Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Come on. Where else do you think Nelson Mandela would go? You think I'm going to put him in between Lauren and Heidi or something?
I do love Annie Lennox. She needs to do a show in Vegas so I can go see her every weekend.
Boris Becker just has those raccoon eyes everyday. Nice suit though. Really nice suit.
It's be nice to be Brittny Gastineau week. Don't ask me why, but it is all for a good cause. Actually she looks pretty good here. See, this isn't so hard.
Bon Jovi - Bristol
The whole effect was kind of coolness was kind of ruined with the Barney song being blasted from the CD player.

You know what I like about Christopher Meloni? This is a guy who knows he is going to eat and so he comes prepared. Belt buckle just a little loose. I like a guy who thinks like that. You all just like him because he was in FFF.
The lovely Candice Bergen. Has anyone seen her daughter lately? I don't think I've seen her photo in a year or so and wondering how she looks.
Someone please make the leggings stop. I didn't watch Christina Aguilera on Larry King last night. Did he try and breast feed or anything like that? Did he call her Paris or Britney?
Ben Kingsley doing a little dancing. Not much, but you can see he wants to.
Justine Bateman. Been a long time. You look good.

How many times a day do you think people come up to Jimmy Buffett and start singing Margaritaville?
So was Gordon Ramsay cooking dinner for Nelson Mandela or does he just not own any other clothes?
One of my favorites, Mr. Dominic Dunne.
Being an American Idol winner means you automatically get your pick of someone from an MTV reality show. David Cook picked Audrina Patridge. That Kimberly Caldwell thing didn't last long huh?
There is a better photo of Nicollette Sheridan later, but I just had to comment on Kyle MacLachlan's hair. It's huge. It's twice as big as his already big head.

This is the oddest combination. From L to R you have Jason Statham, James Patrick Herman and Clifton Collins Jr. James Herman is the new West Coast editor for Glamour which really makes this even more odd. Jason planning on doing Glamour? Need advice on what to wear for a first date?
The I'm too good for this photo of the day goes to Jason Preston.
Basketball players playing soccer. Here is Jason Kidd.
Joan Baez made everyone sign petitions all night long. Brought plenty of pens for everyone, and just kept them going around and around.

I'm glad to see Mary Kate Olsen comes prepared. Not to look good mind you, but with her very own water bottle? Lunch box? Purse? Grenade? What is that thing in her hand?

A first time appearance for Meital Dohan.
Leo Sayer and Bob Down doing karaoke. Why wasn't I invited? This is gold.
Congratulations to Loni Anderson on her recent marriage. All the best.
"You did it Keanu. You did it. You actually got wet." China Chow is very proud of herself as well she should be for getting Keanu Reeves to actually immerse himself in something that will make him clean.

Stephanie McKay - New York

This is a great photo of Rob Thomas and his wife.
Robert DeNiro just always looks like he is moving at 100 miles per hour.
Well at least Richard Branson took the Virgin Atlantic bumper stickers off the jacket before he went in.
Nicollette and Perm Boy done? Yep.
TMZ has more, but really I think this is all you need to see.

Tico Torres has a new baby clothes line. I'm guessing he doesn't let Richie Sambora drive his kid though.
Thierry Henry was at the basketball players playing soccer event. Ummm. Maybe if he had tried this hard last week, France would still be playing.
I know many of you have a fascination for Simon Rex. So, have at it.
One more. Steve Nash.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... why would we have to be nice to Brittny Gastineau? Is she in The Wackness and we need to stay on her good side?

Poor Nicollette. Dumped by DH, dumped by whatsisname. Welcome to TaraReidville.

Simon Rex has just one part about him that's interesting. Just one.

Chris Meloni on the other hand is a whole package.

I wouldn't mind being the fourth in that Statham/Herman/Collins evening.

My life needed more Ben Kingsley.

Psychos are Nuts said...

Happy Birthday Madiba, may you have many more

weezy said...

OK Madiba, no more playdates with little Hughie Hefner for a while.

schneefloeckli said...

Too bacd Chloe Malle doens't have an IMDb page. I was sure this is the reveal from a recent BI, young actress with famous parents. I think it was a Four For Friday item and it was one BI featuring 4 people.

