Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Lauren Hutton on a runway again, definitely gets the top spot.
I really thought about giving the top spot to Anna Paquin, just because I like her a lot, she doesn't take crap from anyone, and just stays the same person she has always been without any of that celebrity hype.
I don't think I have ever had a photo of Brian DePalma in the photos, and really I should be ashamed. A great director.
I weight a bunch, but I swear if I worked in a restaurant I would even weigh more. How the hell can you be a chef and just not eat like a pig and get fat. Don't know how Bobby Flay does it.
Denise Richards finally reveals herself to us.

Doris Roberts cracks me the hell up.
Candice Bergen. Been a long time. Looks very nice.
At any time, I just expect Christina Aguilera to change her name to Coco and go shack up with Ice-T.
Becki Newton and Lindsay Lohan on the set of Ugly Betty.
So, you have Gerard Butler and two very determined volunteers who are keeping the crowd at bay. You would think they would be leading the charge, but honestly they don't look like they give a damn that it is Gerard Butler.

Kind of looks like he is wearing a skirt or a cape. Guess it depends on how you look at it.
I know, I know. I'm making Eva Mendes share space with Debi Mazar, but I like the photo, so I'm willing to sacrifice.
Ed Harris who I know many of you love.
Instead of just saying Duffy, I always want to say something cute, like it's The Duffy, or Duffy take off your clothes. Too much? Well look at the dude in the green shirt behind her. Tell me he doesn't have the potential to be knocking on her door late one night.
JoJo & Lloyd - Los Angeles

Jeremy Irons. I haven't looked at your sexiest list, but I bet ten years ago, you would have put him down.
So, if you live in LA or have visited, then you will have a very good idea as to why this is really disgusting. It would not shock me in the slightest to know that some man peed on that star shortly before this, or that he did so again after everyone left.
Between them, I think Hanson now have 23 kids.
I love this photo of Gwen Stefani because it has been two weeks since she gave birth, and remarkably, she is not back down to a size zero yet. Wow. A normal human being.

Mario - Los Angeles

I wasn't going to post this photo of Lydia Hearst, but she looks so awful, I just couldn't let it go.
Kirsten Dunst is looking normal again which means she is back on the wagon.
Jeremy Piven takes on the role of Madonna and demonstrates what Guy's sex life is like.
Kind of a cross between Madeline, a Guardian Angel, and the guy who rings the bell at Christmas outside stores.
Ne-Yo - New York

I miss having Meg Ryan to see and talk about, so hopefully this film will give her a little boost. I mean, I'm not going to see it, and can't imagine many guys will, but still, would be nice for her to make a little comeback. She and Tom Hanks could make movie #4.
Another person I miss seeing is Mary Louise Parker, and she looks great.
Not looking so great, and looking like a grandmother overnight is Mel-B.
Michael Buble - New York
Will you look at the heels on Renee Zellweger.

Seriously. It is like walking on toes.
Peaches is back in the US with no ring and no husband in sight. But, they are still married. I think we should start talking anniversary presents.
First time I have seen Noa Tishby since she got married. Is she pregnant?
New Kids On The Block - New York
No, that's not Jada. It's actually Harry Smith. No, not the guy who used to co-host The Morning Show on CBS with Paula Zahn. This is Will's brother.

Well, well, it is Warren Beatty. Actually came out to support the wife. Lately he has been making her go alone.
I'm sure lots of you have picked Viggo Mortensen in the sexiest poll.
Tara Reid and "guest." More like highest bidder.
T.I. demonstrates how one gets around the whole house arrest thing.


Amber said...

Bobby Flay just seems like a douche to me, and Kirsten looks cute in that shirt dress with the apple belt.

Julie said...

Never trust a skinny chef.
i wish AP = Anna Paquin
and ummmm what else did i want to say...Lydia looks like Heather Graham. well, an anorexic HG.

lutefisk said...

The Warren Beatty comment sounds like a reveal of some kind.
Oh--thanks for the close-up of Rnee's veiny feet. blech.

Unknown said...


Hanson have.. umm... *counts*
Taylor - 3 kids and 1 on the way
Isaac - 2 kids
Zac - 1 kid

So that makes, er... 7 1/2 kids

*goes back to post to continue checking out pics!*

mooshki said...

The Duffy dude? He isn't the kind who knocks, he's the kind who sneaks in through an open window.

That is the best Tara Reid has looked in YEARS. He obviously paid extra to make her go to a decent stylist first.

Viggo is my friend's future husband so I have to stay away, but his scenes with Maria Bello in HoV were the hottest thing I've ever seen on film.

Ms Cool said...

