Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One

This one made the top because I am always interested to see how Allegra Versace is doing. It really is tough to tell, but am hoping she is doing great.

Broadway Bares 18. Drinking the dude on the left. Probably not a good idea.
Ellen and Portia looking fabulous.

See, now this is also European royalty. In this case, it is a Danish princess. I heard the Danes were the happiest people on earth. Guess it's true.
Wow. Talk about going downhill in a hurry. Hey, I'll still be the first in line for the X-Files film though.
Carmen Electra and her new, "hey, I don't have to dress like a 20 year old all the time" look. I like it.
Beat Union - Ventura
Just in case you have any James Denton baseball player fantasies running through your head.

Haale - New York
Gerard Butler looks a little deer in the headlights, but I'm sure you all love him anyway. Oh, and in a little plug to myself. He is a blind item reveal.
It must be almost a year for Adrien Brody and Elsa Pataky. Good for them.
You know that cartoon with the gangster who is like 4 feet tall. Emile Hirsch kind of reminds me of him.

I am going to assume the best and presume that Lorraine Bracco is drinking straight cranberry juice.

The I'm an idiot photo of the day goes to Kendra Wilkinson. Yes, Kendra, the ladies love you.
Kimberly Stewart continues her transformation. Now if she could just help Ruby.
Joely Richardson looking lovely.
Jamie Hince shows off the list of drugs he took that morning.

I'm definitely Team Rhys.

Ummm. Guys, I'm playing over here.
Former tennis player Pat Cash.
How about some Andy Roddick love? Actually though Martina Navratilova looks amazing.
Wouldn't be Random Photos without the Mermaid Parade.

A lineup of random Italian actor studs for you. You pick who you want me to look for in FFF. First up is Giorgio Pasotti.

This is Adriano Giannini
And finally Antonio Cupo.
Sam Rockwell gets the it made me laugh award today.
Story Of The Year - Ventura


kris said...

Which Italian to look for???


Mother Campfire said...

Hmmm, Gerard which BI are you?

surfer said...

Adriano will do nicely, thanks.

Anonymous said...

OMG, 2 weeks to BI reveal day. Gerard better be one of the gay ones! I'll fly to LA that weekend. :)

Sam Rockwell always makes me laugh.

As for the italians: Adriano Giannini for me.

Kendra looks like a little person who was photoshopped into that crowd photo. So weird.

Broadway Bares guys: butterfaces the lot of 'em.

Reese said...

Pat Cash is holding up very nicely; missing him as I watch Wimbledon coverage. I've always thought Andy Roddick's eyes were a bit too close together; he can look somewhat demented at times.

On first glance I thought David Duchovny was Chris Cooper. Bad genes or hard living, but he looks awful.

mooshki said...

Couldn't you get a close-up of Portia's new rock? :)

Methinks there is trouble in DD/TL's household.

Martina does look amazing. I need to take up tennis.

Ooh, random Italian studs are yummy - why don't you try to hit the trifecta? ;)

Unknown said...

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is an Aussie girl from Tasmania, Australia. :)

jax said...

oh god you can save the italian suasage..those cheesy bastards all look too girlie for me. MEN!

Gerard...DN i think you maybe right about say it ain't so EL. said...

God, that Adriano Giannini is hot as hell. What do he do besides pose naked?

Emobacca said...

"Methinks there is trouble in DD/TL's household."

A little while back Perez posted a Not So Blind Item that said that David was banging his tennis instructor.

AphraelDanae said...

*sigh* there go my wild X-Files fantasies...

Oh, well - there's always Gillian. The fiance would definately go for that one ;)

And Enty - if you come up to Canada, I'll go to the movie with you - I'll even spring for popcorn...

Amber said...

Oh I hope the Gerry Butler reveal isn't something too bad!

All the Italian guys are good looking, but look like they don't wash their hair.

lutefisk said...

Maybe Gerard is the nice guy who hannds out cards for gifts? (or something like that.)

califblondy said...

Can we pick just one AFTER an Italian FFF hat trick?