Kara said...

Was Vern Troyer the broke celebrity that was going to make a sex tape and have it be scandalously stolen and distributed??? Anyone remember that blind item?

I'm sooooooo grossed out by the thin little lizard tongue.

The basketball players look pretty cute playing soccer!

RagDoll said...

You know I won't leave it alone, don't you?

China STILL won't come within 3 feet of the nast that is Keanu Reeves. How many fish have to die, Reeves?

That Larry King remained awake for the whole interview is quuite the accomplishment.

Justine Bateman doesn't age!

jax said...

of EL Larry made an ass of himself again last night.

"So Christina you're known for a soft voice.."

"Um ah..I uh..actually no Larry I am know for having a powerhouse voice etc..."

get that fuckin relic off tv already. its embarassing.

CDAN Mod said...


has keanu personally pissed you off or rejected you?

you rag on him in almost every thread.

JM, As A Sim said...

thanks, i just realized what it is that bothers me so much about audrina: she never seems to be looking at the camera, she's looking above it and this gives off the impression that she's above you. when in reality, she is not; she's just some no talent hack on a shitty, wannabe reality show that should've been canceled once the plastic surgery started.
end rant.

Carte Blanche said...

Steve Nash - my hometown boy! Gotta give the love.

I also love Dominic Dunne. I ate dinner beside him last fall. He was writing notes in his little notebook and I wondered what article it was for.

wood1107 said...

Wait! My future babydaddy Chris Meloni was in FFF and I MISSED IT?????????

Curse yooooo, work filter!!!!!

Ayesha said...

Justine Bateman looks kinda butch there. I like her but I think she's a hardcore Christian now. I think... I always thought she was really attractive in her own way.

And I would slobber all over her brother if I had the chance! He's adorable.

selenakyle said...

Whoever the h*ll Simon Rex is...he looks super f-able. Nice neck, big lips, sleepy eyes, overall scruffiness...MUST retrieve him from the fff's.

So sally, I take it that Audrina thinks she's hot sh*t on a silver platter when she's really only warm do-do on a paper plate?

...been itching to use that lil' gem from 4th grade all day...

Mother Campfire said...

Does anybody have any spare bleach for my eyes? Just that frame of Troy whatever his name is just made my ovaries retire.

Julie said...

lol i only saw like 30 seconds of Larry King last night. But in those 30 seconds he accused Xtina of having a "soft" voice. LOL
that made me smile.

RagDoll said...


Naw, I rag on him because I was once forced to smell him in person. Also,he's SUCH a rotten actor who ain't got no business with 300 million clams. Bwa ha ha! As far as rejecting, me, personally...oh, man, I don't travel in those "cool people" circles. And I think it's closer to the truth to say he rejects my gender, in general, LMAO! He's just fun to pick on because he seems so out of it. You're not one of the torch-and-pitchfork keanu-crazies are ya?

RagDoll said...

...I also rag on my hometown incessantly and on my homestate because it's America's wang.

JeninRVA said...

Re: Audrina's freaking eyes .... she ALWAYS looks like that. She's got a lazy eye or something and it drives me bonkers. People gush about how pretty she is (not on here though, hehe) and all I can focus on are her damn ceiling eyes and WHY no one hardly ever says anything about them. *and breathe, return to lurker status*

Kristen S. said...

That Audrina pic got nuttin on this one for "ceiling eyes" (love that phrase!) said...

I love Annie Lennox too, but here she just looks like a daisy

Jon Bon Jovi appeals to the audience, asking them if they know any sober guitar players.

lutefisk said...

Oh-- I hope Chloe Malle isn't the foreign born actress who just got implants.

and Simon Rex--porn Star who dated PAris Hilton. I don't know which part of that sentence is nastier.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I greatly admire Dominick Dunne. I wrote to him once regarding one of his Vanity Fair pieces and received a personal letter in response. Love the old school manners.

califblondy said...

Michael and Nicolette broke-up? Aw, dangit. Just when I started to believe in true love again.