Viggo is smoking hot - sometimes. I used to be hot for Ed Harris but I think he is kind of a jerk.

Maja With a J said...

You know, I would totally do Jeremy Piven. I would make sure everything was wrapped and sealed and possibly boiled beforehand, but I'd do him. I get the feeling he's kinky.

kris said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Denise Richards comment...spit soda all over my screen...


Isn't there a blind about an A list couple that hates each other or something and they live separate lives???


MontanaMarriott said...

I saw Lauren Hutton in a Pedicab here in the West Village and she was CROCKED OFF HER ASS at 6pm, lol.

Didn't recognize Anna Paquin, she looks good.

Brian De Palma is AWESOME, he gave me three of my most favorite horror films ever, Carrie, The Fury and Dressed to Kill

LOLOLOL Love the Denise Richard and Christina A. comment, its a damn shame with all of CA's vocal ability she has to resort to being a hoochie.

Jeremy Irons is an ASS, I met him once and let's just say RACIST doesn't even do him justice

That Jeremy Piven/Guy pic is uber homoerotic lol

Meg Ryan got rid of the collagen, good for her, maybe she can get some work now.

Stevie Wonder must have done MEL B's makeup

Renee Z's shoes are HOOOOOTTT WOW I LOVE EM

Wow Tara's actually bringing her Johns to premieres, go figure

Marnie said...

that's not a very good picture of Viggo. I'll have to hide it here in the crotch of my undies.

pusssykatt said...

You obviously haven't heard Lauren Hutton lately...she's crazy as a j-bird! Why not put someone like Bonnie Hunt in number 1...someone who isn't crazy!

surfer said...

Wow - three pics from TIFF. Way to go.

And Enty, I think Christina's heels are bigger than Renee's, though probably not by much.

nunaurbiz said...

Not one but TWO Gerrys AND a yummy pic of Viggo! Had you put Clooney and yourself in, ENTY, you would have gotten my complete HOTNESS list! Guess I just have to look forward to the second half of my list next week LOL.


And, uh, has Lydia Hearst morphed into Twiggy?!?!?!?!?!

Unknown said...

Luaren Hutton looking good, they could have casted her and those clothes for The Fall.

AP cleans up very nicely.

RE: Howie, I don't get if you mean him getting a star or him laying on the sidewalk, I assume the latter.

Wow, the clock chimed midnight for Mel B.

RE: Renee's high heels, I find that I'm always looking at the heels in these pics and they usually make me shake my head at how high they are. I mean hell, the other day Elle MacPhearson was wearing heels. I don't think you need to be taller hon.

There's something about the Peaches pick that screams AbFab to me.

Tara cleaned up very nice too, I think I'd even take a picture next to her if she looked like that.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Hanson?! Enty, seriously -- I thought you wouldn't do such a thing to me. Tsk tsk.

Renee's feet creep me the hell out.

Gwen looks amazing. No, not tiny. But amazing.

Anna Paquin finally looks like a woman. And a hot woman, at that.

kimmypie1 said...

NKOTB - seriously don't you grown men feel a tad silly dancing like that?

Unknown said...

Lauren Hutton, even though she's a drunk, looks fantastic!! WOW!!!

Renee Zellweger always looks great, too. The shoes are high, but are very flattering. She'll probably have hammer toes at age 80.

Tara Reid actually looks like a very nice girl here. She's always has that "girl next door" look, despite her lifestyle.

jlb said...

Michael Buble looks way better with a shirt on.

I am becoming more fond of Gwen Stefani by the day - no magical tummy tuck for her & she seems to genuinely love her kid(s).

I thought Howie was a germphobe - I'll be he cleaned the spot first - otherwise yeah...gross.

LOL to Christina's shoes - I sell the same kinda hooker/dancer ones in my Hallwe'en catalogue to go with the 'sexy' costumes. She needs to find a new style.

Candice Bergen - another person I'd like to have drinks with and listen to her stories. Doris Roberts too for that matter. And Jerry's mom on Seinfeld.

LMAO Denise Richards.

Good for Anna. Not an easy accomplishment.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Did Ent just answer the blind from yesterday with Irons?

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Did Ent just answer the blind from yesterday with Irons?

ms_wonderland said...

Mmmm Viggo got his hott back. Hard to believe he's 50 next week.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Lauren Hutton is more gorgeous than ANY spindly little heroin-addled anorexic freak I've come across in a fashion magazine during the past decade or so.

That's all. I just wanted to say how absolutely lovely she is.