Dijea said...

ENT - I want all three. who can choose from that group of hotties.

OOOOH, I can't wait for that revea.

Impertinent Vixen said...

I am so hoping the Gerard BI is a nice one. I am trembling with anticipation of this reveal!!

mooshki said...

Can we pick just one AFTER an Italian FFF hat trick?

LOL - yes!!!

Unknown said...

Dammit, Ent, if Gerard Butler is a bad BI, I am just going to cry.


I mean, please, just once, let one of the hottest H-weird guys be straight and sexy and hetero. Please, just once.


jw12 said...

I'm soooo with you operaghost

Unknown said...

Okay, maybe this one for poor GB?

>>A list film actor. Yes, A-list, no ifs ands or buts. Well, if he had stuck with what made him famous he probably wouldn't have made it to A-list but he adapted. Latest film. Not a great film. First day. Table reading. Our actor showed up for it and was so drunk he could barely stand. No one who was setting everything up would come near him because you could smell him a mile away. He kept stumbling and falling everywhere. Affectionate to everyone. Lots of hugs and kisses. Finally managed to get the actor in a seat. He then started mumbling incoherently and the crews were trying to figure out what he was saying. Then he takes a package out of his jacket was a mushed up burrito. He held it up to one of the crew and said "look....what is this?" So she looks and tells him it's a burrito...with chicken...he couldn't comprehend this AT ALL. She went and got him a soda and a sandwich. She was trying to get him into some kind of shape for the reading. It wasn't looking good. Oh, did I mention that he rode his motorcycle to the place? Yeah...good...right? Well, everyone LOVED him...said it was one of his best readings ever...he was brilliant. On and one it went, even though no one had been able to understand one word that came out of his mouth.>>

Followed by this one the next day?
#1 - How about another adventure from our actor from yesterday? Not as interesting, but still fun in a car wreck kind of way. Film Festival. Toronto actually. Yay Canada. Party for the premiere of one of his films. Drinks until he is passed out and his manager carries him to his room. Like I said. Not as interesting but hopefully will provide some insight into yesterday.>>

He has had a history with drinking, though -- and if he's the answer to this one, then this is really sad -- he had been sober for onward of 9 years, I believe?


Unknown said...

Forgot to say:

and there have been rumors of him hitting the bottle or some substance in the last year or so.

Last post, promise!

duncanpowers said...

Well, hey, how sober do you have to be to scream, THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAA!!!

I'd drink too if I thought one day I'd be a serious actor and 15 years later ended up being beefcake in an animated movie. Well paid beefcake, but still.

The Cocoanut Grove said...

Don't worry about Gerry folks, Enty would never reveal the gay BIs.

JM said...

It's been all of 6 years since the X-Files TV show went off the air. David Duchovny looks terrible. Prior to filming the I don't understand why he didn't get back into the same shape he was in during the TV series. In Californication, he's in scenes where he's naked or in form hugging clothes, oblivious to his weight gain. Is this due to trouble at home?

selenakyle said...

Sam Rockwell is unfortunately underrated and overlooked. Was hella funny in Galaxy Quest.

I'd do Adriano even if he's uncut.

Gerard looks wasted.

trashtalker said...

I vote for Antonio. With the longer hair and stubble.

Two recent blinds that Gerard might fit:

MAY 22: #2 - This B+ film actor is thisclose to being A list. Not only starring in big popcorn flicks, but also big award winning films as well. Portrayed to the media as a strong heterosexual, on the set of his latest film, he fell in love... with a guy. They now live together.

MAY 8 (the one adrian mentioned): #1 - This A list film actor. I was thinking about it, but he definitely has opened movies on his own. Action though. That is kind of like women opening a horror film and being called A list. Oh, well, everyone knows him, and when I say know him, you know him. You know, (points eyes)down there. Well seems that our actor is a very generous sort to women on the street who he is attracted to. When he meets someone he likes and likes a great deal, he gives them his card. On the back of the card is a 1-800 number to a credit card concierge with a note that says, "buy something as beautiful and exotic as you... my treat xoxo". There is a pre-set spending limit on the gift.

trashtalker said...

