her breasts in this photo. If you have to ask, I'm sure someone will post a link in the comments. I don't do that kind of thing because this is a family site. Oooh. Big peen coming up in FFF.


junglekitten said...

Hurry HURRY!!! I need me some FFF!!!!!

Jazz Hands said...

Like, 10 years ago, wasn't Mark McGrath kind of hot? The more current pictures i see of him, the more I doubt that I'm remembering that correctly.

lutefisk said...

I hope you have a dehumidifier in that basenment of yours.

Ellen said...

heh. nerf wallet. good one!

also, is it only i that thanks candace has had a bit of work done? maybe it's the angle or just growing up, but i thought she looked a bit tweaked in the eyes/nose area.

joely richardson looks like the sexiest alien i've ever seen. yowza!

kris said...

i can no longer stand Rod after that blind item about him recording all the dirt on his wives...buttmunch said...

Damn, Mark McGrath and Jessica Beil totally need to hook up. Beat down.

captivagrl said...

kelly and john have their little girl ella bleu working. jada and will have their kids working. and now conner cruise is acting in 2 will smith movies. these mini scientologists will be on big screens everywhere.

mooshki said...

Ugh. People still like Elizabeth Hurley? She makes Mischa Barton look angelic.

Does anyone know where Joely Richardson lives so I can give her a cookie?

Ent, why haven't you sicced Mr. Chugg on one or two of the people mentioned in your blog lately?

Is that Jonathan standing next to Kevin Spacey?

Petra, blonde is not your color.

I'd rather stare at the photos of Rod Stewart sucking tit for a month than see one milisecond of the mini-me tape.

captivagrl said...

and, speaking of weird hook-ups( laura dern/billy bob), remember that kelly preston was engaged to charlie sheen? and he shot her.

Lollipop said...

Hey Ent, haven't posted in a while. I just wanted to say you are not the only one who likes Graham Norton. I have been giving his best of show to alot of friends! I love how snarky he is!!

Anonymous said...

mooshki - it certainly does look like Danny Strong gayest straight man on Gilmore Girls ever in that Kevin Spacey photo.

Laura Dern is always welcome.

Joely did that pose twice, which makes me wonder if she realized she has a nasty camel-toe in that highwaisted pant, and was trying to hide it with her leg. Otherwise it is a beautiful color on her.

Bebel Gilberto is FANTASTIC and that is an amazing photo.

jax said...

Mary kate was HIGH.

JT is guarding his dog more than his..bitch. damn she looks like haggard shit lately. i thought 'love' was suposed to make you happy n glow? she looks.. well as miserable as Cammy was with him.

Joely Richardson looks like Joan Crawford NO WIRE HANGERS!

sobriety...well her prob was pills as she says not booze..who knows.

EL you are correct Graham Norton is so fecking funny i watch it twice sometimes. love the 'cooldown'

dude Eva herzigova looks drugged and drugged!

is coldplay trying to go all Sargeant Pepper on us with the matching Oliver Twist coats? blah.

Unknown said...

I can never look at Rod Stewart again!! The sucking titty thing for some reason seemed like child molestation. YEp I know she is his wife.. but that seem sooo wrong!!!

Joely looks horrible. Who let her out the house?
Jessica Biel .. looks BUSTED and not cute

Elle is difficult to look at after she butchered her face. I hate her mask.

Judi said...

Denzel looks thrilled, don't he? Ha! Lovely cake though.
ITA, DN, fabulous photo of Bebel.
Charlie SHOT Kelly? Where was I?!
Rod Stewart's gross. He's just gross.
That's some party! Everyone looks incredible. Beautiful.

Winston Ono said...

Laura Dern was hysterical in Recount. I'd forgotten what a mess Katherine Harris was.

PollyPureBred said...

If MaryKate is high I want some of what she's on!
I haven't seen Soul Asylum in a loooong time, and I have a girl-crush on Vanessa Amorosi

lachickforever said...

Yay Bebel Gilberto is awesome!

Anonymous said...

OK I fucking hate Rod Stewart and those titty sucking pictures were so fucking disgusting, I wanted to barf everywhere.

Denzel and his wife, 25 years...
wonder if Sanaa Lathan was invited. Hmph.

Nicole said...

Mooshki, I think it IS Jonathan! When I noticed him in the picture, I Googled "Kevin Spacey Danny Strong" and found out that he wrote "Recount," the HBO movie that I'm guessing KS was promoting.

trashtalker said...

Joely looks bad, blitzed -- vacant. Her bangs are awful.

Kelly's dress is especially hideous.

Courtney looks more like Maggie Grace than Jessica Simpson.

What was the blind about the actress who shows up at tons of premieres even though she's not in those movies?

I don't have BBC America, but I watched some of Graham's show on Comedy Central a few years ago. It took me a while to realize that he was why I had started saying "em" instead of "um."

Jim Gaffigan - "Hot Pockets!"

RagDoll said...

Courtney isn't as manly in the face as J.Simp. Jess looks like Pimpa in a wig.

Eva H.'s dress is gorgeous!

Mooshki, I agree that Petra isn't rockin' the blonde.

I love Joey Richardson, anyway. She needs some cookies, fer sher, but she's so talented....and she's not all shot full of Botox.

No reader? No reader. Siiigh.

Unknown said...

Woo, David Coulthard. (Formula 1 racer if ya didn't know.)

mooshki said...

I Googled "Kevin Spacey Danny Strong" and found out that he wrote "Recount"

Wow, that's impressive! I guess he really is a "Superstar!"

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Glad there is some Jim Gaffigan love. I just missed seeing him live once -- I had one of those movie moments where they sold the last tickets to the person in front of me.

Though I have to admit I don't really know who Bebel Gilberto is, that is a fantastic dress and an amazing shot. She has great legs, too. I'm jealous.

JT is making Mullet Butterface (I'm mean today, sorry) walk on the poopside of the sidewalk. We call it that because, back in the day, women used to toss the contents of chamberpots out windows. Most would land in the streets, but, inevitably, some would land on the edge of the walks. Not to mention the horses and buggies splashing it back up. Men used to walk on the outside to protect women from the poop. Teehee.

mags said...

ZZ & Natalie I. look great.

Jessica B. not a fan and the mullet is horrible.

Kelly Preston is lovely. I wish she would lose the COS.

Love Jim Gaffigan and My Boys.

I've seen Joely Richardson look better. Good actress though.

Elle, WTF? That outfit doesn't do her justice.

Holly Robinson-Peete is a gem. She's doing something wrong because at first she looked like Guilliani De Pandi or whatever her married name is.

The Elton John picture made me laugh.

A good variety.

Ellebee said...

Thanks for the Graham Norton pic. He is awesome...I would love to see his show live. Joan Rivers and Alicia Silverstone were so funny last Saturday. I can't wait to see Catherine Tate on his show in a couple of weeks.

I read that they are no longer doing the cool down :(. That was my favorite part.

I wish he would come to SF to do a stand up show. We are going to see Eddie Izzard in July, Graham in SF would make it a perfect year.

bionic bunny! said...

ellebee, i curse you for having tickets to see my eddie, when i can never get them!!!! arrgh(just kidding, sweetie)!!

i never heard kelly preston had a thing with charlie, much less getting shot???
i know she was with clooney for a long time, they had the pig together.


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