Jasmine said...

love love love love renee's shoes/ dont hate on her veiny feet, i bet the girl hasnt felt any sensation there since the mid 90's and all that feet posing in those scary high shoes is for our benefit, so we can covet thy shoe. it is all for us you mean spirited bitches!
p.s. several blinds in here i think, am too lazy/hung over, someone be a dear and fetch the blinds these people belong to.
if you do, renee says you can have her shoes, but the feet come with 'em. they were cemented in there, you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh to be Guy Ritchie in that pick w/ Piven. I'm with Harriet, the darling boyfriend would probably forgive me for a night with Piv. Probably. Probably wouldn't forgive me for Danny Wood (NKOTB), but I still might chance it.

Viggo can look hot, or not. Here just eh.

dr.emily - Irons isn't best known for TV work though.

I love the Eva/Debi photo. I can hear the cackling through the interwebs.

I'm with the person who said a dinner and stories with Candace Bergin would be magical and memorable. Only Betty White would be more fun.

selenakyle said...

Blind reveals.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i've ever mentioned this... prolly because it's nothing to brag about... but i briefly dated the Piv.

He is just as vain and douch-y as you all imagine.

And I knew him when he was still the side-kick guy.

All ego and no substance at that point.

But I was young and naive enough to be impressed.

Beth said...

1. Howie Mandel is lying on his star but won't shake hands with Deal or No Deal guest because he is a germaphobe, WTF?

2. Gwen Stefani looks gorgeous.

3. Mary Louise Parker needs to wear pants or a longer top/tunic. Those "leggings" are a little too sheer.

4. Feed Renee Zellweger!

5. I think Beatty/Bening are definitely the subject of the BI about the couple rarely seen in public.

redgurl72 said...

Great randoms. Gwen looks fab, nice to hear Anna Paquin is cool and now I'm going to have to look back through the Archives and see if she is the AP and what the Beatty Blind is.

p m you dated the Piv!!!!!!!!!

Sydney in Wonderland said...

It's okay p m, we were all young and naive once. Since it's honesty day, I'll admit (ashamedly) that I also once dated someone in random photos today.

.runs and hides.

redgurl72 said...

Oh god summer, not the Buble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lutefisk said...

Alpine--do tell!!

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Redgurl and Adrian --

Not the Buble (who I will say is skeazy but hot), but Ent has had a blind item about him. Think not so popular . . . hence the shame. :)

Anonymous said...

p m: satisfy my curiosity, is his schlong something to behold or is it all overcompensation?

Alpine: Stephen Belafonte? (Mel B's husband) I'm entranced by his eyes...

redgurl72 said...

Hmmm I'm thinking Bobby Flay.
One of the Hanson brothers is probably the least likely but maybe some other boy band member? ahem.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Haha, Redgurl. It's funny that your intuition led you completely off -- it was indeed one of the Hansons. You guys forget that I'm a real youngin'. We dated from when that meant holding hands and not-liking anyone else until he knocked up his wife. Oops, did I say too much?

redgurl72 said...

Why Miss Summer you shock me!
Who would have thought a story about a Hanson bro would be so juicey?
I'm not even going to contemplate how young you must be, it might send me over the edge.

lutefisk said...

Alpine--a Hanson?
Wow!! That must have been adorable--any photos?

mooshki said...

Alpine, ouch, that doesn't sound like it ended well for you! At least you didn't end up being his baby mama. Not that there's anything wrong with having kids young, but you do miss out on some fun me-time. :)

p.m., don't worry, the Pivert is so sleazy that he's all the way back around the circle to being cool. I kind of love people with egos that enormous. You wouldn't want to depend on them for anything, but they're fun to watch!

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Haha, not sure how adorable we were, but we sure thought so. I don't have any photos on my computer, but the next time I go visit my parents, I'll check out the ex-box my mother keeps in her closet. She always managed to save things from the ritualistic burning/trashing of the things that reminded my sister and me of old boyfriends. She said we'd want to have them later.

p.s. Enty's blind item was a two-parter from, oh, May-July of last year.

lutefisk said...

Alpine-- I would love to see the,.. If you don't want to post them here, bring them over to E.A. for our little group.

bionic bunny! said...

enty, mary louise always looks BEYOND hot on "weeds". i don't know if i love the show or if i just have a girl crush!
if you look at howie, only his suit is touching the sidewalk. i can't help but wonder how he performed his old stand-up being that way. he was HYSTERICAL, though!
and i never got the viggo love. euew.

shakey said...

Lauren Hutton looks FABULOUS. Simply fabulous. Renée Zelleweger is getting to be quite scary-looking. She could take lessons from Denise Richards! LOL! And Christina - well I've said this before - she now looks like a forensic clay recreation of a dead person to help identify them. Her hair looks like a wig and she has 20 layers of makeup on.


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