Friday, October 17, 2008

Blame Everyone But Yourself

Apparently Simon Cowell is the force that pushed former American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin down into the abyss of drug and alcohol addiction. Uh huh. Apparently Nikki couldn't handle someone who didn't think she was the best singer in the whole world. People had been telling her she was the best since 5 and when Simon started trashing her each week she just couldn't handle it. "I had never been told I wasn't good enough. Having to hear it for so many weeks from Simon Cowell killed me inside. I couldn't get the s--t he had said to me out of my head."

Nikki is doing a bunch of press for the new season of Celebrity Rehab. I am thinking of watching just to see Gary Busey and what the hell he tells everyone. Can you imagine trying to get sober and having Gary Busey rattling off all his Buseyisms at you? You would tell Dr. Drew enough, walk out the door and go get hammered.

You know what debate I would love to see? Dr. Phil and Gary Busey. Just throw out a phrase or a topic and see what the hell they do with each one.

Anyway, back to Nikki. In an interview with US Weekly she says that at times during her Idol run, that even though the group was heavily chaperoned she would buy vodka and sometimes have a drink or two if she was not too tired. Umm, so do lots of people. It is called getting through another miserable day working for the man. Also, if you were so heavily chaperoned how did you manage to go buy the vodka, and drink it every night? I'm glad you are clean and sober, but trying to blame everything on Simon seems like a contradiction of the whole sobriety thing. He could have triggered your lack of self-confidence. I mean you did get beat by Justin after all. I guess I can see why you turned to the bottle. Also, I think she should be thanking Simon because she got another 15 minutes because of him. If he had been sweet and kind to Nikki then she would have still finished third, done nothing since and have no chance to get back on television. Is that going too far? Well, hey she is the one who is blaming her downward spiral on Simon. I think that is kind of going too far.


mooshki said...

All bullshit from her. If she was sneaking out to get vodka, she had a problem well before going on the show.

I used to love Dr. Drew before his fame whorage went over the top, but now I'd kinda like to see him locked in a padded room with Dr. Phil & Busey. We could all place bets on how long it would take the Drs. to completely lose their sanity.

blossom6673 said...

Sounds like someone won't be sober for long. And if that's the case, how come every single person who's been ON that show hasn't checked in yet?

canadachick said...

i see it like this:

Busey: I think the devil makes me do it...

Dr. Phil - that dog won't hunt

Busey - i don't think the devil is a dog

Dr. Phil - well you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Busey - i thought we were talking about dogs ?

and so on

mooshki said...

LOL, Canadachick!

Anonymous said...

You didn't even post the rest of the quotes EL. She goes on to say that she didn't blame Simon, because the problems were already there, but that the cruel criticisms certainly didnt help.

CDAN Mod said...

i do watch celeb rehab and will watch this season. however, i have read were the facility where this show is taped is not as nice as it looks.

i'm thinking dr. drew and the rehab facility just wants to jump in quick on reality and shock value tv for the cash to help the facility moreso than the famed patients.

jeff conway needs to go to another facility. period.

Anonymous said...

Was she one of the original contestants for the show. If she wasn't than I am sure she knew what was going to happen where Simon was concern.

And if she couldn't take the criticism she shouldn't have been on the show.

Jungle007 said...

Sylvia- Yes, she was on the first season. She came in 3rd behind Kelly Clarkson and Justin. So in that way, she didn't know what Simon was all about. I agree with mooshki that if she was drinking back then she probably would have gone down the same route-- Even if she had WON the damned thing. She'd be one of the celebs on rehab watch long ago...
But don't get me wrong.. at the time of the show I actually wanted her to win sooo bad. :P

Unknown said...

An entire generation (and another one coming through) of kids have been raised being constantly told that they're speshul little snowdrops and the absolute bestest in the whole world, in order to promote a "healthy" self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the very second someone tells them otherwise, they collapse in a screaming heap of neuroses and addictions because their fragile self-esteem can't hack it.


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