Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jack Nicholson & Ben Stiller Tell Tom Hanks To STFU

You probably haven't noticed unless you live here in LA. I mean why would you care about the actors possibly going on strike at the end of the month when there are floods, tornadoes, a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Madonna and Guy getting divorced for the 38th time, high gas prices, low wages, falling home prices, no jobs and poisonous tomatoes?
Well here in LA we don't really care about anything or anyone but ourselves and Tom Hanks proved that last week when he suggested that all the actors take a really crap deal because Tom thought it was a good deal. Well that's because Tom Hanks isn't affected by the deal because he makes a bazillion dollars a picture.

What the deal does is eliminates middle class actors. It creates actors who are wealthy and those who are poor. You won't just be able to make $60,000 a year acting. You will either be forced to work two jobs forever or just quit acting to find a job that pays.

Ben Stiller and Jack Nicholson decided they cared about the actor and not lining their own pockets and so they came out today and basically told Tom Hanks to blow himself.

Remember this the next time Tom Hanks does his aww shucks kind of thing and pretends he is just a regular guy. Call him out on his hypocrisy and boycott his films.


Anonymous said...

Is that why his head looks swollen lol.

RagDoll said...

His movies suck anyways.

Loved ya in "Splash," Tom.

liveunderarock said...

Hollywood politics appears to be like real life politics. The filthy rich trying to convince the middle-class how much better off they'll be poor.

jw12 said...

liveunderarock nailed it

featherbell said...

So -- the regular-guy Tom Hanks I loved on "Bosom Buddies" oh-so many years ago has sold out, eh? I can just see his big, fancy mogul buddies pushing him out in front to deliver that one! "No -- you go, Tom. Everybody LIKES you!"


Ayesha said...

featherbell, I can see it, too.

janele said...

I'm still boycotting the other "Tom" -- Tom Cruise.

Oh, and Will Smith.

I'll just add this Tom to the list.

Thanks, Ent!

bionic bunny! said...

aw, damn.
i really loved him, too.

yeah, i'll always fondly remember "bosum buddies", too. great show. holland taylor. silly comedy.


bionic bunny! said...

oh, yeah, nice to know i can still love jack. hell, he can do no wrong. ben stiller? nice to know.

so glad blogger's back up!

Wil said...

Damn! When the hell Hanks go all Neo Con on us?? Not very democratic of him to want to eliminate the middle class in the acting world. I would except this from Ron Silver .. but Tom?? For Shame!!

Judi said...

He got on his knees to AFTRA and pissed off SAG. He's the stupidest actor on the planet. And he can barely act himself. Hey, Tommy boy, remember hearing this?
"Tom, give me something! You're like a piece of wood!"

Unknown said...

I used to LOVE Tom Hanks way back in the day, but as of prob. around 10 years ago he transformed into the biggest, most pretentious, arrogant ass. It all started when he started shooting his pretentious mouth off about how animated films are going to put actors out of work, and this was AFTER he had done Toy Story! And how ironic that comment is in light of this new trick he's trying to pull trying to shaft actors. What a dick. It's truly amazing how someone could be so fucking talented on-screen, but such an extraordinary ignorant prick in real life. I will boycott his films.

c17 said...

Seeing as how I've never liked him, not even in "Bosom Buddies", this won't be much of a stretch.

Thanks Ent!

Unknown said...

If you read the list of actors who signed this supposed agreement you don't even recognize 99% of the names.

From Nikke Finke's blog this a.m.

oth George Clooney and now Tom Hanks have denied a Screen Actors Guild board member's unofficial email to members that the two Triple-A list actors have joined the side of some dual cardholders lobbying and rallying against ratification of the AFTRA deal with the AMPTP. In turn, SAG's critics are using Susan Savage's erroneous email to claim that the message came officially from SAG. This morning, the PR firm 42West, which flacks both Tom Hanks and AFTRA, issued this statement to the press: "Further to the false report spread by SAG that Tom Hanks and George Clooney personally called Alan Rosenberg to offer their support, here is a statement from Tom Hanks: "Someone name [sic] Susan Savage has used my name in a letter, suggesting I have taken the position of not ratifying the new AFTRA agreement. This is a hoax, not true, a complete fabrication.” Earlier, Clooney issued this denial as well: "I have had no conversations with SAG concerning that issue. Any reporting to the contrary is false."

I am inclined to believe that this is just going to be an ugly fight. I really questioned, especially Clooney who is so pro union, what is being said. I think people names could be used in appropriately.

Anyway I was going to link the source but it screwed up the post. It's nikke finke dealine hollywood in the LA Weekly. It's a very read column in the biz.


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