Love the pic of Becks and the boys. I would happily be his speed bump anyday.

Love Dominick Dunne too and miss his columns in VF. Did Graydon finally kick him to the curb?

Larry King needs to retire and retire FAST! He is beyond uninformed. If you ever wanna see him in a good interview, watch him with Kathy Griffin. She calls out his screw-ups and it's hilarious. Even the old guy has to laugh.

What's sad is this old fart keeps getting the BIG interviews. Who else could have Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Dani Harrison on the same stage? And yet the dumbshit ended up calling Ringo "George."

Ella said...

Rob Thomas is just adorable! Why don't we see more of him on this blog?

Binky Melnik said...

Candace Betgin appeared in the "Sex & the City" movie ... and really shouldn't have. She's apparently on prednisone or some other steroid, and was horribly bloated (and had on too much makeup). Had it been me, I'da skipped the thing and left everyone with their memories, at least until she recovers from whatever's ailing her.

Binky Melnik said...

I meant "Bergin," obviously.

califblondy said...

I used to love Rob too until I read about the Tom Cruise connection. Not that I believe everything I read. Just what I read here.

bionic bunny! said...

mary kate olsen? that's a flask, and a good sized one, too!
and as CDAN's resident parrot head, i can say i doubt seriously that anyone ever gets close enough to jimmy buffett to sing anything!
but i jest-- its not about the man, its about the lifestyle. thank you for the pic, enty!

Judi said...

Yeah, MK's wearing her house robe and slippers and carrying her canteen. She's just so pathetic. At this point,... *yawn*
Annie, change your dress. I wear things like that to the supermarket.
Boris, however, looks great. He'd put on a lot of weight over the years, but here he's hot like the old days.
Brittny has such a great face. She could go far - if she knew how to do something.
Love Meloni, Bergen and especially Dominic. He can pretty much do no wrong.
Larry King had to be kidding, no?
Nicolette looks lovely and natural. I didn't know either that she and Michael broke up - or did know and forgot.
China actually got Keanu to smile. He doesn't do that enough.
Gorgeous baby, Tico.
Still can't understand why Simon got into porn in the first place.
I bow to Mandela.

Ella said...

Sorry, hon, but the Tom Cruise thing is bogus. TC might wish it were true, but it isn't.

mags said...

Nelson M. always looks like a cheerful fellow.

Love Annie but not in that dress.

Jon Bon Jovi is hot.

Funny Becks caption.

Love Chris Meloni but not in peach.

Ben K. looks odd.

Justine B. looks good.

Jimmy B. is foreverly awesome.

Dominick D. and Kyle M. both freak me out. And Richard Branson.

I want to look like Joni M. when I grow up.

Rob & Marisol are gorgeous.

The idea of a Verne Troyer sex vid much less the picture will keep my appetite down for days.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Justine Bateman needs to pluck those manbrows of hers.

lutefisk said...

I'm with you, Sister. I think the same thing everytime I look at her. She was sooo pretty on "Family Ties".

Judi said...

This just in:
"Verne Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming TMZ violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape.

In the suit, filed today in U.S. District Court in downtown L.A., Troyer claims TMZ violated his privacy rights and infringed on his copyright and trademark by running portions of the tape on TMZ TV and He also alleges TMZ violated his right of publicity and misappropriated his name and likeness.

Troyer says the tape was stolen and ended up in the hands of Kevin Blatt, the guy who distributed "One Night in Paris." Blatt is also named as a defendant.

In addition to damages, Troyer wants an injunction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

Calls to TMZ were not returned."

mooshki said...

I know there are some of you who watch America's Next Top Model. Do you remember when the one girl didn't know if Nelson Mandela was alive or dead? That's the biggest problem with reality shows - the rest of the world is going to think that all Americans are that f-ing stupid.

PollyPureBred said...

Cant' let this go by... Steve Nash is GREAT! The All American/Canadian Man (J.Kidd ain't too bad, either).
Thanks for this pics!

mooshki said...

So, I saw a clip on the news last night from the Mandela concert and even Amy Winehouse managed to pull her shit together enough to get on stage and sing. Now that's an inspiring guy!!!


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