Friday, June 27, 2008

Lara Logan Is A Homewrecker

There must be two wars in Iraq going on. The one where there is violence and loss of life everyday, and the other one where reporters like Lara Logan from CBS find the time to cheat on their own spouse while having sex with other reporters and married guys.

In case you haven't heard of Lara, she is a reporter on 60 Minutes who somehow got her job despite her only qualification being she is a former swimsuit model.

According to the NY Post, Lara somehow managed to find time in between "reporting" to sleep with a US government contractor who is married to a US Embassy worker in Iraq. Lara and the contractor who are no longer together managed to have sex just about everywhere there wasn't actual gunfire aimed at them. Although Lara was married at the time she had this affair, it didn't stop her from wrecking another marriage. Oh, and she stopped seeing the guy after his wife found out.

Before she started screwing the contractor though, she was sleeping with CNN correspondent Michael Ware. Now, look, I'm sure there are plenty of guys over in Iraq who are slutting it up away from home. This isn't a condemnation of Lara for sleeping around, but rather a question of why she found the need to sleep with a married guy whose wife was working right there. Last time I checked there were probably about 50,000 single guys she could have screwed.

Even after all of this came out, CBS decided Lara was doing one hell of a job and promoted her. I'm guessing that maybe she and her bosses must have some kind of understanding, plus she has been probably personally autographing her swimsuit photos for them as well. It's good to know that despite your proclivities for adultery and questionable behavior you can get promoted. Man, that's something worth fighting for.


d said...

Um, it isn't like she forced the married guy. It's equally his fault too.

CarolMR said...

Never liked Ms. Logan. Don't know why.

mooshki said...

d, in this case I think the difference is, he isn't famous. :)

Ent, get your spies out there actively looking for more kindnesses - seems like there's a preponderance of douchebaggery lately.

Lil said...

Thank you, D. People are always so quick to say the "other woman" is the one to blame when the married man is just as much to blame.

And amen to getting more kindnesses. Those blinds are my favorites, along with the longer from-Ent's'-personal-experiences ones. :-)

Kristen S. said...

I think Enty's point was that she is completely unqualified for a job at 60 minutes. But her ability to slut it up undoubtedly got her there. I wonder how Leslie Stahl feels about it?

Anonymous said...

Is her husband still with her?

CarolMR said...

Kristen, that's very true. And I don't think that practice will ever change.

Ayesha said...

CBS seems to love promoting assholes. Look at Katie Couric.

It does not surprise me one bit, however. If you have ever worked for a corporation, you know that people don't get promoted based on their skills or ability. Time after time, I have seen talented people passed over for the back-stabbing, ass-kissing, idea-stealing, well-dressed jerk.

jax said...

d- that would apply if this whore hadn't a history of fucking married men.

just another dumb slut leading men around by their dicks to get ahead.

Benjamin said...

I can't comment on the love triangle thing, because this is the first I've heard of it and god knows we probably don't know the whole deal.

But to slag Lara Logan as a bimbo-slut who somehow screwed her way into a job as a war correspondent (!) is ridiculous. Yeah, that's what every slut with an eye towards fame wants to do; forget the red carpet!

Logan is a strong, steady reporter and someone whose work I have followed for a few years now. Her career and actual reporting has been regularly attacked by the right-wing slime machine because she actually questioned the purpose of the war in Iraq.

I don't know the truth of these alleged affairs, but my first thought is that the right-wing attack machine is behind this. If she did break up a marriage, fine, condemn her all you want. But for EL to slag her as someone who sucked her way into a war zone is just hilariously wrong.

r said...

Re: Benjamin's defense.

Man, I gotta tell you, you sound like you work at CBS. Normal people don't "comment on", they just say it.

ENT, you appear to be getting the CBS flacks - you are coming up in the world!!!

Benjamin said...

Rebecca -- Nah, I don't work for CBS. I'm just a fan of Logan's work as a reporter and got all hot under the collar when I read EL's story. There are so few reporters anymore that seem to have integrity, and I've considered Logan to be one of them. Maybe I cut her too much slack.

Eve said...

Ent, I love ya but you're barking up the wrong tree here. Whether there are elements of truth or not, this is a hit job on a brilliant, passionate, hardworking journalist who as recently as a week ago (and consistently over the past few years) has slagged the US media for its anemic war coverage, all the while risking her life numerous times to get at the truth in Iraq.

You know how it works with the Bushies, cry foul and become a walking target. Just ask Valerie Plame. This smear job is more of the same.

anna said...

so how does this work? logan's sleeping with men who *don't* work for cbs is somehow proof that she sucked cbs dick to get a promotion?

and this item appears what -- four days after she gives a no-bullshit interview to the ny times talking about how the us media -- including cbs -- isn't committed to full reporting of the war in iraq? that news divisions are capitulating to the desires of americans to be entertained so they can pretend we're not at war?

since when does a reporter's sex life, or, "questionable behavior" have anything to do with his or her work?

i've actually been a total logan non-fan for a while -- her 60 minutes interviews are insipid -- but was impressed that *someone* is talking about the lack of iraq reporting in the mainstream us media.

for the record, i think it's profoundly fucked up to get involved in someone else's "monogamous" marriage/relationship when it's clearly in trouble, but this post is just misogynistic bullshit from a paper owned by *rupert murdoch*! good lord.

Amy in MI said...

I'm jealous about the Michael Ware thing :( But who cares..I don't care for her personally, but they isn't much to do in Iraq at night, I'm sure

Unknown said...

fuck off ent.

just because she's actually attractive in a mainstream sort of way, doesn't mean she fucked her way to the top.

name me one fucking detail of her work that you're familiar with before you start on one of your soapbox rants.

for the record, she was promoted to chief foreign correspondent. they don't hand shit like that out to anyone.

this post is everything i can't stand about you sometimes. you're the most presumptuous, cynical entertainment blogger around. i come for the blind items and stay for nothing else.

newsgrrl said...

bippy said "since when does a reporter's sex life, or, "questionable behavior" have anything to do with his or her work?"

Actually, I think it has a lot to do with their work, it's called credibility. And as bizarre as the word might seem related to a journalist, it's also called ethics.

mooshki said...

"'re the most presumptuous, cynical entertainment blogger around."

Well, duh, he's a lawyer. (I kid, I kid!)

Unknown said...

So, her despicable behavior warrants a promotion, eh. I guess she is sleeping with the head producer, but other possible threesomes could include, but not exclusive of the following:

She must be very tired.

Executive Producer:
Jeff Fager

Executive Editors:
Patti Hassler - 60 Minutes Global
Bill Owens

Senior Producers:
Debbie Deluca-Sheh
Michael Radutzky

Executive Story Editor
Victoria Gordon

Robert Anderson
Tom Anderson
Shachar Bar-On
Richard Bonin
David Browning
Denise Cetta
Reid Collins, Jr.
Andrew Court
Kyra Darnton
L. Franklin Devine
Shawn Efran
Shari Finkelstein
Michael Gavshon
David Gelber
Solly Granatstein
John Hamlin
Graham Messick
Draggan Mihailovich
Deirdre Naphin
Catherine Olian
Harry A. Radliffe II
Ira Rosen
Henry Schuster
Tanya Simon
Ruth Streeter
Karen Sughrue

Robert Klug
Alicia Tanz Flaum

Whew that's a lot of blow jobs.


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