Friday, June 27, 2008

Four For Friday - More Soaps

So, one week from today huh? To give you an update on what will happen next Friday. There will be reveals done, just the way they have in the past. In addition there will be some BIG FFF, and there will be one huge post of every photo that a reader sent in. So, if you want your photo included, you need to e-mail it to me prior to next Thursday the 3rd. K?

So the soaps seemed to be popular the other day so I called around and got a few more. I will say now that the cast of All My Children are safe...for now. The rules are the same as earlier in the week.

#1 - CBS actress. I didn't do them earlier in the week, but apparently this actress will because she has done almost every guy and even some of the girls on her show and others. She is single.

#2 - ABC actress. Divorced. At last count has been under the knife of a plastic surgeon 7 times and she is under the age of 40. She tells everyone that she has had only one operation, but everyone just goes along with it. Oh, and when she got divorced, everyone sided with the husband.

#3 - NBC actor. Not his first starring soap role. Been around forever. Also has a drug habit that has been around forever. Lives in a dump of an apartment because he would rather spend all his money on drugs.

#4 - CBS actor. This actor left his show recently even though he was a very popular guy. He said it was on his own terms, but he was actually fired. Seems that he had several warnings for sexual harassment but just kept doing it. Since then. Crickets make more noise than his career.


kris said...

bummer...don't do soaps...will wait patiently for FFF...



mooshki said...

#3, Shawn Christian?

captivagrl said...

#1. Y n R Amber/Adrienne Frantz, sleeping her way thru CBS one soap at a time.

JJ said...

#2 Katherine Hickland, who was married to the Hoff at one point. Her face is practically unrecognizable. She recently divorced Tad the Cad from AMC.

svd said...

i hate soaps.

califblondy said...

Oh great, AMC is safe, and that's the one soap I watch faithfully. What did Susan Lucci promise you Ent?

catherine said...

off subject kinda but does anyone know how much roughly soap actors make a year?

Judi said...

I don't hate soaps but I don't watch them so can't really make any guesses.

Amy in MI said...

#3 - Michael Easton?

amh.producer said...

#2: I can't imagine that Tad's wife is under 40. If she is she has a HORRIBLE doctor. ;-)

#4: I don't watch Y&R but there is a character that used to be called Cricket so it HAS to be that soap... Oh, the guy... Nick, who was married to Sharon?

lachickforever said...

It's hard to watch soaps when you work a 9-5 but I wish I knew who these people were because they sound very interesting!

maggiemei said...

#3- It has to be Days of our Lives, and I was about to say Drake Hogestyn(John Black). I thought he was a shoe in with that nose and the sniffing. But it doesn't look like he has any prior soaps roles.

Here is a list of the other guys on Days, with prior work in soaps:

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady)
Josh Taylor (Roman Brady)
Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera)
Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson)

Too bad its not John Aniston...what would Jennifer do?

maggiemei said...

#4- Wasn't there someone named Cricket on The Young & the Restless? I haven't watched in since high school, so I have no clue who it could be...

captivagrl said...

not many people can watch every afternoon,but, most people have a dvr. or you can watch the soap network on the weekend to catch up. and Cricket hasn't been on YnR for years.

maggiemei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maggiemei said...

captivagirl- I wasn't saying that Cricket was the answer to the blind, just that it might be a clue on the soap it is referring to. The actress that played her was also the daughter of the show's creator, right?

amh.producer said...

maggie, you're right and I said something similar, that it had to be Y&R because of the cricket comment.

I haven't watched soaps in years but occasionally I will see a Soap Opera Digest at the store and the cover jumps out. One I saw recently was that Nick was leaving the show, which is why I guessed him.

Colby said...

ent - i know your regular fans don't appreciate the soap b.i.'s but I REALLY do! And please reveal them on July cause these actors are way too broke to be able to sue or anything.

1. Adrienne Frantz or Michelle Stafford on Y&R. They are both single and both are crazy bed-hoppers. And Stafford's a scientologist know.

2.Don't watch ABC as much but it sounds like Melissa Archer who plays Natalie on One Life to Live

3. Roscoe Borne on Days of our Lives (it's not Shawn Christian - know him and he has a lovely house with his family).

4. Sounds like Grayson McCouch (ex-Dusty) on ATWT.

Feed Watcher said...

4. Michael Damian's character (Danny Romalotti) was married to Cricket on Y&R. On IMDB, it mentions that he is best known for his 18 years on that show, but is unclear as to whether he is still on it.

Is he? I haven't watched soaps in decades, but Danny Romalotti used to be the shit on that show. He played the role of a pop star. Cricket was putty in his hands.

PotPourri said...

I thought Hunter Tylo was #2 with her ridiculous plastic surgerized face.

Unknown said...

Worst. BIs. Ever.

Fuck the soaps. The rest of us actually have jobs to go to each morning.

lurkerxx said...

For the NBC actor, I'd agree with Josh Taylor.

He has trouble pronouncing simple words such as "Doc" plus not his first starring role....he played Chris K. before his buddy brought him on as Roman Brady.

Hunter Tylo can't be #2, she is on The Bold and the Beautiful, a CBS soap.

"Fuck the soaps. The rest of us actually have jobs to go to each morning."

Yet apparently your jobs pays so little you can't afford a TV recording device like the rest of us. :)~

Unknown said...

Yes, the only reason I'd get a DVR is just so I can record the high caliber network soaps available to losers at home in the better part of the day.

nbcsoapfan, you've just spoken like the true 50 year old Midwestern fatass you are.

irishstayc2 said...

don't feed the trolls people and there seems to be one in our midst. ummmm J is for ... Jackass???

