Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If You Are Going To Beard, Then You Need To Get The Stories Straight

I think it was Monday that I talked about how Jermaine Dupri gave an interview where he said that he and Janet Jackson were so excited to have kids and they were going to get started right after she gets done with her current tour and that Janet has been dying to be a mom and blah, blah, blah.

I then made some remark about Michael Jackson and his babysitting skills and we went on with our days.

Well, apparently in his haste to make Kneepads Magazine happy and content, he may have neglected one very important part of the story. Ummm. It was all in his imagination. Janet doesn't want kids and didn't even know Jermaine wanted kids or that she was going to have them after the tour or any of it.

In an interview with that guy from American Idol who hosts a radio show here in LA, the moussed one asked Janet about how she was preparing and general baby questions. She had no idea Jermaine was going around saying these things, but after freaking out in her mind managed to come up with this precious gem.

"I guess he is [ready to become a dad]."

So, to all of you couples and future couples out there who plan on bearding for one another, or just for couples in general. It is all about the communication. Pretty tough to have a kid as a couple when one person doesn't want one and doesn't even know you do.


Kristen S. said...

For me, the "do you want kids?" question comes out as soon as a relationship goes monogamous. How can you get married and not know what the other person's satnce on having children is!?!?!?!!?

Anonymous said...

Just shows their is no communication in that so call relationship.

Ayesha said...

kristen s.: No kidding! I don't get these people. I've known a few. Or the ones where the man doesn't want kids and the woman thinks he will change his mind. Well, maybe he will, but he probably won't.

And doesn't she already have a secret love child?

Judi said...

Yeah, they need to get their stories straight.

lutefisk said...

ZIf she wanted to have a kid, she wouldn't have waited until sh was in her 40's. She would have done it earlier. But there is also that rumoe she had a kid with DeBarge & gave it up, so who knows.


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