One more for Gerard:

APRIL 15 (this is a partial BI): This A list actor. 95% of the time film. Single and allegedly never married. This is the first year he used this accountant and when he was reviewing the forms he noticed that he was listed as single on the tax forms. Our actor then proceeded to tell the accountant that the actor has been married for many years. The fact that he has only seen his foreign wife once in the interim did not change the fact that he was married. Our actor apparently does send money sometimes to his wife, but apparently does so in his corporate name. ...

Michelle said...

Gerry BI: The "back to the bottle" stories seem plausible but I don't think he was at the TIFF last year. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong.

ARCHideas said...

I've been a reader for awhile (over a year) but have never posted, although I have always enjoyed reading the reader comments (especially from the regulars - brenda, trix (or are you now bad fish?) jax, etc.). I felt the urge to comment tonight, however, because I have read the comments regarding Gerard Butler. Although I do not know him personally, my boyfriend does. According to him, (who is an extremely reliable source since he attended secondary school with GB), GB was a complete wanker who alienated his friends at school in his attempts to attain better recognition for his acting "skills", which were mediocre, at best. Apparently he was extremely conceited, even at such a young age, and felt that it was below him to "act" with "amateurs". Just thought this bit of information might help with solving the BI that GB is in...

Unknown said...

Oh, Enty!!

You screwed up on this one. Duchovny is shooting the second season of Californication. He's scruffed up for his role as Hank Moody.

He cleans up real nice and his body is rock hard. I should know. I've had my arm around him.

He's 47 and still hot as hell.

Tania said...

I think Gerard might be the blind about the guy who has a photo of himself from his sword and sandals epic on his bedside table. If he's full of himself as Archideas says, that would fit!

I'd say, give us more of any of the Italian guys you can get into FFF...

Duchovny does look a bit rough, but hey, he's no kid. And no Botox, which is something.

NomenOmen said...

poor Giorgio Pasotti, he's sure better than how looks in that pic

Alessandro Gassman
Fabio Fulco
Luca Argentero
Alessandro Preziosi
Riccardo Scamarcio

schneefloeckli said...

I vote for Italian footballers (or soccer players like the Americans call them) for FFF to celebrate a little tournament that's taking place in Switzerland and Austria at the moment called Euro08. How about Fabio Cannavaro for starters? Maybe a little Buffon too? I bet there's even a pic out there of them posing naked together. :-P

Unknown said...

>>I think Gerard might be the blind about the guy who has a photo of himself from his sword and sandals epic on his bedside table. If he's full of himself as Archideas says, that would fit!>>

Tania, I missed that blind! This could be, definitely, because he does have a big shot of the 300 movie poster on his LR wall.

Michelle said...

archideas: I'm completely willing to believe that Gerry is a conceited wanker, but some clarification please: Gerry has stated that other than a grade school play, his childhood and adolescent acting experience was limited. He has never referenced training to be an "actor" while in secondary school or university (when he studied to be a lawyer). He has said many times that he was a part of a band while he was training to qualify as a lawyer but serious attempts at acting didn't occur until after he got fired from the law firm.

Again, I'm willing to believe the self-centered, a$$hole actor story but doesn't seem to line up with Gerry's background. If your boyfriend can shed any light on this - please do tell.

mooshki said...

"And no Botox, which is something."

Amen, tania!!!

RagDoll said...

I really do hope GB is the "buy yourself a present" guy. I really still think Keanu is the "drunk"

Danish Princess looks a lot like the actress who was the mom on Gilmore Girls. Sad that I've seen that.

Wow, Emile Hirsch! That one pic just dumped a bucket of ice water all over my mini-crush on him.

Meggan said...

Antonio Cupo please and thanks! ♥

Lyla said...

I'm with the sword and sandals pic by the bedside - the way he worded his comment by the pic it appears to be it is an already BI not one yet to be revealed - but I could be wrong. Also apart from attending Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow I am not aware gerry had much acting experience


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