I don't get a chance to watch the soaps but am aware of who is on them and appreciate the blinds.

I don't own a dvr but that's cause tv already owns too much of my soul...LOL

Unknown said...

Here it comes. Anyone with an opinion different from anyone else's gets slapped with the "troll" label, just so the rest of you don't need to be aware of anything that you don't agree with.

Winston Ono said...

I love soap BI's. I hope you have them as a regular feature.

Kathy K said...

Ugh. At the risk of being called a troll, too ...

I look forward to Fridays to see if I have a shot at any of the blinds, and I'm completely shut out this week because I don't watch the soaps.

I was disappointed that not even one BI this Friday was more, shall we say, general knowledge-ish?

Kim said...

Oh please. "different opinion" my ass. You asked to be smacked by saying the rest of us have jobs to go to, implying that those of us who watch soaps are sloths who are lower on the food chain than you. Put on your big girl/boy underpants and take your lumps, j. You got called on your BS. Bash the soaps if you like, not the gallery.

shakey said...

I thought #1 was Sharon "space" Case. Kinda like the Amber guess. I haven't been watching Y&R regularly the past few months. Didn't know Nick was leaving. Oh! This is on the Y&R facebook group news:

* On screen, Miguel will be staying permanently out of town to care for an ailing Aunt, which means his portrayer, actor Anthony Pena, won't be seen any longer either!

The butler did it.

Sparkles81 said...

#1-agreed that it's either Adrienne Frantz or Michelle Stafford...leaning towards the Adrienne Frantz.

#2-Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) is somewhere between 27-30 and was divorced in 2007. Or, it could be Sarah Joy Brown (Carly/Claudia) of GH. She was married and has 1 kid but is now divorced. Her chest has def. expanded since her last time on GH and she does look a bit "different."

#3 Josh Taylor

#4 No clue

blooter said...

Kim: To be fair to "J", he didn't imply anything. You just inferred it. Quite tellingly, I might add.

But personally, I do have a low opinion of anyone, relatively youngish and not (physically or socially) disabled who are familiar with daytime soaps.

Maybe it comes from watching my grown ass sister slouching around my mom's apartment every morning watching soaps with our mom instead of getting a job like she should have years ago. Worst yet, she wears her knowledge of soaps like a badge of fucking honor. So Kim, lighten up will you?

blooter said...

Oh and for the record, without these back and forths, the comments in this BI edition seems to be pretty low compared to every other day.

I hope Ent takes that into account and sees soap blinds as a mere novelty.

mooshki said...

maggiemei, don't you dare imply anything bad about my future husband, Thaao!!! ;) Seriously, though, he lives in a GORGEOUS home. He's an amateur archaeologist, and he has a great collection of artifacts from his travels.

Cash, thanks for the info on my guess - I was just hoping it wasn't one of the "regulars." I agree that Josh Taylor is a good possibility. My question is, if it's true, why the hell do they keep him on the show? He's mostly been a useless character for the last few years, except when he and Kate are heating things up.

Colby said...

Blooter - go to hell. Most folks who watch soaps have jobs and DVR's. Just cause you don't like soaps doesn't mean that everyone is like your pathetic sister who sits on the couch (I'm sure it runs in the family). I like soaps cause I DO and don't need some idiot who calls themself "blooter" to make some ill-informed judgement about it. In the words of Victor Newman (Y&R) - "You got that?"

mooshki said...

Ouch!!! I missed your post earlier, Blooter. Issues much? I fast-forward through the commercials and storylines and characters I don't like, so I typically spend about 10 minutes a day watching DOOL. Compared to the amount of time I spend on CDAN, that's hardly the biggest time-waster of my life. :)

It's funny that the soap opera posts are bringing out more rage than the pedophile/rapist ones.

White Lorelei, your comment is in no way troll-like. You expressed your preference without implying that other people's are wrong. We could all take lessons from you.

lurkerxx said...

Same with me, I do more fast forwarding than viewing.

"Yes, the only reason I'd get a DVR is just so I can record the high caliber network soaps available to losers at home in the better part of the day."

The only reason you'd get a DVR is so you sit on your ass and troll a gossip forum and not miss any of whatever you watch. I'd assume Animal Planet. Nice social life, and with the way you conduct yourself, I can see why you live it trolling here. And those of us who record our soap are losers? LOL, try again honey and look in the mirror.

You must live one hell of an exciting life. With your personality, I bet the guys (or girls) are beating down your door for company lol. This is why you do what you do here.

"nbcsoapfan, you've just spoken like the true 50 year old Midwestern fatass you are."


Actually you are so far off, it's just cute how stupid you are. :)~ At least you got that going for ya.

I say we have a pic off. I'd love to see the mug behind the anonymous "J" troll. I bet it's not as pretty as I am.

JJ said...

I'm glad I checked back in on the comments. It's so nice that you all can play so well together.

I am changing my mind about #2. Bree Williamson sounds much better. Melissa Archer would work but she hasn't been married.

I've been watching soaps since I was 10, living in a beach town in S. California. That cuts me out of the mid-western fatass stereotype.

I love the soap BIs Enty. Please keep them up!

SoapDish said...

#3 -- I'd have to say Thaao. He looks like a greasy, dirty slimball so it wouldn't surprise me. In his defense though, you'd have to be a major drug addict to put up with some of his crazy fans aka The Hoochies (yes, they call themselves that). Scary, obsessive group.

Ellebee said...

for the last one As The World Turns dumped quite a few male characters recently.

Adam vanished
Matt-Casey's friend from prison
Craig left suddenly
Dusty's death came out of no where

I know the soap boards loved the matt character


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